14 Weeks!

Ok so today I’m 14 weeks 2 days Pregnant. Towards the end of 13 weeks I woke up completely feeling normal! I didn’t feel sick..  I was just laying there thinking Wow this is what it feels like to feel normal! how i had taken it for granted before preganncy! I was just waiting for the need to be sick to reappear but it didn’t!!!!Until 2 days later when i was 14 weeks, I threw up twice at work then i was fine. But since that I’ve felt amazing! My energy has come back!!

Ok so, I woke up today and this is my bumpdate. It has literally doubled in size since last week! So exciting! They do say the baby is having growth spurt currently! And its the size of a lemon awwwww!! My lil limonnnnnn.

I’ve decided that I’m going to a bumpdate picture like this weekly. In my Cks to keep the consistency and to properly see the growth!!!


Anyway! So today i took advantage of the sun and this new found of energy. I decided to take the dogs along Sonning River, for a bit of exercise and to soak up the rays!

sonning 14 week

Awwww Look at my little love bugs ready for their walk!

It was a really beautiful day! They loved it! I usually walk them around Dinton lakes but i fancied a change. Also Coppa club is so lovely in the sun as they have lots of deck chairs facing the river! .. Can we just take a minute to look at Tinkerbells smile in the car LOL. I think we all now know who the photogenic one is out of all of us. She has literally perfected the selfie.. I’m jealous.

sonning walk 14 weeksOk so, if you follow me on snapchat you know about my subway saga.  And if you want my snapchat its daisyjanex. Most days at work I get a subway salad, I think they’re amazing, its £3 something for a salad which is literally exactly what you like as you choose what you want, so no more picking out weird things like olives. ( Why would people put olives in a salad?!?! yuckkkkk) So my subway salad order is: I dont even have to say it to this one subway man as he knows me now and know my order. ALSO he actually recognised me from 3am after town subway trips, when i used to fall out of Sakura or turtle and go into Subway next door. I had to explain he wouldn’t be seeing me at 3am anymore  but 3pm instead. Anyway my order: Chicken breast pieces warmed up, lettuce, onion, cucumber & JALOPENOS. MY CRAVING. I NEED JALOPENOS ALL THE TIME.  So i will say to them “extra jalopenos” and they dont do it they sprinkle like 4 on which is probably what the normal human can just about tolerate in terms of spice, so i have to say ” a few more” Sometimes I’m tempted to go round the counter and just pour the container over my salad lol.  Anyway, Jalopenos are my current craving. I had fajitas last night and they were basically just jalopeno fajitas. 14 weeks jalopenos cravingMmmmmm Jalopenos, i might go get the jar out for a snack as i write this.

So as my sickness has gone away, I’m boosting my health for bub. These M&S salads are my current fave!!! Ive always loved Caesar salad but I’ve decided to mix it up a little and try something new and I’m a fan of the mozerella, & santini & tomato salad. I like putting balsamic vinegar instead of the dressing that comes with it though. salad week 14

I’ve also been craving pancakes! so i’ve been making protein pancakes which are just as yummy but don’t have all the sugar in! They are so easy to make – literally a mashed up banana, 2 eggs & a scoop of vanilla protein powder!!  Thats sorted out my sweet craving! 

Also this week…. Guess what arrived…….

gender reveal balloon arrived 14 weeksGender reveal balloon!!!!!! How EXCITINGGGGGGGG!! However doesn’t that confetti look a little underwhelming LOL! I think I’m going to have to spruce it up and add some more confetti and glitter etc. i want an EXPLOSION of colour!!!!

I don’t know if I’ve wrote about this but Im going private for my 16 week scan. Im just desperate to know the gender so i can start spoiling it even more!!! And i just hate calling the baby ‘it’  And honestly, i just couldn’t wait from 12-20 to see my little limon. I’m so excited I’m just counting down the days! Im getting the scan on the 26th May. Then my birthday is the 27th may a day later!!!!!!! The BEST present EVERRRRRRRRR! I’ve invited family and close friends for the gender reveal on my birthday! .. 2 birds 1 stone!  People aways ask what id prefer .. Obviously i dont mind either and i Just want healthy ! But if i had to be really picky…. it honestly changes everyday! Sometimes I’m like Ah i want a mini me a little girl! then il see Prince george and want a little boy to dress up in long socks and shorts! Also it’d be nice to have a boy first so the other siblings have an older brother! Ive got 2 older brothers and i liked that.  But I just don’t know!!! Honestly over the moon with either!

ALSO OMG so last night I fell asleep around 11pm..  Then around midnight I woke up and i swear to god there was a HUGE tarantula in my bed next to me so I screamed, and then i jumped up but sat on the edge of my bed because there were 4 more of these huge creature spiders on my floor.  I just din’t know what to do, I think i had accepted my fate and death. My mum came running in and I was so confused, the spiders weren’t there. It was horrible but so so real. I’ve had crazy pregnancy dreams before but this was when i had woken up!!!! I think it was a sleep terror as Ive had the before and its when I wake up to fear and I have no other response other than to scream!

Anywayyyyy, I need to go eat some jalopenos as i didn’t actually go get the jar. Im so comfy in my blanket. But I’m starving so i need to.

Also, I just want to thank everyone for the lovely messages about this blog, it really does make my day. So if anyone has any feedback, then PLEASE let me know! or if theres anything you want me to write about! I love writing this blog So ill write about whatever!

Lots of love,

Daisy jane x

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