Law degree!

Im going to law school!!!

I have woken up and decided to do it!!!

Ok not quite…

But It reminds me of Legally blonde!!!! well – Legally Brunette in my case! Also ive just realised how dirty my macbook screen is from that video!!! Wooppsssyyyy Daisy gonna need to clean that… maybe later…

I studied fashion buying at Fashion retail academy, graduated last year. However now my plans have changed and obviously expecting my bundle of joy! I don’t know if buying is realistic anymore! When you start off as a trainee buyer, you need to be fully committed, its a high pressure long hours job. There are no set times- you work until the work is done, trainees can start at 8am and not finish until 9pm. You need to give everything you have to impress the buyers and work your way up. Obviously i can’t give it my all. My priority is my baby & i wouldn’t even want to be away from him that much. However its so so so important to me to earn lots of money, I think to do this I need a good stable career. I was always academically bright in school & my A levels are good. Law is something thats always interested me. So Ive applied to Open university. It is the right option for me. Obviously I know I’m not going to be the  next Harvey Spectre. My brother has told me how no global firms or the best firms would be interested in someone with an open university degree, I know this and it doesn’t bother me. I don’t want that. I want to get into property law or family law! I don’t have it in me to proper Elle woods it and do criminal law and stand up in court like that as a  barrister! The degree is part time, so il be studying for 9-10 hours a week so it can easily fit around the baby and me working as well. It begins February 18 and I’ve already got a place. It takes 6 years to complete, which my son will be 6 and it will be the perfect time as he will be in school and I can put the degree to use! Until then it means working as maybe a legal secretary or something similar. I also still fully believe in my linger brand & thats something i want to build on whilst I’m on maternity leave etc! Im gonna be very busy, juggling studying for a law degree, raising my baby & working but I think i can do it!!!! I want the best for my son & it will all be worth it! I don’t like relying on other people to support me, and i believe I can be super mum!! Even if my brand takes on, a law degree is something I’ve always wanted and its a good back up plan!!! With a career in law – its very stable. You know there is always going to be jobs as long as you have your degree!  However my plan always changes! So we will see how it goes!!! You never know i could be a top mum blogger in a years time! LOL I can dream….

Anyway thats another thing ive done in my productive day! i applied for the student finance! .. 2 days off work & ive generated 3 blog posts!!!! Im boreddddd! Imagine what I’m gonna be like on maternity leave! You’ll all get sick of seeing my posts!

Lots of love,

Daisy jane x

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