22nd Birthday & Gender reveal

IM SO HAPPY I CAN FINALLY WRITE THIS POST AND THAT I KNOW THE GENDER!!!! It has been absolutely AGONISING waiting to know the gender. I just haven’t coped, it was all i thought about! I just had to know ASAP!!! A lot of women choose not to know until the labour… I just dont know how women do this!! Im SUCH an impatient person & I couldn’t even wait to 20 weeks and had to have an early private 16wk scan let alone 40!!!! The thought of waiting to 40 weeks gives me anxiety!!!! How do women prepare!! I was starting to get sick of buying unisex white clothes! Obviously this is all down to the individual but for me, now I know, I can get organised. I just love visualising him now and starting to choose names! I can’t wait to buy little boys outfits!  I personally just couldn’t live with that uncertainty! Now I know, I can plan the nursery exactly how i would it for my little man & build his wardrobe!



Anywayyyyy, Soooo. The saturday.

I woke up nice & early on Saturday morning, It was my 22nd birthday however I was more focused and excited about the gender reveal!  TODAYS THE DAY, THE SUN IS SHINING THE TANK IS CLEAN!!!! I opened my presents about 8.30am, My parents boughtme a camera that I posted about a few weeks ago, a navy trench and then clothes etc! To be fair, they’ve bought the baby things and I much prefer that over buying me things!!! I tried to nap midday as I knew it was going to be a big, exhausting day! I then got a text from my best friends Matthew asking me which number i live at. I was like number 11 duh?! He’s my best friend he definitely knows this! He texted back saying i have a surprise arriving at 2pm! So it got to around 1.45pm and I still wasn’t ready woops! I go outside to get my red lipstick from my car and i see a girl in sunglasses walking towards me! Its only Lauren who i went to college with! I haven’t seen her in years but we get on amazingly and she really is a true friend!!! She told me she couldn’t come but secretly arranged with matthew to surprise me! Unfortunately she wanted to knock at my door and record me but I went outside for my red lipstick boo! Anyway everyone started arriving, and I was just getting so so nervous!! It was so lovely having all my family and friends round! I love dus. I find it so hard being a host as i feel like I don’t give everyone enough attention!! My Auntie arrived with the gender reveal balloon and it was so hard knowing she knew and that the confetti was already in there!!!! Anyway… The moment soon arrived.. gender reveal balloon time!!! It was around 3.30pm and everyone was urging me to do it!!! My legs were trembling and i stood in the corner of the room next to Baby balloons..  I was just so scared, I don’t even know why! I had the little pin in my hand and i was just terrified!!!! Now was the moment I had been waiting for and ill finally know. It will become  a her or him!!!!! everyone gathered around me cameras at the ready. I honestly can’t even describe what that moment felt like… Months of wondering what I’m having, All the build up!!!!!! They all counted me in and then I did it!!!!! it was such a loud bang & the confetti absolutely showered me!!! First of all my eyes were closed, and it honestly felt like slow motion, I remember opening them and seeing the blue confetti on the floor! Everyone was cheering. It was honestly one of the most emotional, amazing moments of my life!!! I would really recommend doing  gender reveal balloon! I was just in shock that i finally knew and so so happy! I soon started crying, as it is just so emotional!!! Your holding this balloon and then just suddenly you’re covered in confetti and you know! This description isn’t even doing how i felt justice!!! It was such a warm feeling and deep happiness! Ive never ever felt emotion like that! I was still trembling and people came up to hug me! I could hardly speak when people were talking to me, i was a state! It was like a blur, so surreal!!!! Also speaking of states… My dad was holding bear and he is So scared of balloons and he was right next to me… so he absolutely crapped his pants because of the bang and seeing the balloon explode!! He was a shaking mess! I dont even know who was shaking more, me or Bear!!!!! BUT I WAS RIGHT!!! I told everyone from the start that he was a boy!!!! I just KNEW!!!! And motherly instinct was right! However when i showed people the heartbeat teddy bear, they were convinced thats a girls heartbeat!  It honestly was such a lovely way of finding out, I’m SO glad i didn’t peak in the envelope! I wish i could do it over and over again! For my next kids I’m DEFINITELY doing a balloon! I can’t recommend it enough ! (video at bottom)



This is just before I started crying!

Im loving these dummy straws!!! Deffo ordering more for the baby shower!


I can’t believe how spoilt bumpboy was!! I honestly was not expecting presents!!! It was basically a du for my 22nd birthday and then i thought it would be a nice time and nice way to reveal the gender whilst everyones together!!!! I was not expecting people to get the baby presents at all!!!! Im so so so so grateful though! He got amazing, thoughtful presents and I can’t thank people enough!!!!  Im obsessed with the Annual Harrods teddy, as i love that it has 2017 on the teddy bears foot, which is the babys birth year!


So after the du, It was time for Crazy bear. So Courtney, Matthew and I made our way to Beaconsfield! I love the restaurant so much, the food is so so lovely! It just felt so so weird not drinking!!! With our puddings, they wrote happy birthday on which was so sweet! I had such a lovely evening and it was amazing to see Matthew as he was out all day celebrating his birthday! It got to around 10pm and I started to crash however, It was such an emotional, big day!!!! I was actually still in shock even hours later! I was still not quite myself!!


On the Sunday, my friend Megan was having a house warming bbq. So i went round with some cute garden presents & it was such a nice day! Unfortunately i could only stay for 2 hours as I still had other family to see & had a family dinner, but nonetheless it was so nice and nice to see people I haven’t seen for a while! From there I went to my aunties, where they asked if i had calmed down now LOL. I honestly was a jittery state the day before!!!!  The bumpboy news had finally sunk it! Then from there I went to family dinner at The warren in Wokingham. I really love it there, the food is nice and I like the atmosphere.  And then I got home and CRASHED! what an amazing birthday weekend! I was so so so busy!!! It was so so lovely though!!!! Cant believe I’m 22 too! Getting old!! Its mad to think that this is my last birthday without a child!!!

Also… How smart is my lil bumpboy for getting me and writing me a card from inside the womb!!! melted me ❤


here are some of the 3D scan images… baby is hugging the placenta! Soo cute! I just love him!!!



​Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x


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