28 week Bumpdate!

28 weeks!!!!! How QUICK has this gone!!!!! I say this every week but oh my god!!! He’s here in less than 3 months! In the final trimester!!!!! Im so ready for this next step of pregnancy – so excited to go to antenatal classes and learn how i can be the best mummy to my little one.

I literally got back from France this morning so excuse the patchy tan!!!! It will even out but the sun was shining so much yesterday!!

Heres my bump date….


And I honestly feel like ive doubled in size since ive been away. I have a proper bump now and its rock solid!!!!! This week away I have REALLY bonded with my baby. I’ve been talking to him and been rubbing  my belly and he’s been responding! He’s been trying to touch me back! They say the baby can tell when its their mother rubbing the  belly etc!!! Im going to try not to repeat myself too much in my blog as i posted about my holiday in my last post!  But I’ve had such an amazing time away! it was just what I needed! The last time I was posted was bang on 27 weeks last monday & now I’m currently 28weeks 3 days! That whole time ive been away!

I got home to an almost complete nursery! it honestly looks amazing!!!!!!!! I love it so much. I posted on my snap and insta story all about the nursery & about things ive bought so far. I think I’m going to save the story then put it on youtube and post it. Also I’ve decided I’m going to VLOG!!!!! Sooooo many people have messaged me telling me i should and ive finally given in!!! Im going to start in the next week! So this post on my snap was just a little warm up and to get used to talking on camera! However I’m also gonna post what i filmed because I don’t want to just repeat everything again for the VLOG. The VLOG will be when the nursery is completely finished though! The furniture all needs re arranging as it was just made then placed anymore so I need to think about where i want everything! Then all i need is my bed to arrive & made, order the huge mirror & then get some curtains!!!!! His cot mobile and one of his rocker chair things have been ordered too so I’m just waiting for them!!!  I still have some bits to get but the majoirty is done which is the most amazing feeling ever!!! I need to start researching cot bed mattresses! normal cot mattresses are 60 x 120 but because his turns into a bed for when he’s a toddler its 70 x 140! I really  don’t mind spending a lot on it as quality matters in terms of this. He needs a comfortable bed and the support. So if anyone can recommend I’m all ears!!!!!

This week my heartburn has been TERRIBLE!!! I honestly get into bed and its severe agony. Honestly one of the worst pains, I’m always close to tears! ive read about it and its very common in third trimester and is the acid coming back up! So i’ve rearranged my sleeping and propping myself up a bit more so I hope this works! Today I’m just so groggy, I think its because i didn’t drink enough yesterday when i was travelling back. My head is killing & I just feel sick.  Also ive realised whats been making me sick – ORANGE JUICE!!!! Everytime I drink it,i almost puke now!!!! So Strange!

Another thing I’ve wanted to talk about is placenta!!!!!!!!!!!! So I’m 100% sure I will be digesting my placenta in some way. I haven’t decided how.  Its such a controversial subject as most people i talk to about it find it repulsive! But it’s sooooo good for you! Ive been reading all the health benefits and how it gives you all the nutrients you need! Im thinking about literally cooking it or putting it in a smoothie but I’m not sure if i could actually go through with it that way!!!! So I think getting it made into placenta pills is a better option!!!

Since the placenta is full of vital vitamins, hormones, minerals and nutrients, it makes sense to think that these same baby-builders would provide benefits once back in mom’s system. And the science seems to agree, at least when it comes to some things. Advocates of placentophagy say the mix of chemicals found in the placenta can provide some powerful benefits:

  • Oxytocin: a powerful hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It may help to decrease pain and it’s often called the “cuddle hormone.”
  • Cortisone: may help to reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Iron: may help to combat anemia.
  • Prostaglandin: may help to return uterus back to its original size.
  • Prolactin: may increase milk supply and maternal instinct.
  • Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone: may help to regulate hormonal imbalances, mood and insomnia after pregnancy.

If you’d like to read more than: http://www.thealternativedaily.com/health-benefits-of-eating-placenta/

Anyway enough about placenta but staying on the health subject! I NEEED to get back into the gym. It honestly makes me feel so much better & is definitely psychological as well. Ive noticed my bum is just so flat now and it took me so long to build a booty! I’m praying muscle memory will take place after i start training 5x a week again! I’ve also noticed cellulite all over my legs & bum! Which any girl would hate. I know it probably will go when he’s here and I’m back training and toning my legs again but I feel like I want to try and help it now. Im going to join a gym closer to me & start going 2x a week.  Id quite like a personal trainer who specialises in pregnancy, so again, if anyone knows anyone then let me know!

I came home to this outfit! isn’t it the cutest! its from Mayoral. I absolutely love that brand. Its sooo soft too!


I’ve also rearranged my pregnancy shoot for the 3rd September which isn’t that far away! Im soon excited! I just need to find a make up artist and buy some new lingerie. I wonder what size i am now !!!!!

 I feel like i haven’t had much to say as ive been away and did a holiday post!!! I think I’m going to do another post on Sunday or Monday about my weekend and what ive been up to since being back! Im back to work Tuesday for 2 weeks & then have another week off and then week and half work then maternity leave!!!!!

Also if you haven’t already then follow my babies instagram – where I post more baby stuff and will eventually post him! @babieswhobrunch_

Lots of love,

Daisy jane x


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