My fur babies & baby prep 

Ok so anyone who knows me know how utterly in love and obsessed i am with my dogs. They are my life. They are are my pride and joy. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. They even have their own instagram page @tinkerbellandbear , it was just a back up page and i didn’t want to clog my instagram with them.But here they are, he prepared to see the best looking dogs in England. In the world. In the universe.

Tinkerbell is on the right & she is 7 and Bear is my naughty little bear cub and he is 2. They are long haired pedigree chihuahuas & I got them from the same breeder. She is the best. If i wanted anymore i’d definitely go to her, but i think I’m all set with 2 & a baby on the way.

But anyway,

So i’m really worried about how they will be with the baby. Tinkerbell gets absolutely spooked by children and growls and barks at them. I think it’s because they’ve never ever been around them. I love my fur babies but obviously my baby is the priority. I really hope it doesn’t get to the point where they have to live with a family member. I’m going to make sure they are never in the same room with the baby just in case. Bear is really soppy so i think he will absolutely love the baby but you just can’t risk it! I hope they can coexist though! I hope because the baby is part of me they will love it! A major concern is that they’re so so so jealous and protective over me. Say my dad was hitting my arm lightly, They will jump up and protect me and growl at my dad and warn him off!!! i’m worried they will realise they aren’t the babies anymore and resent the baby for it. I will have to get stairgates to stop them going into the lounge. They say dogs can sense pregnancy and the other day Bear laid on my bump and slept!!! Protecting the baby!!! so so so so cute!  

I just hope hope hope they all get along!!!! If anyone has any advice about dogs/chihuahuas with babies then please reach out!!!!

Anyway, I also wanted to talk about Baby prep.

I’m almost 15 weeks & ive decided to start buying bits for the baby. There is so much i need to get so i think spreading it over the 9 months is most sensible! I’ve already started buying clothes & babygrows- gender neutral ones & ive chosen my pram. I’m also going to a baby show next weekend so hopefully pick up some bits there! I really need to clear the room for the nursery so i’ve starts doing that and then i can buy the furniture! so much needs doing!!!!! I know exactly how i want the nursery though, and have actually ordered today some prints for the wall. The baby and I are going into a massive room downstairs which is currently the backroom/second lounge & it has a nice patio door which will be amazing in summer. This is only temporary until the baby doesn’t need me in the same room and then the baby will move into its second nursery upstairs and il return to my former room. Il do a blog post about the nursery when there’s actually things to show! Ok so from Mothercare i found this amazing deal for just £75 and you get so so much for it! It is literally a godsend! I had to snap it up.

I love that it’s black and goes really well in my kitchen! However i’ve heard bad things about these botttles, So we will see how they go! I don’t think i’m going to buy things like nappies etc until the last 2 months! It’s all so exciting, i got a little teary when i was unpacking the bottles! Like this is actually for my baby!!! Just all so surreal!

Also with more baby prep, I bought a new camera and it’s honestly so amazing!!! it’s mainly to document my pregnancy & when the baby is here!!! i MAY have been making vlogs! 🙊 i don’t know if i’m going to edit and post them yet because a part of me just wants it for the baby. but the camera is so amazing, it even has a selfie screen that flips round! It is the Sony Cyber shot DCS-HX90

Here’s a selfie I took today! the quality is so good & i sent it straight from my camera to my phone!


ALSO ALSO, not baby related but related to good quality images/selfies.  I think if you are taking selfies on your phone it is an absolute crime to take one without a selfie light. It has changed my world!!! ​

It’s amazing!! i first saw them on and they were £12. however i’m a fashion buying graduate and i know the buying process!!!!!!!!! I thought to myself Kady definitely is not manufacturing them herself, she is buying them from wholesale. and because she’s a ‘celebrity’ she will charge MUCH higher than other places selling the exact same product and people will pay it unaware. However all it took was ebay & i found them for £4. a third of the price of what Kady was selling them for and mine came in 2 days!  They would have been manufactured by the same company  for probably £1 and sold on…. so don’t let these ‘celebs’ mug you!!!!

img_2866img_2861If you don’t want to buy a camera but want good quality photos then i can’t recommend this enough !!


Anyway, It’s saturday night and i’m going to the gym tomorrow morning so I will write a blog post about my pregnancy workout!!! and about how much i probably will struggle!!

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x

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