15wk bumpdate & 16wk midwife appointment✨

This week was such an exciting week! i’ve noticed bump getting bigger so i’ve been mega excited to take my bumpdate & compare to the last 2 week pictures! I’ve been trying to take the picture as similar as possible – same angle & same Cks in order to keep it consistent and see the growth!!! So here it is! 

It’s so cute!!!!!! My orange! 🍊 This week my sickness has been much much better, i have only been sick once! However, my energy levels are actually down! i’ve felt a bit drained but other than that I feel good! However! my crazy hormone dreams have continued! 2 nights ago i woke up AGAIN to being convinced a spider was on a web and dangled down from my light onto my bed!!!! It’s so strange because i don’t even have a spider phobia! All those hormones!!!  I’ve actually found myself touching my bump and stroking it quite a lot!? I already feel protective over it!! I still can’t believe that there is a baby in there and it’s the size of an orange! and it’s literally moving around and sucking its thumb etc! so crazy! i just can’t wait to feel them move!!!! 

So today I had my 16wk midwife appointment where it was basically a catch up- few tests done, had all my bloods back and they were all fine which is good! however…. i heard the babies heartbeat!!!!! first of all they couldn’t find it, which never makes an expectant mother comfortable but then i heard it! the midwife said it was galloping! it was so quick! i actually bought a handheld doppler myself but whenever i find the heartbeat i lose it so it was amazing to hear it for more than 0.244 seconds!!!!! I had cramps yesterday and shooting pains so i was really worried but the midwife said it’s just my uterus growing! the bubs all good and i’m all good!!!! 

It’s my 22nd birthday next saturday which i’m so excited for! My current plans are – family & friends du and that’s where i will do a gender reveal balloon! which i’m actually so nervous about i don’t know why! I’m having my gender scan the friday 26th the day before and it’s going to be agonising them not telling me there and then! but it will be amazing to wait and be surprised!!!! Then in the evening of my birthday me & a couple of close friends are going for dinner at the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield which i can’t wait, it’s one of my favourite restaurants and not too far! Designated driver daisy obvvvviously! it’s also my best friend matthews birthday the same day! i know!!!!! how cute is that! us sharing a birthday ❤❤❤ he is already a twin so i always say im the triplet, even thought he’s a year older than me.. IM STILL THE TRIPLET ❤ He’s coming to crazy bear and he’s never been so it will be amazing for him to experience! by the way if you haven’t heard of crazy bear then google image it! it’s INCRED!!

Also, i need to start writing in my pregnancy journal but my handwriting is so so bad and i don’t want to ruin it 😫 anyone wanna be my scribe for a fiver ?? 

That’s all that’s really happened this week!!!! Actually apart from i’ve been craving burger king whoppers so bad! had 2 this week whoops!!!!!!!  I’m still working on a pregnancy style post but as i said i want lots of content on it so it may take a while! 

Also treated myself to this lil beautie!!! ‘i need to save for the baby’ *buys new handbag* I like having a small shoulder bag for everyday as sometimes you just don’t want to lug around a mulberry or valentino proper handbag!!! 

lots of love, 

Daisy Jane x

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