IM HALF WAY! 20 wks bumpdate & scan! 

AHHHHHHH! hooooooray! made it to the 20 weeks 5 months mark!!!!!! This week has been so exciting!!!!! i’ve had my 20 week scan! and the weather has been lovely! which has been good and bad! I’ve honestly almost fainted and felt weak at work so much and overheating but i’m not going to complain .. too much!  Also how snazzy is the new domain i bought! so official! ! 

Ok so, this week i’ve honestly got huge!!!!! i feel like i’ve got a real life bump!  this is today at 20wks3d 

Last weekend I managed to get to the gym…. 

It was actually a really good session! I did about 45 mins … 15 mins cardio & then i did matt work- bum & stretches. Also some pelvic floor exercises!!!!! I love going to the gym, it always makes me feel so much better after. However i’m really struggling with not being in control of my body anymore. Everyday i’m getting fatter and i know it’s because i’m making this amazing baby and i’m blessed etc but as someone with body dysmorphia- everyday is quite hard. I miss the routine of the gym going every day & working towards the body i always wanted and seeing results. I used to always think i was bigger than i actually was , so to have no control to how big i’m getting , is just really hard. It’s hard accepting the changes to my body – i’ve also noticed cellulite on my legs and knees – i’ve spoken to a personal trainer and he says it is water retention and because of the hormones from pregnancy. Just makes me worried if it will ever go. I’m also already thinking about how i’m going to lose the weight which i know you probably think i’m ridiculous as it should be the last thing on my mind. Obviously my focus will be on my son etc but i also believe you should keep your mind healthy and personally for me , a way of doing that is being happy with my body. healthy body healthy mind! I’m going to give myself 1 month after he’s here and then i want to get back into a healthy routine – clean eating and going to the gym! For me the gym is psychological as well, it’s me time & therapeutic !!! I just have to keep reminding myself that this is temporary and at the end of it il have a beautiful son who will be my entire world. 

This is an example – so i took these pictures about a year ago and i honestly remember crying for days! I thought i looked like an absolute elephant and i honestly disgusted myself. 

Anyway , Went a tad deep then about a personal issue but hey ho! 

On to lighter subjects , literally 😫😂 Sunday was father’s day! So I went to a family bbq round my dads .. even my 2 chihuahuas came! it was a really lovely day! and i loveeeee bbq food! 

Also, isn’t my dad’s outside fridge just the fridge of dreams!!!! water, beer & champagne!!! what more do you need in life! 

On wednesday I had my 20 week scan!!!!! If i’m being completely honest – i’ve been so worried about this one. it’s the one where they check every part of the baby to see if anything is wrong – checking all his major organs etc!!!! So i went to my 3.15 appointment at the Royal Berks and my god! it was an actual sauna in there! i could. not. deal. I was sat on a leather seat and could genuinely feel sweat dripping down my legs!! At my 12 week scan, my baby was sleeping so i was sent out and had to walk round and drink water in order to wake him up so they could measure him etc! So this time i was walking round and drinking so much water constantly! We also went to the Black boy pub for some lunch in the sunshine before! Anyway RBH basically changed my appointment to 4.15 without telling me……. so you can imagine how upset this made me! luckily they squeezed me in at 3.40! So i went in to the little room, she put the warm gel in my belly… i was actually hoping for it to be ice cold! Straight away , my son had his arm in the arm waving away! he was SO active! she kept saying he was a fidgeter! he literally would not stay still for any of her checks! It was just soooo amazing seeing him move away in there! he was flipping over , all sorts! This scan was soo much clearer! In the scan pictures this time you could really see his legs & he could hardly even fit in the screen anymore! he’s got so big! She finally did all the checks & hes all healthy!!!!!!! Thank god ❤ Also, he’s a thumb sucker!!! so cute!!! 

Arghhhh i’m just sooooooo in love with him! just want to meet my lil squishy now!!!!! 

I still haven’t felt movement! well! i’ve felt tiny tiny movement but i don’t know if that’s actually him! when i was laid down i felt like a tiny scratching! It’s hard to explain the feeling! also after i eat i think i fe tiny movements but it’s definitely not a kick yet!! 

So today, Me and my mum decided to go to Greenwich to see my Grandad! and i didn’t realise how amazing greenwich is! We had lunch at Zizzis right on the river which was nice! Also i don’t know if this is normal but I have no appetite at the moment ?! i don’t know if it’s because of the heat but all i can manage at lunch is tiny bit of salad! Last week my appetite was huge but this week i’m just not hungry at all. Anyway here’s some Greenwich pics! 

Also, i’ve booked a pregnancy shoot!!!!!!!! It for August as i need to have a proper bump & il be around 28 weeks then!!! I’m so nervous & excited! I’m scared because of how my body will look but I think it will be a positive thing and I need to embrace my changing body! Also it’ll be great to look back on! Even tho my son will be like mummmmmm i don’t wanna seee that! (it’ll be semi nude) Also! one positive thing is my boobs!!! I’m literally spilling out D cup bra! from B- DD! i love it and i hope they stay! 

ALSO ALSO! one last thing!!!! quite a major thing …. The name is chosen! it’s officially set in stitch! and i’m obsessed with it! I couldn’t imagine him being called anything else! 

Lots of love, 

Daisy Jane x

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