Top 5 tips for the Second Trimester! 

After entering the final trimester last week, and leaving the second, here are my top 5 tips!

1. HOLIDAY!!!!!!! Can’t stress how important it will be to take one final holiday without bubba! Take this time to relax and soak up the sun! Also a babymoon is the perfect time to connect with your partner before little bundle of joy is here! Holidays after the baby is born will be completely different so it’s important to take this time for yourself! Even if it’s a weekend away in Cornwall or a little city getaway! I think it’s psychologically healthy and the second trimester is the best time to do this ! They say these few months are the best. You get your energy back (and libido), you’re not too big and uncomfortable, morning sickness is gone and you have the pregnancy glow! I really enjoyed my second trimester! However I would recommend not going anywhere too hot, I stuck to Île de ré in France which is the west coast and it was the perfect temperature at 24-25 degrees.

2. Comfort! Now is the time to purchase the pregnancy pillow! It’s so important to sleep on your side from the beginning of the second trimester and this pillow enables you to do that! I can’t lie,  I’m a back Sleeper and now I go to sleep on my side but I keep waking up on my back and in completely agony where my ribcage is so sore. It’s all about getting yourself used to it and the pregnancy pillow makes it hard to get into your back as you’re wrapped around it! However, if you don’t want to purchase one then you can achieve this by a row of pillows to wrap around!!! Also stretch marks galore begin in this time so if it’s something you’re worried about then start bio oiling and I’ve also been using the Cocoa butter massage lotion the one which is specifically for stretch marks.  I can’t recommend enough if you haven’t already then exercise! I was a massive gym goer but I’ve struggled with that. So instead, I walk my dogs a few times a week. Walking and seimming is the perfect exercise in pregnancy and is good for you! I also started pregnancy aqua yoga and I love it! It helps my back and muscles as the water enables you to fully stretch and soothes the muscles! It is also really good to be able to meet other mums to be and it always ended in mum chats!!! One week a girl fully educated me about car seats! I’ve also started going swimming once a week too – nothing too drastic – a few lanes & then back stretches in the water. I really wants to start pregnancy  yoga  but I couldn’t find a class near me that fitted in with my schedule!!

3. Get yourself organised. Being Organised is so key this trimester!!!! If i wasn’t as organised as i was then i would have had severe anxiety from stress!!! And its the perfect time as your in the middle of your pregnancy so have lots of time left being baby is here! I would recommend getting ontop of appointments. Not going to lie – midwifes in my area aren’t the best. They’re impossible to get hold off and they forgot to tell me alot of things- one of them being my medical exemption card! Also i know people who knew nothing about whooping cough injections! So look at the back of your maternity notes and theres a table of all the appointments you need. And it is down to you to organise them. You can’t rely on the midwife to remind you and do it all for you. Im actually going to go into more detail on this at the bottom of this blog as its so important but i can feel myself drifting so if you’re interested then scroll there! Also nows the time to start thinking and organising maternity leave!!!!! By 25th week you need to inform your employer when youre leaving – dates and when youre coming back etc. Sometimes it comes down to seeing how you go as my job is physically demanding i knew by week 25 that i wouldn’t make it to week 38 in work. So thats why Ive chosen to leave at 34 weeks – officially at 36 weeks (I’m taking 2 weeks holiday beforehand) But its important to think about it as you’ll need to book in the holiday etc. Alsoooo, I realised i hadn’t take any holiday at all this year! So i’ve had to squeeze it in before i leave! So id recommend taking the odd week now!  Another thing to get organised about is little things – Ive booked my maternity shoot & newborn photoshoot. Its important to book early for newborn as the photographer will usually give you two dates – one a few days after due date and then one 2 weeks later incase little one is late!!!!

4.  PREPARATION!!!! This is SOOO important. You honestly don’t realise how much you need to get and it isn’t cheap!!!!! Therefore from the first trimester i had already started to buy bits. I honestly recommend spreading it over the months. Buying 1 or 2 big things a month. EG one month I bought his furniture then the next I bought his feeding stuff – sterilier, perfect prep machine etc. It feels like most things are £100! So this month, I’m buying his rocker chair which is £115, his car seat simplex tray which is £150. Spreading it over the months means you won’t be left in the 8th month with £3000 worth of stuff to buy! Also what you can do with furniture and pram etc is do a payment plan. With his furniture I bought it form and its amazing. I have 9 months interest free to pay it. So i paid over half but now I pay £50 a month and its so easy to do, you just sign into your very account and pay however much you want. Also his pram, my dad bought so it was on a payment plan but then we realised they dont dispatch until the whole amount is paid for which is annoying! dispatched straight away! So he actually ended up paying the full amount so the pram could arrive.  Another thing i can’t recommend enough is keeping an eye on things!!!!! Things ALWAYS go in offer. Eg nappies etc, wait for supermarket events e.g. baby and toddler event which is at the moment in Tesco. Also  the perfect prep machine is £125 – I saw it on offer on mother care for £60 so I nabbed it! Its gone back up to full price but no doubt it’ll go down again in a few weeks!!! Also, i saw his simplifx car seat tray reduced from £150 to £99. I was in France though and was planning to get it when i got back but It had gone back up to £150! So I’m just going to wait! it will definitely go into offer in the next 3 months and it isn’t urgent so I’m just going to keep an eye on it!!!!! Need to be savy when it comes to baby stuff!!!! Even now, ive bought the majority of stuff but theres always a few more bits. Eg i need to get a cot mattress and a cot bumper etc. So spreading it out over the months is definitely best! I felt so much better after the nursery was decorated and the pram and furniture was here!!! & if you buy things as you go along – it builds up nicely!!! I went and looked at all his stuff and i actually have so much already! You dont want to be panicking and rushing around trying to get stuff in the final trimester! You’ll want to relax!!!!

5.  Be selfish.  Honestly, now is the time to do fun actives and fun days out!!!! Obviously I absolutely can’t wait for my baby to be here, but that means putting someone before yourself 24/7. So now is the last bit of time you have to be selfish!!!! Doing spontaneous things. Do things that you won the able to do in a few months. Go on lots of date nights!!!!!! Also, spend time buying maternity clothes. Theres nothing worse than feeling bad about your body. And in Pregnancy, there are body changes – ones that are hard to adjust to and accept. So its so important to feel your best! I found it so so hard getting bigger. The feeling of none of my clothes fitting. It was worse when youre only just starting to show because youre at that in-between stage when it isn’t a proper bump and you just look chubby. When you have a proper bump in later second trimester then its easier as you realise things aren’t fitting because you have a baby bump! At first, i found it so hard buying bigger sizes but now I really don’t care – I know its temporary and I know its because I’m growing a blessing inside me! But spend time on yourself – buy yourself that makeup you always wanted or get the hair extensions! Spend it on yourself because soon that money will be going on your little one!!!! Also now is the time to see friends as much as you can. Having a baby will take up almost all your time so it will be hard to see your friends and make time for days out with them etc as you’ll have little one with you! Also friends are such a good support system – so confiding in them is always good! If they’re good friends they’ll understand why you’re about to go off the radar and hopefully they support you and that! They say maternity leave is really lonely so its also really important to make mum friends at baby and pregnancy groups! You honestly bond with other people who are pregnant so much! Ive become so close to someone who was in my year at school- we weren’t really friends at school but she is only 3 weeks behind me so our pregnancy is basically at the same stage so its so nice having someone to talk to who’s going through similar! She lives round the corner too so I can’t wait for us to just go on walks and popping round to each others too!

Third trimester is HARD!!!!! So enjoy the second as its the best time ever!!!!!


Going back to the point i made about appointments etc. Okay sooooo I’m going to go through it all from the start!!!! As i do think this information could help someone!!! – back of my pregnancy notes

When i found out I was pregnant I called my Doctor surgery and they book you in at 10 weeks to see a midwife. So off i went to my 10 week appointment (Which feels like AGONY waiting for as when you find out you’re pregnant you feel like you need to see doctors etc straight away and if you find out early on then you have to wait weeks for the midwife appointment) So this is basically the booking appointment. She starts your maternity notes and goes through SOO many questions and family history etc. Its good to have your babydaddys family history too so they can be aware of any adjustments to your health care etc.  Then she told me I needed to call Royal berks hospital when I’m exactly 11 weeks to book my 12 week scan. So She wrote the details at the top of the back page of my notes – the number to calls and when to call. I did this and then I went for my 12 week scan. She also arranged my next 16 weeks Midwife appointment. At your 12 week scan they do a screening etc for downs etc. The results get mailed to you.  Then at the 16 week midwife appointment you give her the letter and she records it in your notes. ALSO make sure you wee in a little pot before every appointment, they’re always checking the wee to make sure everything is ok. Also when you’re at your 12 week scan – you need to book your 20 week scan there and then!!!!!  So at my 16 week  midwife appointment – its the first time you hear the babies heart beat! She also sorted my medical exemption card which means I get free prescriptions and dental care for up to a year after baby is born – this arrived in post.  Also she wrote on my notes about booking my whooping cough vaccination after 20 weeks & that i need to get bloods taken at 27 weeks in preparation for my 28 week Midwife appointment, which she also booked me in for.  So it got to around 22 weeks and I called my doctor surgery – I booked in with my GP for my 25 weeks gp appointment  and i thought i may as well book in for my whooping cough vaccination for the same day.  So on 25 weeks I had my injection & i saw my gp – where he gave me my MATB1 form which i then gave to  my employer and he also did necessary checks etc – measuring bump, listening to heartbeat, checking blood pressure etc.

However, I honestly thought the midwife would take of everything but its completely left to you to sort our your appointments!!!!! So my advice is to get organised and get on top of it!!!!! Also no one mentioned the flu jab to me – i had to ask my gp at my 25 week appointment and he said they start doing them from September so to call up them and book!  Also I’ve booked a dentist appointment for next week (29 weeks) As its so important to keep teeth and gums in good order!  Also,  I went and got bloods taken at 27 weeks ready for my 28 week midwife appointment( which mine is at 29&half weeks because i was on holiday) I could have got my bloods taken at my GP but they couldn’t fit me in before my holiday, so I went to a walk in centre near me and they did it there. As long as you get the blood forms from the midwife or doctor! My midwife forgot to give me them so I got them from my doctor at my 25 week gp appointment!!! Also I’m 29 weeks on Monday, So i made an appointment with my doctor a few day ago for my 31 week gp appointment! Remember to book in early! Well in my area, you have to wait weeks for an appointment!

I hope this has been useful!!!!!!!

Any questions then don’t hesitate to message me!!

Lot of love,

Daisy Jane x

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