Sunday gym session! 

Okkkk so today I just didn’t have an excuse not to get my bum in the gym! So i woke up at 7am and couldn’t get back to sleep! So up i went to the gym… first of all i couldn’t get parked , normally at this point i’d admit defeat and go home. HOWEVER today i was determined to get a workout in! so i drove around the block & went back and got the worst spot in the entire gym. the spaces are soooooo small & it was the one in front of the window so i had an audience probably entertaining them! I haven’t quite mastered the reverse park (after 5 years of driving) I also have reversing cameras AND sensors in my juke, but nope still too scary. So it took me about 10.4 goes in trying to drive into a tiny space… and i almost hit the next to the left 3.2 times… in the end i just drove in shutting my eyes and HOPING for the best LOL. luckily it was fine (if you’re reading this audi driver it wasn’t me) just kidding, it was actually fine. 

So I went in and straight away felt self conscious!!!! i hate being out the gym for a while! i feel like a guest in someone else’s house! and i felt like a whale!!!!! people were probably thinking corrrrr it’s a good thing she’s here!!! 

These were my pre gym pics, bump starting to pop! and my bum which i worked so hard for HAS OFFICIALLY GONE. bye 😦 see you in 6 months 😦 let’s hope muscle memory is a thing!!!! 

Complete pancake bum! 

Anyway! so I started off doing 5 minutes cardio & then went on the mats! Not going to lie, i was short of breath much quicker than usual! I adjusted my old workout to make it safe and this is is:

I did manage to do this however instead of using the smiths i just used a 10KG bar and i didn’t even use the leg curl machine!!!! Also at the end i think i did 3 minutes cardio instead of 5 completing the 10 minutes cardio. I was absolutely knackered after and i’ve been tired all day!!! it did feel good working out though! 

I really want to start swimming also! and pregnancy yoga! Also last night i ate a huge cheeseburger which i’ve been craving all week! And the baby just does not like junk food! i felt so so sick for hours after! Baby loves the veggies and salads! 

also can we just take a minute for my pregnancy skin/spots!!!!!! gotta love hormones! 

I’m going to start working on a pregnancy style blog, I think it will take me a week because i want lots of content in it! 

Lots of love, 

Daisy Jane x

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