Boosting my health 

Ok so as some may be aware, i used to be a massive gym bunny & I care a lot about my health. As i’ve hit second trimester I really really want to boost my health for the baby and make sure i’m making healthy choices. So i’ve been browsing around at what i can do to achieve this and i’ve found an amazing company which sell pregnancy safe product!!!  It’s a company I’m actually going to work with and i’m going to share my results and honest opinions on the product! I’ve read lots of positive reviews so i’m so so so excited to give it ago! I just want to be the healthiest I can be for the baby and as my symptoms are getting less severe over the next few weeks, I’m going to be able to properly sort out my nutrition and make sure baby is getting all the nutrients they need. E.G. lots of yummy healthy meals!!!! I can’t wait to start this journey and i can’t wait to feel the positive effects – a boost in energy, general well being and a better immune system! I’ve been getting quite sick recently so I’m hoping this product will sort that out!  The product focuses on achieving  good health but I’ve also seen amazing results from weight loss from the product so I can’t wait to see Mum tum disappear after the baby is here! I will give more details soon on it all.  

Also… in Asda there was a baby & toddler event and it was RUBBISH! i did manage to get a pack of 7 zebra black & white babygrows which were soooo cute!! 

ALSO ALSO, if anyone knows where i can get this top or similar please let me know 😂 i don’t know why but i love it! 

Lots of love, 

Daisy jane x 

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