First gym session pregnant 

Today i’m officially 13wks and in my second trimester so i’ve decided as symptoms decrease that it’s time to get my fitness back! I haven’t been for over 6 weeks so i knew it was going to be difficult. I’ve just been far too tired in my first trimester so i told myself second trimester il go again no excuses! Exercise when pregnant is extremely important for yourself & the baby and for a healthy pregnancy! Before i got pregnant I had put on a lot of muscle and my nutrition was amazing. I was finally getting the body i always wanted thanks to the 1am gym session! here’s a few pictures of my gym progress before pregnancy: ALSO there’s a half naked picture so if it will offend then scroll quickly!! 

I worked hard mainly on legs & bum! I trained them about 3x a week then 1x back , 1x arms! 
anyway! So I used to be a bit of a gym bunny so I was eager to get back in the gym but instead adjust my workouts so they’re safe for baby. After a plethora amount of research and talking to some personal trainers i finally have put together new workouts! They all contain a massive decrease in weight but more reps. Low weight high reps is key for pregnancy! I’m also going to increase my cardio ( 😭) 

So this is me going last night with me and bump!!!!! Safe to say i need some new gym gear! I’m not going to lie, I massively struggled. 1) i couldn’t drink  a black coffee or pre workout beforehand so i definitely felt the effects of not having this added boost! 2) I had to go at a normal time of 7pm instead of my usual 1am session! 3) 6 weeks off meant i felt so much weaker!!!! i was decreasing the weight anyway but i just felt physically weak! 4) i didn’t have much energy at all! i was doing 15 reps of 4 sets in a low weight and i even struggled with that! I only managed 30-40 minutes in there! 

The aim is to try maintain instead of lose fat/ build muscle. 

The positive effects: i felt amazing afterwards, i had a boost in ernegy surprisingly , i like routine in my life, i know it’s healthy for baby so that made me feel good! I also like that the more exercise you do during pregnancy than it’s easier to pop back into shape afterwards! 

I also added in some vital pelvic floor exercises! 

It was difficult, but a gym session after time off is always hard! just have to stick with it and it will get easier!!!!!! I’m going to aim to go 3x a week! If anyone has any gym during pregnancy tips then i’d LOVE to hear! so please drop me a message!!!! Also i’m thinking of starting pregnancy yoga so if anyone has any experience in this then please reach out to me! I also just want to thank people who have messaged me such sweet things! Lots telling me to update more and they can’t wait to see my pregnancy journey! 🙊 And here i thought it was just me, my mum & emma my best friend who lives in australia who’s reading it 😂🙈

Lots of love! 

Daisy jane x 

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