17wk Bumpdate &nursery plans 

Okkkkkk so I have a lot to write about this week!!!! AS ITS A BOY!!!!!! However i was supposed to write & post this on Friday but I haven’t felt very positive and in the mood. Friday was a very hard, emotional day & then the London bridge attacks on Saturday night. I just can’t believe all these attacks, it really breaks my heart. We should feel safe on our streets and shouldn’t live in fear. It makes me worried to bring a baby into this world when it’s in this state! 

But anyway, 

I took my bumpdate picture when i was 17wks4d! 

It’s amazing i can really notice the growth when i compare my weekly pics!!! This week i’ve felt so much bigger! It’s so strange though, somedays bumps tiny but sometimes it really pops out! 

Yes they are maternity jeans!!! however they are actually too big atm so il have to go back to them in a few weeks! 

However, this was the night after…

And that was the day after!!!! So bump pops out sometimes but hides sometimes! I was trying on clothes today and i was saying how my bump was in the day and a lady said ‘ that’s not a bump that’s indigestion’ 😂 So i guess i just looked not bloated not pregnant that day!! 

Alsooooo.. i’ve started planning the nursery!!!!! I just need to clear the room and then i can start proper decorating! However this is only going to be a temporary nursery… me and baby boy are moving downstairs into a huge room until baby doesn’t need me.  Then baby will go in his permanent nursery upstairs and il go back in my room! 

I just fell in love with these prints from Slay my print! 

They’re sooooo cute! I was going to get 6 but i preferred how the 4 look together! 
I also got this horoscope print just to hang by itself! just need to frame them all! 

He is due 6th November so fingers crossed he’s exactly on time and is a scorpio!!!!!! 
I think i’m going to do his first temporary nursery really neutral and then his second permanent nursery greys! I just can’t wait to get his nursery painted and all sorted! I currently only have a baby draw and it’s getting soooo full! i just want to hang all his clothes and get organised! 

I decided to head to the gym today (sunday 17wks6d) I’m not going to lie…. i was secretly hoping there was no parking so i didn’t have to go in LOL! but unfortunately after doing 10 manoeuvres to drive into a space i got in 😦 i can’t reverse park!!!! even though i have reverse cameras AND sensors! just can’t do it! and the gyms tight parking is no place to practice! 

I managed to get about 30 mins cardio & legs in! I can’t really manage anything more than 30 mins at a time, I’ve also been sticking to low weight high reps! I’ve also started doing pelvic floor exercises! 

I was going to write about his wardrobe purchases! as since i’ve found out he’s a boy i’ve been spoiling him! However i’ve ordered him a few more bits and want to wait until they arrive to do the blog post! So it’ll be a 18wk wardrobe update! 

Alsooooo, i’m going to make bump an instagram account! i just know il be posting his outfits all the time and people will get bored! so it’ll be a page purely for all things baby 👶🏻 

Lots of love, 

Daisy jane x

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