18wk & 19wk bumpdate!!!! 

first of all… HI!!!!!!!!! i’ve been absent for a while! and i wanna say it’s because of how i’ve been soooooooo busy and my life is so cool and interesting (bloggers fave excuse to why they haven’t posted) but if i’m being honest – nothing has really happened the last 2 weeks! i didn’t want to just post because i bought a baby bath… i wanted to save up content for a good lengthy meaty post! So ok… 

here is my 18 wk bump……. 

This is at 18wk4d… and then on that day I also noticed before i went to the gym he popped out!!!!! 

awwwwww so cute :’) 

However this was a day earlier! 

My bump literally changes all the time!!! 

Anyway….. this is my 19 wk at to be exact 19wks2d 

I swear i’m not just reusing the same pictures from the same day 😂😂😂 if you click between them you can see growth!!!!! 

& this is today at 19wks2d 

So these last 2 weeks i’ve felt so so light headed and dizzy. I don’t know if it was because of the heat but it’s been so bad and i’ve had to take so many breaks from life just to sit down and catch my breath and not sprawl out on the floor. ALSO last week i had a scare.  On 18wks exactly… i was just walking into work happy as larry then 💥💥💥💥 THE WORST PAIN!!! it literally made me fall forward and almost land on my face!!!!!!!!! I can’t even describe it, just felt like he broke my stomach in half!!!! Then after the intense pain, i was just in agony.. it hurt to walk. So i went into work carried on with my day but the pain was just always there . I spoke to some of the girls at work & they said not to worry. (i was already dialing 111 when i bumped into one of them and i decided to hang up) She said he probably just kicked me … I started thinking of how he’d make an amazing sumo wrestler or footballer with a kick like that and started dreaming of fur coats and big houses. it just really didn’t feel like movement. I haven’t felt movement yet but if he almost puts me to the floor every time he kicks i’m gonna be in trouble!!!! So 2 hours went by and it hurt to walk & i couldnt even raise my leg so i decided to call 111. They said I needed to be seen by a doctor within 2 hours, great thanks 111 way to make an expectant mother not panic 😂 So i went to the doctors and i heard the heartbeat!!!! woohooo! however she called experts and she thought it was a placental abruption which is really serious. So i had to go pee in a cup etc and when i came back in she said she thinks he just pulled all my ligaments around my womb and to take paracetamol! however she said to come back to her 2 hours later if the pain was still there as it would be something more serious. luckily i came home and it did eventually get less painful! THANK GOD! i guess it has just taught me not to over panic when something strange happens in there! obviously be cautious as it didn’t feel right but strange kicks and sensations is completely normal!!!! 

Soooo also in these 2 weeks i’ve got mega spotty! like volcano aruptions on my face! which i thought i was meant to glow 😫 also I started to do research about baby baths and what was actually best. One of my friends said she bought a really expensive one which weighed the baby and tested the temperate etc and she said she sold it and wouldn’t get it again! everyone has been recommending the Angel care bath!!!!! So i looked around and mothercare had it for £25 but John lewis has a special offer of £15.99 waheyyyyyyyy!!! 

It looks really good and i’m so glad i decideded to go with it!!!! 

This week i also bought bumpboy some books! I might start to read to him now to start bonding!!! 

And i also bought this journal to write to him!!! I have a pregnancy book but that’s more fore specific information! and this is more for my words of wisdom to him! 


soooo self consciously all i’ve been buying is blue 😂 for the baby….. but its rubbed off onto me as well 😂😂😂 Team blue!!!!! I sorted my wardrobe as i’ve started to sort bumpboys and this is ridiculous!!!!! i have a thing for blue and white striped shirts/dresses 🙈

I’m going to talk about my productive day today!!!! So i woke up and actually fancied wearing make up (i’m a CC cream and mascara kinda gal) so obviously had to document this. This is just the cutest dress everrrrrr! and i got in a massive size so it’s soooo comfy! My valentino blue bag just goes heavenly with it too 😍😍😍 anyway back to my day…

so it started off spoiling bumpboy WOOOS…. i’m working on a blog post of his wardrobe but i’m just waiting for a few bits to arrive from La Redoute , i’ve been waiting over a week and i finally decided i was going to write a letter of concern. ( a bitchy email) they’ve said one of the items is still in their warehouse in france. 😡 and I’m also waiting on the cutest bits from Petit bateau so hopefully they arrive soon and i can post my blog post soon!!!!! it’s gonna be a good’en! i’ve actually bought so many clothes for him from all different places!!!! I’m obsessed with that sailor baby grow 😍😍 also the 2 bottom baby grows and shorts are size 6-9 months as i really loved them but he can’t wear them in november as they’re summer ones and lighter material when it’s winter!!! so yes i’ve already planned his summer attire 🙈🙈

After i spoiled him, I went to B&Q to start choosing nursery colour schemes. 

I just can’t decide!!!! do i keep it white and beiges or go for grey and white … OR blues! i would really like to do blue but it’s so bold and scares me!!!!! I still haven’t decided but at least i have paint swabs now so i can ponder! it also means i can choose the carpet!!!!! I’ve not got 1 nursery to decorate but 2 🙈🙈🙈🙈 
That reminds me!!!!! i’ve been trying to organise his wardrobe & im putting it on a rail at the moment so I needed hangers! As i haven’t bought his furniture yet & his nursery isn’t sorted 🙈Ive looked in mother care and found some for 6 hangers for £5! So I haven’t rushed to buy them. However!!!!!! 

I found these …. 2 packs for £3!!!! that’s 20 for £3! i couldn’t believe it!!!! I’ve really glad they’re blue instead of just white too! They are from Matalan!!!!! obviously had to get 40 in 1 pop 😂

Anyway that’s it from me!!!!! As i said, i’m working on a wardrobe post!!! So it should be finished soon! Also my 20 week scan is next wednesday when i’m 20wk2d!!!! I’m so excited as apparently it is a much longer scan and they check every part of him! Also the scan pictures look much clearer which is exciting! i can’t wait to see him!!!!!!! 

Lots of love, 

Daisy jane x

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