25 Week Bumpdate!

This week has been good & bad all in one!!!!!

But I just want to start this post by saying something… When you decide to read my blog, you’re deciding to read all my views, taste & MY pregnancy journey. This isn’t how every pregnancy should be done, this is just how I’m doing mine. When i write I don’t like something or my tastes for something- thats simply my taste & my opinions etc.. Im not trying to offend anyone who makes different choices or have different tastes. Please bare this in mind when reading my blog. Ive never said anyones choices are the wrong choice, this is just how I’m doing my pregnancy and MY journey. So if you want to carry on reading my views, and my pregnancy then read on my hunny buns! But I would never want someone to feel bad by doing something different to me, or having different things for their baby etc and see my posts and feel like they need to buy something or do something!!!!! People are interested in my journey so I’m just sharing that.  and do your pregnancy your OWN WAY!!!! Its your baby and your journey!

Woo now thats off my chest! SOOOOOOOOOOO I’m 25 weeks!

Yes 25 weeks DONE, 15 weeks to go! How mental is that!!!!!!! its going soo quick!

So heres my bump date, Im 25 weeks & 3 days –

This week he has literally been kicking like crazy!! he has developed a sleep cycle – he wakes me up at 7am & then at 10am… then about 1pm & then he goes crazy at 9pm – 10pm!!!! His kicks have got much bigger and higher now! First of all it was just a very slight  stomach jolt, now its full on kicks! My stomach moves & you can see the area where he’s kicking! However I had a scare……

All of Monday I just didn’t feel anything which just isn’t like him at all. Even at 10pm when i was laid on the sofa which is his most kick time – nothing. I started to get really worried but i decided to go to sleep, then he just didn’t wake me up at 7am. This was enough for me, I called 111 who referred me to the Day assessment unit at royal berks in the delivery suite. I went along & the nurse tested for his heartbeat! IT WAS THERE!! I was so happy. Also we could hear movement in the doppler!! He moved from one side of my stomach to the other! Then let out a massive kick to let us know he’s okay!!!!! He’s such a naughty baby!! Hiding from his mama & making me sick with worry!!!!!! But all was well! Also the nurse measured bump and said it was measuring good! Then after that he was kicking like crazy back to normal!!  It was very scary, even my mum said she thought he was distressed and id be giving birth that day!!!!!! As he’d have to come out! Im so so so thankful that wasn’t the case. He needs to stay cooking for another 15 weeks!!

This week I had my 25 week GP appointment, Im also organised mama and booked my whooping cough jabs for the same time!!!! Im not going to lie.. The jab was painful!!!! Im writing this with one arm as it hurts so much…. HAHAHAH Not really. It was really painful but only for 5 seconds now my arm just feels numb. So, next was my GP appointment. I haven’t actually seen him for along time. Back last year when I went through a trauma, I was in  the darkest time of  my life. He said when i walked in ” how amazing, last time i saw you, you were a state now youre beaming and have this blessing” Which was so nice! its so important having the same GP who knows you. Anyway, So he did all the usual checks – urine, blood pressure, all normal! I told him about this really bad pain I’m having at the top of my rib cage and the top of my back, it is agony! He has referred me to physio and promised it will be sorted so thats good! We also heard babies heartbeat and its very strong! Also he measured bump/baby and he measured exactly on 25cm which was bang on perfect he said! My perfect baby boy ❤ The GP said he was very happy with that and how the pregnancy is going.  I also got my MATB1 form which i have to give to  my employer so I can leave! Which means i have to decide a definite date! Which is only  under 2 months away! Cant believe how quick it is going! .. Also I’m having a bit of a mare – I have to book bloods to be taken at 27 weeks for my 28 week midwife appointment but the doctors only had appointments for when Im in france!!!!! Grrrrrrrr.. going to have to go Royal berks! So annoying!

So thats all my health & baby updates!

Last Sunday,  my mother & me decided to go to Windsor for the day. People who shop a lot need to mix it up bit! the same place gets boring – Reading or Westfield is just same old now! It was a really nice day! I wrote about them in my last post but I got these maternity shorts from Jojo Maman Bebe. I also bought baby a little sweatshirt from Joules which is so cute! … Also fits in with his navy and white theme & stripe theme LOL.


Also this week, I got him this cute romper from my fave french company! La Redoute. Its for next Summer so is age 6m!!!

img_1684Also, this week Ive bought a Perfect prep machine which ive heard amazing things about, Im just waiting for that to arrive!  Ahhhh how cute is this Christmas outfit!!!!!!!!! His first christmas i can’t wait!!!! Its crazy that ill actually have a 7 week old baby this christmas and in this outfit!!! Ive actually been ordering soo so much this week…. None of it has arrived yet so that will all be in next weeks blog!

And the nursery!!!!!! Well still painted…… bed is ordered & the carpet is being fitted NEXT WEEK!!!!! Then the furniture can be made and his clothes will finally have a wardrobe!!!!  Soo excited! I have his 27 week 4d scan on 7th august and I’m honestly counting down the days! I can’t wait to see his face!!!!! Then I go to France 8th august. Ive been told to make sure i know where all the near by hospitals are ! Just incase! Imagine if he was born in France… He would be a french citizen! LOL Lil french child.

This is his heart beat on a home doppler i have ❤ ..

OMG… Theres something i need to discuss. BABY BRAIN!!!!!!! Its got me so bad! its doing my headin! I went to the gym on Sunday morning, Forgot my gym pin AGAIN!!!! Couldn’t even remember my details for the computer thing to retrieve my pin. So a personal trainer came & saved me and let me in. However he said he was teaching a class so he couldn’t let me out for an HOUR. an HOURRRRRR!!!!!!!! I actually had to workout for an hour!!!! My workout was a massive struggle I won’t lie. I got out of breath so easily and I’m sooo weak! i just kept thinking of bed ❤ But it felt good to be in there!!!! & Then the other day I was getting into a elevator & some guys asked what level I’m on. I literally had to say ” omg i dont even know” I guessed 3…. I was on 4. And then I forgot my pin to pay for the parking!!!!!! 2 wrong tries so i had to call mummy & she didn’t even know my new pin!!! Bloody nightmare! luckily i had got the combination of the numbers right the 3rd time!!!!

Im trying to think what else I’ve been up to… I went to brunch with one of my best friends Lauren. We’ve been friends for years so it was amazing to see her. She came to my gender reveal.. she surprised me! We are so similar and she is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She is so genuine! Also that reminds me Soooo today is the 27th… Which means my birthday was exactly 2 months ago which means my gender reveal was 2months ago!!!!!! How quick has that gone!!!!

So this weekend plans….. Sunday Im at marvellous festival, Which is my uncles and he absolutely smashed it every year and i always have such an amazing time so I’m really looking forward to that!!!!

However Sunday morning….. Im going to buy a new pram…… A bugaboo!!!!!! YESSSS Im extra AF and having 2 prams. Before everyone judges…. Its actually for my mum. Its just going to be so  much agg chucking his Silvercross about. Id rather keep the silver cross in my car. And she have her own one thats kept in her car for when she takes him out etc!!!! Or if we go on a day out and she drives! I don’t wanna be lugging about the pram all the time!!!! transferring it to cars etc. Alsoooooo, the push chair bit of the bugaboo is really good and small – it also has a sunshade hood. So il be taking that one on holiday with me when he’s here!!!!! Theres no way the airport people will be chucking my beautiful silver cross around!!!! lets face it – I’m extra and over the top. Obviously I need 2 prams LOL.  Can people please not message me telling me I’m ridiculous HAHA, Like i said, its my journey and pregnancy and the way I’m doing things!!!! But people do not need 2 prams,so if you’re reading this please do not panic that you need 2 LOL.

And Baby is loving Lana del rey!!!!!! I was listening to her new album which is AMAZINGGGG by the way. In my feelings is on repeat. And baby started kicking loads!

I’m just about to head to Sonning to the Coppa club with my dad and the dogs for some lunch and this blogpost has got very very long!!!! Lots to write about!!!!! Il leave it there now! Now to go eat lots and lots and drink lots and lots … of water!

Sooo I was just going to post this when i got home but I couldn’t not share what just happened!!!!! Bear was on my dads lap and had the roof down! Which he absolutely loves doing, he loves looking out! We were driving along about 40MPH, then BEAR JUMPS!!! He full on JUMPS FROM THE MOVING VEHICLE. Jumped into the next lane! LUCKILY no cars were the other side & the cars behind us reacted quickly and braked when we did! My dad jumped out and grabbed a shaken up little bear!! He is very very lucky.. He has a few grazes but he’s ok!!!! We then went to Coppa and had  a lovely lunch!!!! So all is well! But how mental is my dog!!!!! Such a nightmare.. I just dont understand the logic!!! Why did he jump?! Where was he trying to get to?! Does he hate us that much?!?!?! Safe to say on the way back he was not interested in looking out the window!!!!!!! And yes i purposely  chose a dress where you could see my injection wound!! Completely Milking it!!

Safe to say he learnt his lesson ….. back facing the window on the way home …

Lots of Love,

Daisy Jane x


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