22 week bump date & exciting updates!

Sooooo this week has been SO productive and exciting!!!! I have sooo much to talk  about as this week I’ve really started organising myself and getting everything sorted!!!

Here is my 22 Week bump date!!!

22 weeks22 weeks 1


So I’m literally writing this blog post like this on a Sunday morning with bump feeling him kick around..

bump writing blgo 22 weksI can’t remember if i wrote it in my last post (baby brain) But i ordered my  nursery furniture & it is arriving next Wednesday! However it has not nursery to be put in yet! Problemooooooooo.. Soon Ive had to get my ass in gear & start choosing things. So this is my Nursery update!

nursery updateThe floor is currently being ripped up!!!!!

carpet nursery

Ive chosen  the carpet I want! Im not going to post which one as I want to show it all when its done!!!!! But it was one of the hardest decisions everrrrrrrr! I had to figure out the colour scheme i wanted, then match it with paint samples & also match it with a sofa I’m having in his Nursery!!!! But I made a choice & very happy with it!! Well .. for now!! Until its all laid down and i hate it and want to rip it up LOL.

So I went & got paint samples a few weeks ago & finally chose one!!! So on Wednesday we went to buy the paint.


I decided to go with Valspar in b&q and how its made is sooooo cleverr!! So they only stock white paint & then they scan the paint sample barcode and in the computer it works out the formula & puts the correct measurements of colours into the white to form the colur i want! & then its all mixed up!! I was amazed, she even showed us how the machine actually works LOL.

Sooo The decorator is coming in a few weeks & the paint is bought & carpet is ordered!!! Eeeeeeeeek he’s gonna have his room very soon!! Then the furniture will already be here! I already have pictures for the wall & have his next to me snuzpod crib! I literally feel soon relived that its all sorted, I started getting so so so stressed about it all!

ALSOOOOOOO. this week i ordered his pram!!!!

If you read my blog you’ll know I had a massive pram dilemma! i couldn’t decide which silver cross to get! The chelsea or the new limited edition one… And I went with…



I went with the new Expedition special edition!!! I saw it at the baby show and fell in love!!!! Im actually obsessed with it!!! I just love the brown and then the bronze metal work!

I actually ordered it from Baby birds as its so hard to get.  I decided to get the whole travel system – pram, pushchair & even the carseat. it also comes with a changing bag!! & Even a fur liner. Actually Im just gonna copy & paste as its easier..

  • Wayfarer Expedition Special Edition Chassis
  • 2 way facing seat unit
  • Carry cot
  • Luxury Expedition Hood & Apron
  • Luxury tote nursery bag
  • Luxury faux fur seat liner
  • Simplicity car seat
  • Simplicity car seat adaptors
  • Cup holder
  • Rain cover to fit both carry cot and pushchair

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 10.23.57

So that should be coming in about 8 weeks!!!!

Anyway, this week has been fun! On Wednesday me & my dad took the dogs to Sonning, for a walk along the river then lunch at Coppa Club.  It was such a beautiful sunny day!!! The dogs absolutely love being out and about with us! And they especially loves my dads audi..


Then on Thursday…. I did pregnancy aqua yoga!!!! I spoke to the lady on the phone & she said everything wore maternity swimming costumes! I just couldn’t think of anything worse than something clinging to bump like that!

bikini 22 weks

So I started trying on bikinis & none really fit properly!!!!! So i decided to buy some new ones!

I find them really tight around my boobs waist line! So the most comfy option was a triangle bikini where you tie up!

22wksssaqua yogaaqua yoga 22

My pictures from this week are all saved from snapchat! My phone has 40k pictures & its been crashing!!!!!! It deletes everything then restores and unfortunately it has only restored the first 20k pictures!! Ive lost everything from early pregnancy! Soooo sad.. But  I just think it could be so much worse, imagine if it happened when the baby was here! And i Wasn’t really showing for ages so not really much to see! Also some of my pics are on my blog!!!! So i restored my phone to factory settings! I have sooooo much memory now! .. Is this nesting already ?!?!?! It feels amazing starting fresh, fresh start, new chapter for the baby! its probably healthy as well not having all those screenshots saved and conversations etc!!!!!

Anyway back to aqua yoga!!! So i kind of stuck out… All the other mums were about 30 & married and a lot more pregnant than me! But it was amazzzzzzzzing! I loved being in the water & we did lots of stretching and my back feels sooo much better! Can’t recommend it enough! Also a mum there who’s 38 weeks has her carseat already in her car so showed me the isofix that fits the carseat onto! Which i definitely need!!! It was so good as well, talking to other mummy to bes about everything pregnancy!!!! I already can’t wait for next thursday!!!


This week, Im STILL in my normal jeans!!!! I have maternity jeans which i sometimes wear, but they’re still a little too big! So I have NO idea how I’m getting away with high waisted normal jeans!

normal jeans 22 weeks

Also this week i bought these for me & bumpboy!!! I can’t waittttttt to wear them together! I just can’t wait to meet my little mini me!!!!!

matching hatsIm suchhh a bobble hat person in the winter so i may order these in more colours!!

ALSO, I’ve ordered him anotherrrrrrr something with his name on!! So its official! That IS his name! Set in stitch! I love it!!!!!


Heres a few more bump pics from every single angle from this week!!!!! Im really starting to get big!! And you can see the womb its so weird!! Like my sides are normal then it looks like i have a football stomach!!

22 weeks22wks22wks5dSo I’m not sure what I’m doing today, but its Sunday and i normally get up to fun activities!!!! So That may have to wait until next week!

23 Weeks tomorrow eeeeeek!!!! its going SOOO quick! Ive also arranged my GP & whooping cough injections for 25 weeks!

Also my mum surprised me with a pregnancy support pillow!!!!! She got it from Toys r u/ babies r us for £30 and its a god send!! Ive just felt so uncomfortable recently and really struggling! I can’t feel skin and body struggling with my womb getting bigger so always feel tight and stretched! But this pillow helps me get comfy! You can also use it for nursing the baby which is good!

& Another little update…. I SAW the baby kick!!!! When i feel him awake, i just watch him, and it was a huge jolt!!!! My whole stomach moved! I couldn’t see like his actual foot, but i felt the kick and saw it which was unreal!!!!! I can’t even describe the feeling of being able to feel him move. I start talking to him and massaging my belly when I know he’s awake, and he actually responds! when i start talking to him, he kicks more!!! absolutely melts me!

Andddddd I’ve decided I’m going away for 2 weeks in August – to the South of france. Now to find summer clothes that fit me……… SHOPPING!!!!

Lots of Love,

Daisy Jane x

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