21wk Bumpdate & Henley Regatta

Ok Soooo this Blog post is a little late as i’m writing this and I’m 21 weeks 6days!!! Im 22 weeks tomorrow!

Here is the update! 

But a little update on my week.. Its been an exciting one!
So last weekend, I officially started feeling bumpboy! It was actually the day of my 20wk scan I started feeling little movements! then when I hit 21 weeks.. It was so much more movement!!! I was just laying on the sofa & suddenly felt this WHOOSH in my stomach! It was like when youre driving along and go over a bridge! When your stomach turns inside out!! It felt exactly like that! Ive been so looking forward to nighttimes when I’m just laid in bed because thats when i can really feel him a lot! Like little nudges. However all this week, I’ve felt him during the day at work & whenever I eat! I loveeeeeeee being able to feel him! Makes it so much more real and exciting. The other day I went & sat in our temporary room and he was moving around so much, it was so emotional. Also nursery update: We are moving into a huge room downstairs.. & then when he doesnt need me in the same room, I’ll return to my former room & he will be in a brand new snazzy nursery upstairs next door to me! So technically He’s going to have 2 and i have to decorate 2!!!! Im actually doing different colour schemes for both!

So last weekend I decided to look around IKEA, and was sooo disappointed! I found a chair I liked, and it also had a mini chair… Which is sooo cute for me & bub. However the kids room stuff was CRAP! It all looked so cheap.. it was cheap lol but just looked so basic! We then went to Toys r us to look at the babies r us section. I found a cot and furniture set i liked but Ive got my heart set on another set online. I think I’m going to buy it all when I’m around 28 weeks- or when his nursery is decorated!

This week I’ve always been updating his wardrobe, so heres a few new bits:  

 These two sets are from mothercare & i LOVE the Mylene Klass collection! which is the black and white! 

The rest are all h&m and then the last top and trousers are Zara! they are actually from the sale and the top was like £2.99 and the trousers £6.99!!!!! sooooo cheap!  

Also these are my fave purchases for myself this week! The cutest Baby mama set: they’re soooo comfy & they’re like Calvins which i like! i also bought a top saying knocked up LOL! 

I actually also bought the baby a onesie with his name on the back which is soooooo cute and i can’t wait to upload but obviously can’t at the moment because it has his name on!!!!!! 

Then on Saturday (yesterday) I went to Henley Royal Regatta. Ive been every single year for about 5 years now but this year was very different. You’d usually find me there 3x a week absolutely drunk on Moet in Mahiki. I was looking at the funniest videos & pictures from last year , i had so much fun! 

However this year, I went in the Enclosure and went in the morning and was sober!!! I actually managed to watch the rowing racing this year too! I can’t recommend the enclosure enough! We walked down the river all the way to the bottom & its sooooo stressful, its just packed and its single file going down the river I also got very protective over bump and had him covered with my hand the whole time. Too many drunk people too close to me! I couldn’t wait to get back to the Enclosure where i could just sit down and chill! I like how they dont oversell the enclosure badges so it wasn’t mega mega busy! As soon we got there I had to eat & they did a really nice Mac & cheese! Howeverrrrrr, the toilet queue was so long! Tbf though i can’t really complain as they were actual toilets and not Portaloos like the outside of enclosure had. Also at one point my hands swelled sooooo bad! They felt tight and massive! Thats the first time I’ve had any swelling! I sat down and drunk some water and they were ok after that! The train from Twyford was heaving so next year I would look into going  little earlier or just pre booking a cab! Im deffo taking bumpboy next year!! I did see a few babies there in the Enclosure! I had such a lovely day!! The sun came out and it was so nice just sitting near the river watching the racing! I found it sooooo hard finding a dress! As nothing is really fitting me properly! My normal size fits everywhere apart from my bump! so then i buy a size bigger and it’s all big around the top but fits the bump!!!!!! So i ended up buying this Dickins & jones dress from House of Fraser which went well with my RL blazer.  also there was ZERO chance i was wearing heels!!!!! 

Then on sunday the weather was soooo nice so we are having a family bbq!  This dress is sooo cute it’s from Zara. 

Anyway! i’ll probably be doing another post in the next few days as i’m 22 weeks tomorrow!!!!!! i just can’t believe how quick it’s going!!!! so scary and exciting! 

Lots of love, 

Daisy Jane x

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