Bumpboys wardrobe so far at 20wks!

Okkkk so! Ive been sooo looking forward to writing this post as I’ve been building up his wardrobe for a few weeks!!!! This post is just about his clothes and not other purchases I’ve made! I’m very much into fashion so having a well dressed child is vital to me. So this is his early wardrobe purchases as Im heading into week 20/ 5 month mark on Monday!

So to begin with, I just couldn’t resist buying him some clothes but I didn’t know his gender so i stuck with gender neutral vests and onesies etc! These are a few of my favourites ones of his! I have bought plain and other ones but there is little point posting them as thats borrrrrrring!

So this is his temporary wardrobe!!!! (I haven’t purchased his furniture yet)


Soooo here we go.. These are my fave bits of my very spoiled sons wardrobe..

IMG_1684This is the first set I got him when he was just 8-9 weeks, and it is from Debenhams – Jasper Conran.

IMG_1728 So i started off having a bit of a thing for teddy bears!!! These are soon cute & they’re from h&m, they are TINY!!!!!


I then just got a set of 7 vests from Asda in the baby & toddler event and they were really cheap – i think around £7!

IMG_5781They’re really cute & simple but i love the zebra ones.


These are actually from my Mum, he’s her first grandchild so she keeps buying him things too! I love these sleep suits – i can’t decide which is my favourite! I normally HATE stars on clothes but i absolutely love that sleep suit for him! They are tiny baby size, to take to the hospital incase he is a tiny tiny bubba like the sonographer thinks he is! She also bought some bibs and more sleep suits. Im going to leave vests and sleep suits in the pack in his draw, there is no point hanging them! She also got him some bibs! These are all from Next.


She came home a few weeks later with this! I don’t usually like slogans but this is really cute.  It is also from Next. And Yes i expect to see every single child born this year in this LOL!

Whillllllst we are on the subject of Next… Bumpboy was very lucky and got some presents on my gender reveal! He got this sleep suit from Next from my friend Ashleigh & its sooooo cute! It was the perfect present for a gender reveal! Again, I love this!!! and it has a slogan!!! So i think I’m officially converted so a slogan lover!!!! Or i might just be biased as it says I love my mummy…


Ok so THE dummy…IMG_1928

I bought this dummy when i was around 11 weeks just before my announcement. I had seen it in House of Fraser and i Just loved it. It is navy so I thought even if bumps a girl or boy they could still wear it! I got SOO much telling off for buying this! It was £29 and to this day i have NO regrets LOL! Its a lot for a dummy but I thought, he can have atleast one nice one! I think it will look so cute with his little outfits! So many people were like how can you spend 30 quid on a dummy.. And i get it. buttttttt I have an expensive taste and it was a treat yaself kinda moment!!!!!!

IMG_5638Ok so we will stay on House of Fraser for a bit. This coat was actually reduced from £22 to something like £9!!!! It was so cheap! I bought it in 3-6 months so he has it when he’s a little bigger as he’s a winter Baby – due 6th November. It is  the brand Benetton.


These are also from the brand Benetton. Look how sweet they are ! Little bear on the bum! They will be mega comfy for him too! Personally, I’m just not going to dress him in jeans or denim. I see people dressing little 1 month babies in a pair of jeans and they have elasticated waist but I just can’t help but think to myself… They must not be comfy! I want him to be comfortable at all times so he will be soft comfy clothes he can move around in always! (Im not digging anyone out who dresses their babies in denim, Im just personally not going to). I will probably put him in jeans when he’s walking but even then I want him to move around easily and comfy always so Im not sure!

Ok so this is possibly my favourite item!!!!!!…

IMG_4591A Ralph Lauren snowsuit!!!!!!!!!!! I saw it on the house of fraser website & I became obsessed. It was pricey but it will be so worth it! It will be perfect as a pram suit… As he is born in November it will be freezing, So he will definitely need this when he’s out and about in his pram when we are out on adventures and moving him in and out the car!!! I bought it in 3-6 months as I just don’t know how big he will be & i would rather it too big and to grow into rather than growing out of it in weeks!!!!!! Will the RL snowsuit & HB dummy be too much together?! LOL.  I don’t know who i think i am hahahah.


Ahhhhhh I love these items sooooo much! The dungarees melt my heart overtime i see them! & the Peter rabbit outfit is mega cute! I dont really like collars but I like this round collar! Again, i bought 3-6 months because I guess he will get a lot of newborn stuff from people! I also loveee that blanket. It has a little hood & ears & melts me! It will be good for getting him in and out the car and giving him cuddles in it!!!! These are all from Mothercare.


Ok so my matalan shop…..

IMG_5460 So, Im a big online shopper. And i think I’ve exhausted some baby websites. So I saw an advert for Matalan, Im not a  matalan shopper but a look wouldn’t hurt! They’re baby section is SOOO good!!!! I ordered a few bits online & went to the store to pick them up & ended up buying triple to what i originally bought!!!!!

I bought a sleeping bag thing, I actually really like the design of this one. I was just going to buy white but I love the cream and light brown on it! Also got a few pairs of comfy trousers, which he can wear around the house and if we pop out! All about comfort LOL. Also a really cute ‘Hello little star’ set .. Another slogan! Ive truly changed! I loved it because it came with the matching bottoms & hat!!!! Im OBSESSED with the sailor suit, i love the collar – they only had it in age 1 month! So I need to try and remember that and get him in it asap!!!!  I also bought him a pack of comfy clothes/ pjs  the stars and stripes, i originally just bought the trousers and thought he could just wear a white onesie with them but then i was in the store and i just thought I may regret not getting the tops too! He won’t wear them together but now i have the option too LOL, again most of this stuff is 3-6 months.  HOWVER….

IMG_5462I really liked these lil summer onesies, but realised he will just be too cold when he’s little in Nov-jan to wear them! So I bought 6-9 months! In the shorts as well. So he can have them for summer time! Yep… I’m already planning his summer wardrobe!!!! I really liked the shorts as they’re a kind of thick jersey/towel material!

Sooo I read somewhere that Amal Clooney bought her twins these little organic onesies. ( they also do it in grey) and I actually fell in love with it. But she has it so OBV i had to have it too.  I think the grey has bears on it and is equally cute! However ,I  absolutely love the green & the rabbits on it… So I decided to get the crib sheets & blanket to match too!!! & whilst i was at it i got the onesie gift set which came with a bib & hat too LOL! It is from the Little Green Sheep & its all organic! Its so soft!!!!! Now I’m looking at the website again.. theres a green sleeping bag thing….. Hmmmmmmm might have to purchase when I’ve posted this..


This is how it came… So i shouldn’t really have unpacked the bedding just yet.. BUT I GOT TOO EXCITED!

So this post got delayed…… Because of a certain French company took so long dispatching my stuff from France….. For these items… From La Redoute.

IMG_5750They ARRIVED!!!


So worth the wait!!!!! Loveeeeeee the grey cardigan!!! I got 3-6 months in these. If he gets cold in the t shirt then its a good job his mama bought him a cardigan!!! So my blue & white stripe obsession… is even filtering down to my sons clothes.. Woops!

Another french company…. Petit Bateau! I’m obsessed with their baby clothes !!!!

img_5770.jpgI can’t even cope with these items!!!!!! They’re my ultimate fave! So saving the best until last and all that!!!!! I bought 6 months again as they’re clothes for summer!! Yep his mama is organised and has a summer wardrobe for a years time!The onesie is reversible which is amazing! so its stripe one side and spotty the other!!!


I LOVE these dungarees!!! I literally can’t wait to dress him in these all through summer!  They’re a really nice material too.


This is just my fave item. I love every thing about it – the colour, the style, the collar, the little bow, the material ( its so comfy)  I’m just imaging him in this in summer with white knee high socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so i think I’ve said ‘cute’ about 3574802x but it is all so CUTE!!!!!!!! No other word to describe it all. So thats his wardrobe so far at 20 weeks. Obviously I’m only half way so I’m sure he will be getting even more spoiled! I really like little kids boutiques so if anyone knows any then let me know! Also my favourite brand is Jacob Matthews, but i just haven’t ordered anything yet! But I’m sure i will very soon!!!!

Also a few things i’m looking into… pregnancy aqua yoga!!  … and doing a pregnancy shoot lol!!!! exciting stuff!!! 

Lots of love,

Daisy jane x

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