Being on holiday in the third trimester 

Ohhhhh how I’ve missed blogging!!! So I’ve decided to write this on phone! So it may not be my best one ever! I’m currently writing this sat by the pool! Only 2 days left 😦  I’ve actually just seen a baby by the pool in a little bouncer and it makes me think about next summer and how my little one will be about 7 months!!!! So crazy! Can’t wait for his first holiday! I’m going to start his swimming lessons when he’s around 3 months – I’m going to the same company and pool that do my pregnancy aqua yoga! 

But anyway! 

Soooo my Babymoon with my ex didn’t happen … So me & my dad decided to come away.  We were originally planning on going to the South of France however the temperature down south is so hot. Last year when we went, it was about 30 degrees and was lovely however I just couldn’t face that pregnant. When we had a heatwave in England, I really struggled. I lost all my energy and strength and I just had to lay down all the time and rest! So we had a change of plan and went to the west coast. We headed for La Rochelle but came across a lovely island!!! It’s called île de ré and it is honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. As soon as you cross the beach- you enter vacation vile! I’m talking white pavements , white houses with flowers – a very Mykonos feel to it! Absolutely everyone cycles around as well! You honestly cross that bridge from the city La Rochelle and you’re on holiday! We’ve stayed near La Flotte which is a marina and it’s beautiful. There’s lots of restaurants around the marina & then also a beach. & then on Sunday night there was opera on in the evening & then fireworks. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this place! I’m 10000% coming back next year. The thing with this destination is that it isn’t too hot either. It’s around 23-24-25 and the other day it was 27 which was a struggle for me. But other than that day it has been perfect temperature. I honestly recommend if you’re going away pregnant then don’t go somewhere scorching – it will be a nightmare and you won’t enjoy it!!!! They say pregnant women should stay in the shade anyway! Also they say how quick pregnant women tan! And they’re 100%.. correct! I tan easily anyway but this holiday I had tan lines after a few hours sat in a beach bar!  So make sure you take factor 30- I’ve been applying so much! I normally just wear a factor 10 oil but I’ve been much more careful this time. The other morning it was a little cloudy so we went and explored La flotte and got lost in the houses but it was just so beautiful! My dad has been talking about how he’d love to have a house here – checking out the estate agents windows! 


Actually! We also stopped off at Mont Saint Michel on the way! It is an Abbey that is situated in the sea previously home to monks! It was sooo nice and I love exploring things like that! We looked up the history whilst sat in the Abbey!  We went quite early and managed to get in no queues. Also on the bus to the abbey , the French are soooo polite when it comes to giving up seats for pregnant women! A few jumped up for me! However when we were on our way back it was HEAVING to get on the buses etc and also started raining. We timed it perfectly! 


  1. It’s just been so nice having time off work & relaxing. At the beginning there was some family drama and I was worried it would effect the whole holiday but it’s been resolved so I’ve been able to relax! Also my hormones have been a little wild! And then the suns knocked me out! Honestly can’t recommend enough – listening to your body. I knew I was starting to get faint so I went ate something – had a full fat coke & laid down then came back into the shade and it did me the world of good! I love my home and I do miss my fur babies though! My mum keeps messaging me about them! Apparently bear won’t leave her alone and misses me loads. He is so used to cuddling up with me all evening with a blanket! Also my mum has been texting me saying she misses my bump! 

Sooooo.. I went on the back of my dads motorbike! I was so so so hesitant but it was just literally down a straight 5 minute road to La flotte. It was necessary because it was a 35 minute walk each way which I would struggle with pregnant and in the heat! My dad was extra careful so it was ok! I was so worried the whole time though! 

ALSO! My mums missed me so much she’s even been making bumpboys furniture! It all started with his crib …. and then the cot and then suddenly his wardrobe and changing table is made too! Which my brothers girlfriend helped her with! She has also moved my sofa and chair in there too!!!!! Literally one less thing to stress about when I get home! It just needs re arranging when I get back! The feng shui is all wrong! I will talk more about that and nursery updates in my 28 week update! But here’s a few sneak peak pics …..   

Also bump has loved the beach and been wriggling around! 

Turns out I got pretty brown for sitting in the shade most the time! 

Lots of love, 

Daisy Jane x 

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