Choosing maternity jeans 

Well this is a post I thought I’d never write!!!!! I was adamant I did not want to make the transition.  When I first got pregnant, I was just buying bigger sizes. Pre pregnant I’m a size 10 in tops & bottom. So at around 12 weeks I bought size 12 high waisted jeans & then 15 weeks I was in size 15 high waisted jeans! 

These are my size 14 high waisted jeans at 21 weeks! 

And then…. at 22 weeks this happened… 

They were officially struggling!!! So I decided  it’s maternity jeans time! 

As a birthday present, my god mother bought me some maternity jeans with the note in my card ‘ I know you say you won’t but you will’ and she was right!!!!! Back on my birthday I was just 16 weeks and still loving life in normal jeans! 

She bought me size 12 new look under the bump jeans. 
I absolutely love the style!! I’ve had soooo many compliments on them! However, they are still a little too big around the crotch area and bump area! So they fall down quite a lot but I think I will definitely grow into them as bump grows! 

Sooooo i purchased 2 pairs! 

First pair are new look over the bump! 

They are the best things in the world!!!! They are sooooooo comfy! These are size 10 and I actually nabbed them for £12! Barrrrrrrrrrrgain! They are just the best fit ever! They didn’t fall down at all and were so comfy over bump! They are very similar style to my under the bump ones which I love!!!  I wore these all today at work and have no complaints! 

Then the second pair were boohoo… black over the bump ..

I went for size 12 and these were £25! They are really comfy, I haven’t actually worn them out though. However same problem as my other 12s, they are big around the crotch and I have a feeling they’re only bag more through out the day! However they fit soo nicely around bump and look really nice! So I’m undecided if I’m being completely honest! I may order the size 10 and see if they’re better around my legs and crotch! 

ALSO, I’m going to France in a few weeks so found these maternity over the bump shorts! From John Maman Bebe in the sale for £10! Soooo good and soooo comfy! Not the prettiest but they’ll do! 

What I’ve been wearing a lot are these jersey culottes from pretty little thing! They’re comfy and stretch with me so it’s good! 

Soooo overall! I recommend new look for sure!!!!! I’ve heard topshop ones are really nice but they’re around £40 and I just don’t want to spend that on jeans il wear for 3 more months! And topshop jeans never really fit me properly pre pregnancy so I can’t be bothered to chance it!!! But I 100% swear by new look maternity  jeans! The only downside is only some stores stock them, so I ordered mine online! However Westfield London have a good section in store! 

alsoooooo, my whooping cough injection & 25 week gp appointment is tomorrow 🙈🙈 scary stuff! Il be posting a bumpdate tomorrow! Lots of things to write about!!!!! Including a hospital scare & nursery updates! 

Lots of love, 

Daisy Jane x

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