22 years of life experience ❤

I can safely say i have lots of life experience for just 22 years of age, which I’m so glad i can say before settling down with a baby.

Ok so I won’t give my full life story but here it is summed up:

At 16 I studied at Reading College, met lots of new people.. Then i decided to work full time at French Connection, Reading college said i wasn’t allowed back (before you say it was because i had bad grades, i have 12 A*-C GCSES & my A levels are good) So I went to Bracknell & Wokingham college to finish off my a Levels .. Basically got a DUI, crashed my brand new Fiat 500 and i just couldn’t deal with the train so I dropped out.  I was a little lost.. So I went to work for French Connection whilst i figured out what i wanted.. So then at 18 an AMAZING oppruntity arose……. Which the BBC sent me to AUSTRALIA! ….

australiaOk so they sent me sian & Lawrence to the Northern territory in the outback, to a cattle ranch that the closest town was 2 hours away! I was a Cowgirl!!!!! it was SOOO fun!! Honestly best experience ever! HARD WORK! But so rewarding and took me completely out of my comfort zone! ( in that picture Im the one in all pink, i was a girly girl spoilt brat and its before i discovered the gym so if you try watch it online .. YOURE WARNED! It was 4 years ago when i was 18 give me a break)

Autralia 2


Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 18.40.45If this intrigues you which it seems to many.. heres the link to this page…. Theres a little preview also which is pretty funny! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/profiles/1w4pxkZfVnN4217Y7dSTQRP/daisy

Theres lots of nice comments like this

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 18.45.46Dont h8 me cos u aint me xoxoxoxo

ANYWAY, After we filmed for 3 weeks I decided at just 18, I was staying in Australia. I Honestly learnt so much about myself & i grew up massively. I was the other side of the world away from all my friends and family. Me & sian, a girl from filming stuck together and we met amazing people. We stayed in a small hostel in Perth city centre called Bambu and thats where we created a dysfunctional family. We met 2 irish girls called Niamh and Aoife & they were so amazing, we were all short on money but they’d still give their last dollar to make sure you were fed. Perth beaches were BEAUTIFUL.

aurtalia perth We decided to move on from Perth, so we went to the East coast, Cairns. Obviously we decided to throw ourselves a leaving party.. Balloons and weird headbands included.australiaaaa perthr

. It was mental! It was like Australian Magaluf.. If you ever go, stay in Gilligans, its AMAZING!!!! There, we went on a Great Barrier Reef trip for the day and it was one of the best days of my life. When we were booking it i asked the people if it was possible to get sucked into the East Australian current with the turtles and end up in sydney.. ( FROM FINDING NEMO) And apparently no one has asked them that before.. whoops. Anyway I snorkled with all the nemos and turtles and reef sharks and it was incredible.

austrlia gret barrief reefaustralia great barrier reeeddI actually didn’t scuba dive because my anxiety for the ocean is way too  much!!!! The ocean is a cruel unpredictable place.. you never know whats behind you or under you 😦 especially in Australia – sharks, jelly fish and all those other deadly things.. Im good! Even when I was snorkelling i had to call a professional snorkeler over to swim with me because I was so scared!!!!! Anxiety!!!

Anyway! So Sian decided to go down the East coast to Brisbane and the gold coast & I was getting mega homesick and wanted my dysfunctional family in Perth so I went back. I was completely by myself in Cairns for 2 days, So i just sunbathed… And then I was doing some washing and i met 2 guys in the washing machine room & they invited me out that night! Honestly its so so so easy to make friends travelling! They also were renting out a caravan and road tripping down the east coast all the way to Sydney.. Looking back I wish i went but I just needed security and i needed my friends back in Perth. So off i went back to the West coast!! me and a kangeroo!!!! Life goals met!

australia kangeroos

When I went back to Perth.. it was somehow even crazier than it was before. There were new faces but still all my crazy friends!! Also it was my 19th Birthday when i went back…. Obviously i decided to throw a party & made posters for everyones doors! And the owner of the hostel got me a present…… he literally ordered me a male stripper LOLLLL.

australia stripper

Anyway here are some of my crazy memories from Perth.

australia perthWhen i went back i lost my bed in a room with my girlies.. So i had to share a room with 7 British lads… Which is always fun.

One day we were all watching despicable me in the lounge & we got inspired!!!! We created our own Box of shame.. and whenever someone was naughty they had to go in it! Also whenever someone got back from a walk of shame we made them put it on and stand on the side of the  road HHAHA!!

australiaaaa perth

One night me and Niamh were getting some chicken nuggets after a night out and we met some Aborinigals! Most nicest people. I remember promising them I’d fight for their equality LOL.  Niamh highfiving them lol.

austrlaia aboriginals

Anyway thats enough about Australia! It was the most amazing time of my life and I’ll never forget it. I still talk to a few of the people I met in Bambu. My friend Arran came back for the first time in 3 years from australia to leeds and he stayed with me for a few days. He had never been to london!

So when I came back from Australia, I decided to get my shit together and went back to Reading College. It wasn’t easy, They first of all said no, So i had to plead with them that I’d behave. I was a mature 19 year old now duh! Anyway i went back and my sociology teacher ended up saying she’s glad she let me back. Especially because I never ever did the work for her class but was always shouting out the right answers and walked away With an overall B grade for Sociology.  Blag Central!!!! So i got my A levels & decided University just wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to be in Education for 3 more years and the thought of living like a poor student gave me anxiety!

So I decided to go to Fashion Retail Academy in London on the course: Fashion buying and range planning. It is actually equivalent to a degree, and it was an intensive 1 year course. With buying, you go into entry position which is Buyers admin assistant, and university grads would go into the same job as me. But i was only 10k In debt and had 1 year of education.  I really recommend going to FRA, it was such a good year and I absolutely loved being in London for a year. Going out in london was always fun too! Our favourite spot was in Bank/Liverpool Street. Insurance central.  I met one of my best friends Courtney on Day 1. She remember me being the loud annoying one whoops.


And this is soon to be Godmother Courtney ❤ She lives near Beaconsfield so its nice and close!



I can’t wait for Courtney to be the Godmother, I just know she will love the baby and care for it and spoilt it!!! She works as a buyer for kidswear and she has already started spoiling it! She has got these bits already and i’m OBSESSED! love them so much, however if it isn’t a girl then we are screwed!!! img_2505-1img_2504-1

So I ended up graduating with a Merit!! Woohoo! And graduation was amazing, it was in Freemasons Hall in London.. And Alesha Dixon was presenting.


Dont ask how but it was a crazy night and I ended up in the DJS Jonas Blues private party. So Obbbbviously had to take over the decks.


So I decided to enjoy my summer with Henley regatta, The dominican republic, Spain, South of France & Royal Ascot.. And lots of heavy nights out. Then decided to get a job in the city as a Junior Sales broker.. I lasted 2 weeks and hated it. So then i decided to start my own brand Darling Duchess, which I’m still working on. Its very expensive and lots of work. So i’m currently working 30 hours a week to fund my brand as I didn’t want a bank loan. The website will be launched soon with Sample Stock. I’m also waiting to confirm my first design order in a UK factory! So exciting times. So i’m hoping when I’m on maternity leave I can continue working on my brand, and it will be good because ill be home with the baby anyway so gives me time too!

SoOoO.. Thats my life to date!!!!! As you can see I have lots of life experience already at age 21 ( 22 on 27th may), So i feel completely ready to settle down with the baby. Ive travelled, I’ve studied in London, I’ve partied! So i feel like I’ve got the travelling and the london thing out my system! Im so excited for my new chapter. I hope you’ve enjoyed this lengthy blog post about my background! I said it wouldn’t be my life story but it kind of has. Also I’m not ever going to post about my relationship/babydaddy/Boyf because I want this blog to just be about mum life and about me! And i want to keep 1 thing private.

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x


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