13wk Sickness

So I hit 13wks on Monday woooohoooo! Morning sickness and general symptoms should start calming down… so i thought. Im currently dealing with a very stressful situation which I’m not ready to speak about but I will eventually. So I haven’t had a great weekend so I woke up Monday morning running around my house naked celebrating the 13wk mark. That was soon interrupted by a need to vomit… So i did. I sat there naked thinking ” nope this is just a blip, I’m okay I’m okay” Oh how wrong I was. I just kept vomiting, my head hurt i Just felt so weak and unwell. So mother dropped me to work as it was bank holiday.. and on the way we picked up pregnancy NECESSITIES.. if you know you know.

pregnancy tings

I honestly wouldn’t have survived without lucozade. Ever since I’ve had 1 small bottle a day my fatigue has basically gone! Im not falling asleep as soon as i get in anymore and i actually make it to 10pm!!!!!! Ive checked the caffeine content and its way under so its safe for baby too.

Anyway…. So i got my goodies and had my ice lolly .. at 9am. I got to work and within 10 minutes I was crying my eyes out trying to compose myself in the toilet. Alongside vomiting… Lets just say I’m never having a calioppo again.  I honestly felt so weak and faint. I was running to the toilet every 15 minutes to throw up and to cry! I lasted 2 hours at work before I decided this is not the place for me today, i was physically just not well enough, I came home and got into bed.

So Tuesday arrived, after not sleeping most the night due to sickness. I called in sick to work & booked a doctor appointment for later that day. I sat outside with the dogs to try get some fresh air where i noticed bump!!!!


So I went to the doctors and it was a doctor I dont really like. boooooo. But anyway, I explained my situation and what was going on and my sickness. Turns out I have a urine infection (VERY common in pregnancy, I would explain scientific medical terms but they went over my head) He also thought i had a 24 sickness bug & i was dehydrated AND exhaustion AND Stress. So it was a combination of everything.  So i’ve taken Wednesday off also to give my medication a chance to work. I’m not going to take the nausea ones because i dont want to take unnecessary medication when I think  my sickness is much better now. medsBear loves getting in the pictures. So i didn’t take my purse because mummy bear said because I’m prego i get free prescriptions. So I told the pharmacy lady this and she started ranting how i need a pregnancy card or something, I just looked at her like fight me ☹️☹️☹️. I really needed this medication and i wasn’t going to go home just so i can pay when I’m entitled to free meds. So we settled on me ticking the pregnant box and she was going to tick the not seen evidence box. So if i get a penalty, Im just going to appeal it. However Im not even sure how i go about getting this card, so if anyone knows please message me!!!

So this is me currently, resting in bed before back to work tomorrow!

sick as a dawgI actually saved this picture on my mac as “sick as a dawg” But yes, Im sick as a dog.

If anyone has any pregnancy sickness tips please let me know!! And i know this wasn’t the most positive fun blog post but as I said, this is my accurate experience of pregnancy!!!

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x

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