The baby show 

Sooooo today was The Baby show at the NEC in Birmingham! i’ve been looking forward to it for weeeeeeks!!!! Today i was up at 6am, i just can’t sleep at the moment! probably from excitement too Lol! So my main aim was to get everything picked out and to get organised  then get a few treats!! and i accomplished this! 

Me and mum decided to make it into a mummy daughter day!!! she copied my raybans and wearing grey btw 🙄

Soooo, these are the goodies I came home with! 

There was just so many stands and it was so huge, so much to take in!!! First of all we decided to look at all the prams and the furniture!!!  And if you read my post about my pram dilemma…… you’ll enjoy this update… I SAW THE NEW SILVERCROSS LIMITED EDITION ONE IN PERSON!!! .. AND IT IS SOOOOOO DREAMY 😍😍😍😍😍 literally the pram of dreams ❤️❤️❤️❤️

it even has the matching changing bag😍😍😍 So basically it comes in a bundle! the carry cot, push chair, car seat & bag was £795 which isn’t actually bad at all!!!! I just felt in love with it and i’ve OFICIALLY chosen!!! But i’m going to order in a few months!! Ah every time i see a picture of it i have heart palpitations! 😍 anyway!!!! next topic…… the furniture!! i’ve also OFFICALLG chosen!!!!! 
It’s the silvercross Notting Hill set and it’s beautiful! it’s all a shiny white! 😍and it comes together with the cot, wardrobe & changing table!!!!! Amazing!!!! 

I’ve decided not to get a moses basket as I’ve found something which crosses out the need for a crib AND moses basket which is mega handy!! It’s the Snuzpod from toys r us but you can get it from mothercare or john lewis also. I ordered and bought it today from the babies r us stand & managed to nab 20% off as it was the baby show and got it for £159!!! 

What i really like about it is that you can have baby right next to you or you can have it closed off next to you! so baby is nice and close which il want to be to begin with! i think after a week i will put it closed at the end of my bed!! so i still feel close but not right next to them! I also like that you can take it downstairs and the baby can nap in it like the picture! i think it’s just amazing as it is like a moses basket and crib mixed together! as i wasn’t sure what to get or to get both etc!! 

So i’ve heard AMAZING things about a sleepyhead – apparently they are an absolute godsend! They make the baby feel like they are in the womb and sleep through the night! i’ve heard from numerous mums that it is vital to get one and their babies sleep much better with it! 

I decided today was a good day to get it as it was discounted at £115 , it was only a small discount but its one of those things il leave it and leave it because £100 is quite a chunk of money! I just know i wouldn’t end up getting it so thought it was just best to get it today to get it out the way!!!! You can also get them in different colours and patterns but i’m boring and hate bright colours and most patterns so i just got white!  Also how cute is that blanket i bought today! Love grey 😍

Another purchase was this cuddledry. to be honest i’ve never heard of it before and it was one of those things where i walked past the stand and got sucked in by the sellers and they worked their magic and i ended up convinced i needed one 😂😂 

I think it’s really cute though and looks mega handy!! You button the towel round you and cuddle them whilst they dry and then you unclip it from you and wrap it round the baby! which i think is just so cute! You could choose from white, oatmeal, pink or blue. White i thought would just look like a towel, then i don’t know the gender yet so it was oatmeal! 

I also snapped up lots of free samples which is always good! bottles, wipes, nappies etc! 

Throughout the day there were speakers on the stage & i watched Michela Chiappa! She wrote the book ‘ baby at the table’ which has lots of advice and recipes for weining the baby! she actually had amazing advice about healthy italian recipes which i will definitely give a go eventually!!! 

There is another baby show in london in October which is much much closer to me however i just didn’t want to be going when  9 months pregnant! It is very busy and i couldn’t think of anything worse than being on the tubes and busy london when i’m 9 months pregnant! So that’s why i decided to go to this one! Also by October i’d like to think everything is bought already lol!! I feel so much more organised now! as i know exactly what i need to get which i’ve chosen now! I would recommend going to a baby show as it wasn’t just about buying product- the discounts were great but i just loved being there and the whole day and atmosphere! there’s a real buzz! Everyone’s pregnant and excited for their babies and it’s such a fun day! 

Before i went me and Bear had a picture!! … And tinkerbell got jealous!!! she’s looking at me like ‘my turn mum!!!!’ Honestly these dogs are going to struggle when the baby is here as they love to be carried all the time!!!! And i don’t have 3 arms to carry them all!!!! 

ALSO, can we take a minute to appreciate how cute the royal babies are at Pippa Middletons wedding 😍 And kate is just 😍😍 I just love them so much! 

My scan is Friday THEN THE GENDER REVEAL IS ON MY BIRTHDAY SATURDAY!!!!! can’t even describe how excited i am!!!!!!!! it’s come round so quick! By the time i have the scan il be almost 17 weeks so i just hope hope hope it’s accurate!!!!! Il do a blog post about the gender sunday!!!!! arghhhhhhhhh just so excited! so close yet so far! one more week of work i keep telling myself! i can do this!!!!!! 

Lots of love, 

Daisy Jane x

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