23 Bumpdate!!!

Ah Week 23!!!! i can’t believe how quick it is going! And i have a few updates about this week… it was delivery central this week! Also i feel like my bump has just doubled in size!!!!! ALSO I managed to catch one of his kicks on video!!

Heres the bump……

So last Sunday, the mother & me went to Westfield. I said to myself right… Ive absolutely SPOILED little bumpboy, so I’m going to spoil myself…. So first shop.. Aspinal. My mum had previously bought me a card holder and it was just the best thing everrrrr. I hate purses & cash, I literally just carry my card everywhere. So it was so perfect for me…. However i Lost it .. SHOCK! So i bought myself a new one, and i love the mint green!  Second shop Longchamp…. And i have the big travel bag in black and always wanted a smaller one for day to day wear but never got round to getting one! So treat yaself and all that! I like the material as its easy to wipe & clean… which will be good for when I’m getting baby sick on me 24/7, I chose cream because i loved how it looked with the tan brown handles! So far so good! Then 3rd shop French Connection, I found a dress i really liked… Obbbbbvioously had to get it in every colour. So mint green, baby blue were so nice and i tried on the pink/coral. and OMG, i looked like a giant shrimp.. its a no from me. So spoiling myself worked out well! Until Mamas & Papas shop… i literally love EVERYTHING in there! I can’t believe how nice everything was so yeah! Got bumpboy a few bits!!! Love love love love the outfit! & THOSE DUCKY BOOTS!!!!! Cant cope! Soon cute!!!!!!

So Wednesday was my big delivery day. I popped to  my cousins & then planned to go to the gym, however I got a call saying my delivery was going to be 15 minutes so i dashed home! And his furniture has arrived woooohoooo! however it has nowhere to go!!! His nursery isn’t painted yet!!!!!

Also, white company order arrived & i love those little trousers so cute!!!!! 

I also bought from Mamas & papas a travel changing mat & its a little early but i bought a high chair!!! It goes soooo well in my kitchen! It was in the sale for £50 so thought why not!  Also how cuteeeeeeee is this santa onesie! My little winter baby is due 6th November so he will be around 6 months for christmas! i can’t waittttttttttttt! This is his christmas day first outfit!!!

Then I also squeezed in a dog walk!!!! Love my pups so much! 

So today is Thursday & I’ve woken up throwing up constantly. Im pretty sure it is a sickness bug so il be ok but it was so so bad! I had to call in sick to work.. However i was so worried as I have pregnancy aqua yoga and i love my class so so much!! We will see how I feel! 

also  This week i bought some stretch mark cream & some bio oil in a bid to prevent stretch marks! I know its going to be inevitable though!!!!  I also got some white frames for his nursery pictures.. Couldn’t decided between white frames or clip frames! Deffo happy with my choice !

Also this is how the bod is holding up at 23weeks 3days! ..

also, I booked my 4d scan video for 30 weeks!!!! Apparently this is when it’s most clearest and you can see his face so clear! Sooooooo excited! Only 6 weeks to go!!!! 

Next week I need to start looking into getting some holiday clothes! I go to the south of France on 7th august! 


Lots of Love,

Daisy jane x


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