26 Week bumpdate!!

26 Weeks!!!!!!

14 to go! How scary is that!!!

This week has been amazingggggg, his movement have got so much bigger!!!! Normally they’re kicks but now form where he’s getting so big – I can fully see him wriggling around changing position! I got out the bath and my stomach was so lopsided so I laid down & he was there getting comfy! I could practically see him!!!!!! Most Amazing feeling.. EVERRR!!!!!! Soon he’ll be getting so cramped in there and won’t be able to move around so much and flip round- so it’ll just be elbows and legs. Im going to miss the movement feeling – where it feels like where youre in a car and go over a bridge!! That wooooo feeling in your stomach!

So here is my bump this week……

So I’ve officially handed in my notice of leave & my MATB1 form to work!!!! Which basically means when you get to 25 weeks you have an appointment with your GP and get given your MATB1. A MATB1 is what you hand into your work which is from the doctor to basically confirm that you do infact and  a bun in the oven and the due date etc. So then work send it off to payroll & they sort your maternity pay!!! Also I had to give dates of when I want to leave! Which makes it all SOOO real! So basically Ive decided my last official day of work is September 23rd. Well Basically, My maternity leave starts 5th October. But because I have 2 weeks of holiday which Im going to take before my maternity it works out  my holiday starts 25th September for 2 weeks & then maternity leave starts 5th october.HOWEVER, After confirming my dates etc.. I then remembered I needed the 23rd & 24th off LOL. Whoops. So They’ve been given to me as day offs. SOOO last work day Friday 22nd September!!! Then I go to Manchester the day after!!!! On the 23rd Saturday – I have the Baby & Toddler show in Manchester and then the Sunday I have BLOGON, which is basically an event for bloggers to meet each other & meet brands etc. Its the Christmas one! I forgot to sign up & then it was too late so i was on the waiting list but after a day they took me off & i got a place!!! Im veryyyyy excited! I like manceshter too, so it will be a good weekend!!!! And then the following weekend is my baby shower on 1st October! Im SOOOO glad I’m on maternity leave for it! I would be far too stressed, so i have that week to chill and prepare!!!! ANYWAY, So basically I dont have long left at work at all! I finish work on Saturday – I have 2 week holiday .. I Go away on the tuesday and dont go back until August 21st. I then have 2 weeks back at work then I have another holiday 5th September – 11th! Then i go back for a week and half and finish on the 22nd September!!!! Sooo exciting!!!! When i leave for my holiday il be 34 weeks & then my maternity leave will start at 36 weeks!! Gives me lots of time to prepare for little one!

So this week my Morning sickness has made a return!!!! At 26 weeks & 1 day. I have a sore throat and cold however i went off to work. When i got to work i had that usual first trimester feeling. Knowing I had to be sick so i had to go and do it. I then feel sick for a few hours up until 12pm where i eat lunch and feel better!!! It was exactly like first trimester. I really struggled at work, not my most productive day!!!! But i stayed and got on with it!!! I still feel really ill and sound all  husky! I just hope thats it with the morning sickness. I read online that it does make another appearance 3rd trimester so I guess Its here to stay 😦

Okkk, so sunday!!!! I bought the bugaboo!! So its the cam3. So basically, its for my mum when she has little one. Also it has really big wheels and can go on any terrain! Which will be perfect when we walk around the lakes. Also its to take abroad. Airport people will NOT be chucking my beautiful silvercross about!!!!!!! And the wheels go on sand really well which is good! So its the carrycot, push chair, hood & a sun shade hood. The sunshade hood is really good for being abroad. Its just perfect really. So mum is happy she has her own pram! She can just keep in her car. Less hassle!!!!!!!

Also….. THE SILVERCROSS IS ALL PAID OFF!!!! Thanks dadddd!!!! We didn’t read in the Baby birds small print that in the payment plan – they dont dispatch the pram until the whole amount is paid. So he just decided to pay £850 so it can be dispatched which takes 6 weeks! We already paid the £100 deposit. So 6 weeks and my beautiful brown pram will be here!!! So thats the carrycot, push chair & car seat. I also need to order the Simplifix carseat base for my car. It basically is a tray that clicks into the seat, then the car seat clicks in on top! Its soooooo easy! Much easier than fiddling around with a seatbelt.

Also on Sunday we went to Marvellous Festival for a few hours! Which i love!!!!! I go every year and its amazing to think that next year the little baby will be coming too! …. In his bugaboo!!!!!!! Perfect for that terrain!

So Moving onto the nursery update……




IGNORE THE SOFA! That’s absolutely not staying! That was just in there from before. Ok so walls painted, carpet down….. Now just need to make his furniture! That will have to wait until I get back from France though. I also after dithering some more… ordered my bed. Its official and its arriving Tuesday! When I’m in France, whoops. It’ll have to sit next to the furniture waiting to be made!!!!!ANDDD I need to order a mirror that will cover that wall!!! Awwwww imagine mine and bubs selfies! I love the carpet colour, its like a grey brown!

Here are some bits ive been buying this week……

Well this is one is from Nanny carberry!!!! I HATE it. But she thinks its cute and its a sunsuit for summertime!!!! he is not wearing this around me!!!! So she took to Facebook for some support..

How cuuuuuute!!! I literally bought dummies with his name on!! Cutest thing ive ever seen!!! And I can’t wait to see him in them! I also bought a little case for them. & YES his name begins with N!!!!!
 Im Obsessedddd with this little outfittttttttt!! One of my faves so far!!!! He will not be wearing trainers he will be wearing shoes like this! However I bought size 1 as I’m absolutely not going to put him in shoes when he’s a tiny bubba. He is being comfy at all times!!! This outfit is from Jojo and jakeys. Its a traditional clothing website. All this outfit needs are some white socks and he’s set to go!!!



So ive heard everyone ranting about the Perfect prep machine. I bought the Tommie Tippie set – it was about £70 and has a steriliser, bottles and basically everything. However apparently when you have a screaming baby at 3am, you want a bottle made ASAP. and thats what the perfect prep does. It gets the bottle to the perfect temperate in under 2 minutes, instead of waiting for it to cool down etc. I was going to buy it for £125 but decided to wait and I’m glad i did!! I managed to nab it from mother care for £60!!!!


MORE HATS!!!!!!! Haha we are going to be sooooo cute matching in Winter. Im such a bobble hat kinda gal so i can’t wait for us to match LOL.

As you all know. Baby Brain has hit me HARDDDD!! So ive come up with a solution!!!!! A diary!!!! Actually weird story… i bought this diary about 6 weeks ago. I got it out today & IT STARTS FROM THIS WEEK! how ccccccrazy is that! Its just fate, its meant to be. Anyway, its helped me loads. I write down all my dates, times I’m working. Also what i need to do that day!!!! I Also write on this little whiteboard on my fridge vital bits of information!!! I definitely recommend!

Ok So….. Stretch Marks have officially arrived!!!!!!! So this is a part of pregnancy not so glamorous. I first noticed them this week. I absolutely knew id get them on my boobs as I was a tiny B cup and ive gone to D/DD cup. So its only natural that my skin is going to stretch and with that the marks. However they’re very faint and kind of blue ?! Hard to see in pics but they’re there!Also noticed them on my inner thigh on one side?! Im just going to bio oil them! They don’t actually bother me too much. Im creating a human being, I’m going to have some battle scars. and Obviously my son is worth a few little marks.

I have had to delay my maternity photoshoot 😦 Im just not big or round enough unfortunately. However Ive spoken to the photographer and we haven’t set a date. We are going to wait a few weeks to see how bump has developed! I think it will be around 32 weeks. I also have booked his newborn photoshoot! I found a photographer and it will be perfect!!!!!!!

OOKKKK huns, So Im on holllllllliday from Tuesday. However I’m 27 weeks on Monday. So on Monday i have to go get bloods taken at hospital & I HAVE MY 27 WEEK 4D SCAN IM SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! So i may, do an early blog post next week. A 27 week one – And it will be about my scan and bloods and my holiday prep!!!!!! Im STRUGGLING to fit into bikinis!!!!! My expanding waistline is a nightmare. Im trying to find bikinis that tie up.  However there will be a delay in my 28 week one! 😦 Il be away! Il be entering third trimester whilst sunning on the beach! But il be doing a few blog posts when I’m back! a 28 week bump date AND a holiday post!!!! And what its like being away whilst mega pregnant !!! The good and bad etc!!! and how much i sweat….


This post was delayed, as i was a little preoccupied last night. But here it is!

One last thing! My lil bubba goes CRAZZY when I’m in the bath! And when I got out my stomach was all lopsided and he fully was having a wriggle !! img_3205

Here are some pics of me & bump this week ..



img_3160img_3142img_3135img_3121img_2782img_2781Lots of love,

Daisy jane x

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