Choosing a new bed 

I did my weekly bumpdate post so early this week & im so used to writing a blog post on Sundays! So I’m going to write about today’s activities! 

We went bed shopping! 

Soooo as you may be aware, I’m moving downstairs to a huge room with bumpboy which I’m currently decorating! I want to be in the same room as him for about 6 months or as long as he needs me! He then will move into his real nursery/room upstairs & il return to my former room! However it is time for a new bed! My one is currently white wood and it is broken! We literally fell through the middle of it! It is kind of fixed but I deffinekly need a new one! Especially one for the new room, to go with the colour scheme! 

So today we went to have a look! We went to bensons for beds, furniture world & dreams. Here are a few I liked – 

These are from furniture world, and I liked them but I just knew they weren’t the one! 
I then went into dreams & found the bed of dreams!!!!! LOL it is exactly what I wanted and I fell in love! 

Isn’t it so pretty!!!!!! So we were just sitting down, ordered it .. ready to pay £650 for just the bed frame when I get a call from my dad! He used to work with bed suppliers & told me he still can get them much cheaper for around £200! It was the most awkward uncomfortable moment, the furniture man could hear me on the phone and I must have came across so rude. I then had to speak to my mum in front of the guy selling the bed , basically saying my dad was going to bring round catalogues for a bed! I do really love this dreams bed, but I’ve looked online at the supplier and there are beds I like equally!!!! It will save me £400 which will deffinly go towards something for the baby so I have to put that first and go with that!!!! Luckily, it was ordered and we were 1 minute away from entering the debit card!  So it can all be easily cancelled!!

These are some of my favourites from the catalogue.. 

I can’t believe how similar the Capella one is to the dreams one!!!!!!! But its a third of the price! Literally can’t decide! I have tonight then I’m going to order it tomorrow! You’ll see which I choose when the room is finished now 🙊🙊

Such a hard decision, I’m so bad at visualing rooms before they’re decorated! I’m trying to think about the wall paint & carpet I’ve ordered! Just can’t visualise it together 😫😫😫 I’d be the worst interior designer everrrrrrr! Hopefully it all pieces together! 

Also since Wednesday we’ve set a date for my baby shower!!!!! 1st October! Il be 35 weeks which means il be about to pop! But this is the normal time! As I’m due 6th November! I got some cute invites & found some matching advice cards which are mega cute!!!!!!! 

Also, how great is this top! Knocked up!!!! 

 Look at my lil bump! And my lil bear cuddled up to it!!! 
Can’t believeeeeeeeee I’m 6 months tomorrow! Official 24 weeks! It’s going soooo quick! 
Here’s bump this morning !! He actually has a sleep cycle! He wakes up at 9-10 every morning !!! 

Here’s a selfie from today 🙂 love this top from Miss Selfridge I got this week – £12 in the sale! So good and comfy! & It should last me for my holiday!  

  Maternity jeans are out ….. 
Lots of love 

Daisy Jane x

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