16wk Pregnancy purchases 

Okkk so, my whole body is expanding and nothing fits me!! So today on my work break i decided to pop to Primark to get some comfy maternity bras as i’ve gone up another cup size to D cup. If i’m being completely honest I never shop in Primark – and that’s not being a snob!! I just never really go shopping, i’m such an online shopper! my anxiety can’t handle changing rooms etc! Also if i go shopping then it is to Westfield in Shepherd’s bush and there is no Primark and also Primark isn’t online! So therefore i just don’t really shop there! However i just wanted to get some cheap comfy bras as my boobs won’t stop growing so there is no point forking out hundreds for bras that won’t fit me for much longer! So i grabbed some very basic t shirt bras for  £2!!!

And then this accidentally happened…..

Honestly if i wasn’t on my lunch break then I could have spent more! it’s just so easy to pick up lots of things as it’s so cheap! I was so impressed with it! I ended up picking up stuff i wouldn’t even normally go for! There are just so so many options!

img_3729I’m just not a choker kind of girl. I haven’t bought one at all this trend. But i saw this and thought the brown one would actually look so cute with white lace! Also these sunglasses ….
img_3727If i’m being honest  i’m such an aviators  girl! I have about 3 pairs of rayban aviators i live in! the classic dark green pair, bright green & all black! But these would be so cute with again, white lace! especially in the summer!
Ok so my maternity wear…. I just don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes that i’ll wear for a few months and then bin! and i also just want to be comfy! So i found these summer dresses. I just want to be able to throw on a lose dress! I wear dresses most days anyway but i just don’t want them to be really tight. When i wake up, it honestly hurts my soul having to squeeze into jeans and find a top that fits! I just want to throw on a baggy dress, put some loafers of sandals on, grab my mulbs and be done with it!!!! Also with dresses, it’s just minimal effort but they always look cute.

so here’s yours truly modelling 💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻 by the way, when it gets to evening my bump is massive (googled it and apparently it’s because your stomach muscles relax by evening then tighten up as you sleep) also i’ve worked all day & not wearing make up so no judging!!!!

img_3745This cute khaki maxi was only £6!!!!!! £6! can’t believe it. it is sooo comfy as it’s jersey! When i bought it i actually thought it was midi but apparently it’s maxi! Just going to chuck on this with tan sandals and some aviators and it’s perfect for a sunny day!!

img_3737img_3747I literally love this dress!!!!!! it is very very zara! i actually have the exact same shape dress from Zara in white. It is sooo comfy & it has bows at the back and a low back! and it was ….. ready for it …… £5!!!!!! in the reduction bit!!! £5 so ridiculous! Also when i buy these dresses i buy 2 sizes bigger so they can last me through summer!
and last but not least …

img_3749I really love gingham & i love the floaty style and the arm detail! and this was one was £6!! Can’t go wrong for £6!
Alsooooooo…. as i’m getting back into the gym.. i’m struggling to fit into my tight tops! so i had a little look today and …. i found these 2 items …. for £2 EACH!!!!! £2!!!!!

img_3730Usually just wear black in the gym! but it’s summer!!!! and for £2 i would wear any colour! I bought a bigger size so it has more stretch in!
These are a few of my other maternity purchases…

img_3751img_3752I think i paid £25 each for those Zara dresses. and now all i’m thinking is I wish i went to primark LOL! i could have got 5 primark gingham dresses for 1 zara one!!!! I do like these dresses though!

img_3753img_3754img_3755These are all from missguided! That shirt is way too big for me right now but when i’m 8 months pregnant it will be my saving grace i’m sure!!!! I absolutely love shirt dresses but it’s just finding them that have enough stretch! Also that grey dress is amazing!!! i wore it to the baby show and it’s just sooooo comfy! it looks like a tent but the comfort is real!
This dress is from Boohoo maternity bit! Its so cute and there’s SOOO much room!!! it’s too big for me right now but again, i’m sure it’ll be amazing in a few months! You can’t see in the picture but it also has a choker part attached to the dress, as you know i’m not a choker gal but it just makes it feel on trend and not a boring maternity dress!!

Also off topic, but i had the Kim kardashian Kimoji ‘send nudes’ phone case, i love it but as i’m pregnant i just don’t feel it’s appropriate anymore! so i went onto in the style and i LOVE the sarah ashcroft boss case! I’m sure it makes me basic but i don’t even care! it’s actually a hard case which i like whereas that flower one is silicone! Also i have the rose gold iphone so i chose the clear one as there was no point getting a rose gold case on a rose gold phone!

Alsooooo…. MY SCAN IS IN 2 days!!!! and my birthday and gender reveal is 3 days! i’m sooooo excited! more confetti arrived in the post EEEEEK!

Anywayyyy, i’ve absolutely exhausted. Today i felt so faint, i think i had low blood pressure and from the heat too. I just felt so faint, i got home from work and napped! so i definitely  need to get a good night sleep tonight! my next post will be about GENDER REVEAL!!!! and about my birthday weekend!

Lots of love,

Daisy jane x

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