24 weeks bumpdate! 6 MONTHS! 

IM 6 MONTHS HOW SCARY IS THAT!!!!!!! So this week has been crazy… one minute baby bump is flat and people are shocked I’m even pregnant let alone 6 months pregnant then the next I look like I’m 18 months pregnant!!!!! So crazy! 

Here he is: 

So first things first…… you all need to stop reading and go follow my bumpboy on instagram! I just know I’m gonna be one of those mums who loves the baby spam! I love fashion so posting his outfits will be a fave of mine! And obviously not everyone wants to see constant baby posts! Therefore he now has his own page where people choose to see !!! Also it’s a back up page & he look back on in years to come! So follow follow follow! babieswhobrunch_ if you’re confused in the username … it’s a play on the words ‘ ladies who lunch’ because obvvvvs me and baby are gonna be out brunching in lots of nice places! He’ll have to get used to being out!! 

It’s going to be everything baby!!!! So if you’re enjoying my journey and want to keep up then everything will be on there! 

So in other news ….. I’ve chosen my bed!!!!!!!! Ordered! It is one that I didn’t even put in my blog post! Literally woke up, looked again, changed my mind and ordered something completely different!!!!! 

Also, his nursery has been painted literally today! So the carpet needs to be fitted then his nursery furniture is in boxes ready to be made!!!!! Ahhhhhh soooooo exciting!!!!! 

Amazing news! My bestie Emma is back from Australia, I haven’t seen her in a year! And she gets her first blog feature which she’s very excited about!!!!! She is coming along to his 4d scan which is in 3 weeks! Today I got out my home Doppler so we could hear his heartbeat and I found it straight away where he’s so big & he started going mad kicking loads so she got to see that!!!!! Also maternity jeans are a must now 😂

Ever since Beyoncé wore this top…. 

I’ve loved it and wanted it so much 😂😂 it FINALLY CAME BACK IN STOCK!!!!! So I snapped it up and it did not disappoint 😀😀😀 

Do I think I’m Beyonce?? Absolutely not. 

Do I want to be Beyonce?? Absolutely yes. 

I’m loving these preg t shirts 😅😅😅
Alsoooooo … here are some bits I bought for little one this week: 

The shorts and 2 t shirts were from Gap!!!! They were soooo cheap in the sale! Think the shorts ended up being about £2.50 and the tops £3 each!!  And then the sleep suits were from John Lewis! I needed some Newborn ones and the grey ones are 0-3! I think the packs were £15 each. 

Also – next sale!!!! I was buzzing as their sales are always so good! However I was sooooo disappointed!!!! These are the only bits I got … 

They’re both 3-6 months. I thought I would pick up loads but I don’t even really the clothes in there! I’m not gonna dress him in dinosaurs etc. However I’m fuming!!!!! My mum has bought him a batman sleep suit 🙄🙄 I knew they’d be a day where he will want to wear all his favourite characters and superheroes and throw tantrums about it but I thought I had a few years to adjust to this!!!!!!!! But nope she’s gone and put him in it before he even knows what he’s wearing where I can put him in what I want – with no tantrums!!!!! 

Here are some bump pics from this morning , I’m 24weeks & 2 days.  I feel huuuuge! 

So next week I had my 25 week GP appointment and because I’m a organised mama I booked my whooping cough jab for the same day!!!! And my midwife called me! Successfully rearranged my 28 week appointment for the week after I’m back from France 🙂 

REMEMBER! Instagram – babieswhobrunch_ 

Lots of love, 

Daisy Jane x

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