1st Trimester

So this is my baby blog documenting my pregnancy and everything baby! Its a good way for me to look back on it and also for the baby to look back and read. I’ve also bought a new camera in which ill maybe start vlogging too!

I think in order for a blog to work- you have to be extremely honest and post everything personal. Therefore i will not be sugarcoating anything.. This is my true account of pregnancy and mum life…

1 word to sum up the 1st Trimester – HARD. I heard a thing or 2 about morning sickness but I didn’t realise it was every.single.morning. It honestly felt like a constant hangover, waking up hungover everyday and trying to plod on with your day, not to mention the pounding headache.  I would come home from work and get into bed and nap for 2 hours, wake up eat something small and then be back in bed for 9pm. I also couldn’t eat dinner past 7pm. Its amazing though, even though youre in this constant pain… you dont even mind because you know if you have symptoms then baby is growing and healthy. You get mummy power!!!!

My hormones have honestly been crazy… I’ve never cried at the tv before… but I cried for the first time the other day.. at Finding Dory. The part where the parents put out shells for Dory every single day, they never gave up on their daughter. It just really got me deep – Hormones + mummy to be. I already know without even meeting my child that I would do that for them, the love i have for someone I’ve never met is so insane.

So the exciting part … The 12 week Scan.


Honestly, it is not like the movies. First of all there was a 30 minute wait, I finally got my turn and I felt sick with nerves. Id been paranoid about it for a while, I just prayed everything was ok. I also was having crazy pregnancy dreams where the baby wasn’t healthy ( Ive googled it and spoken to pregnant woman and mums – its very normal – hormones are crazy = crazy drams ) I went in and the ultrasound gel wasn’t even cold which i was expecting, like in the movies they always say mention how cold it is. My baby was curled up and was not co operating at all with the scan! This IS my child, it is difficult and stubborn already!!! it was 10.30am and the baby just wanted to curl up and sleep. So i was sent out to walk around for 20 minutes in order to wake the baby and for it to move so it could be measured. (by the way I dont know the gender so I’m not being mean called it an it!!!!) I went back in after downing my body weight in cold water hoping the baby would finally co operate. The baby wasn’t fully stretched out but reluctantly it wasn’t as curled up so the person could measure it. They confirmed my due date is 6th November. The baby is on the small side but nothing to be concerned about and everything looked normal! Relief!!!! ..  I’m going to be completely honest when i first saw the baby i wasn’t overwhelmed with emotion and cried or anything. It was a nice calm feeling, a realisation that there is a little someone in there.  I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. It was amazing seeing its heart beating and its little feet etc.

Im currently 12w5d and my morning sickness has been bad this week, not as bad as week 8 but toilet sick trips at work have been a thing again! I also haven’t had the energy to go to the gym for the past few weeks so I’m excited to start going next week when I’m in second trimester!!!! Ive been non stop googling safe pregnancy workouts! Less weight more reps!!! lets try salvage this booty whilst i can!

I’m going to try and post weekly of anything baby – new baby clothes, items etc

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x



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