Entering the third trimester! 27 weeks! 

Soooooooo… I’m officially in the third & final trimester!!!!! I’ve made it! We are here all healthy! What a blessing! So I don’t actually have a bump picture for this week as I only took one a few days ago for my 26 week one!!!! I may take one tomorrow morning before I go away and upload on here though! So this is an early blog post as I’m out the country from tomorrow! So I just want to talk about this week and today’s activities!!!!! 

So Saturday was my last day at work before my holiday, and this holiday is soooo needed! Sunday I went to reading to get some last minute bits!!!! I was trying on some bits & I just wanted to feel glam again so tried on some tight bits! Look how cute bump looks!! 

So I’ve been struggling with bikinis as they’re not fitting around my ever expanding waist! So I’ve been on the hunt for ones that tie! I found this one in Debenhams and yellow is soooooo not my colour but I thought this would be cute with a tan! 

This bag was £8 from miss selfridge and is my holiday bag! I just refuse to take my mulberrys or Valentino … it is just asking to be ruined by sand! This one is cheap cheerful and small! And can easily be thrown if it gets ruined! 

This is such a cute dress from maternity section in Debenhams! It was like £10 in the sale too! Going to pair it with some white sandals & some rayban aviators! 

Ok so everyone knows I’m loving primark for maternity stuff – I’m not spending loads on massive sizes and maternity stuff as I’m only pregnant for 3 more months and determined to shift the weight asap! So these sandals are actually amazing aren’t they! And primark!!!!!!!! Couldn’t believe it!! 

& obviously couldn’t go shopping without treating my little cub!!!!! I also decided to buy him a build a bear as his first teddy bear and a little message from his mummy!!! 

Alsoooo, ordered some last min bits from misguided on next day delivery which arrived today!  These bikinis are so cute and they’re tie up!!!! They were £12 each and then nabbed these dresses too! So easy to chuck on for heading to the beach or even for the evening! 

Soooo before I talk about today I want to address something! 

Pregnancy is not glamorous. I want to be SOO honest in my blog and not sugarcoat anything. I just want to be open about every single issue regarding pregnancy and I will absolutely not pretend my pregnancy is dreamy when it is not. I want to talk about all highs and lows and every symptom I’m going through, to give a truthful account of pregnancy. If you don’t want to read about it then nows your opportunity to click off! I’m a really open person so I’m not going to shy around this topic. But I want to talk about …. PILES! One of the most common pregnancy symptoms!!!!! I actually clicked on all my apps today and they ALL wrote about it. So very common! And I GOT ONE! So first of all I just thought my asshole had teared! I was literally in so much pain I could hardly sit! I got out the bath and my vagina was swollen! So then the swelling went down and I felt something in the shower! I had a little look and there it was 😩😭 a haemmeroid on my ass! And I also made my mum look 😂 It honestly makes you feel disgusting and gross but after talking to a pregnant pal , she literally had them too! I felt so much better and I did some research and honestly almost every pregnant person gets them in pregnancy or after birth! And they go after pregnancy! I’m actually very lucky as mine went after a few days! But many people have them the whole way through pregnancy! But women should not feel bad about it at all or embarrassed to talk about it! It’s sooooo normal! But yes haemmeroid chat is over! And that is a low of pregnancy! I just felt like I should be completely honest about everything I’m going through! 

Anyway moving on! So today I had to go to get bloods taken! I also spoke to them about my haemmeroid and they recommend cream! Which I didn’t even need as it’s gone! So I got bloods taken for my 28 week midwife appointment! Then me and the mother got a disgusting big fry up and it was AMAZING!!! Just what I was craving! Mmmmm hash browns! Then we came home & waited for my beautiful pram to arrive!!!! Also these maternity jeans from boohoo are SOOOO comfy I recommend! 


Isn’t is beautiful 😍I’m soooo obsessed! And yes we couldn’t figure out how to unfold it! Deffo had to YouTube video it! But we got there! And it’s made and it’s beautiful and I’m buzzing! The car seat hasn’t arrived yet but it should soon! Also my bed arrives this week then when I get back il be making all the furniture! Sooooooo excited!! 

Ok …… today was the day I’ve been waiting for WEEKS!!!!!!! His 27 week 4D scan.  And omg. I’m fully in love , head over heels. I went to window to the womb again and got the 4D package which meant I got all the images & movie , printed pictures and 2 key rings! 

Just look at him! He’s soooo beautiful and perfect!!!!! (A video is on my instagram) he was a stubborn lil baby again! He was covering his face so we all had to encourage him and talk to him to move! When he heard my voice he smiled ❤ also he had a few little yawns which were caught on video!  This is a picture mid yawn!!!!! He looks so excited for us to see him!!!!! It was honestly the most amazing experience and day! Perfect way to enter third trimester! And it’s so crazy to think the next time I will see his face will be when he is in my arms!!!!!! ❤ so soon! I can’t wait to meet him now! 

So my 28 week bumpdate will be delayed but il be uploading some extra posts about my holiday etc! 

Me and my silvercross! I just need a baby to fill it now! But keep cooking lil one! And I’ll see you soon ❤ look at his little smile!!! 

Hope everyone has a lovely week!!!! Il be sunning it up in France! Last holiday without bub! 
Lots of love , 

Daisy Jane x

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