Boohoo maternity order! 

Okay excuse my make up free face and hair! Today was an extremely emotionally draining day (will discuss in 29 week blog) however this delivery cheered me up!!!!! As you can notice I’ve got HUGE I’m 29 weeks tomorrow , so new clothes are absolutely necessary! I think Boohoos maternity range is AMAZING! They offer so much & it’s all reasonably priced and it’s stuff that’s in my taste! 

Also sizing!!!! So as it’s maternity, they specialise in fitting pregnant women and fitting around bump so I knew I wouldn’t have to go 5 sizes bigger! However before pregnancy I was a 10 but I feel like I’ve put on weight all over so in all of these garments I went for a 12 and they were perfect! So these are my top bits: 

I love this black maxi! It was only £4!!!!!! It has a scrunched side so it stretches over bump! It’s sooooo comfy too! I’m such a dress gal so it’s perfect for me! 
So this is exactly the same as the black … obviously had to have in my 2 main colours! Black & grey! This grey one actually arrived a little tighter but I love it anyway! Again £4! The jersey material is just sooo comfy! 

So I’m not sure about this one ……  it’s a little short for me and it just feels like a long cami top! Plus it’s a little see thru! However it was only £3 so I won’t send it back! And i may just wear it around the house! Or if we have any more sun- can sit in the garden in it! 

I’ve spoken about these jeans before! And I love them!!!! They were £25 and just soooo comfy and flattering! I recommend! They’re also not a really thick denim so easier move around in! 

What I like about this green top is that it doesn’t feel like it’s maternity! I love the lace detailing! The material is like slinky so it’s really comfy too! This was £6! It’s so easy just to wear with black jeans and il wear it to work! 
This is my fave!!!!! I love it!!! It’s soooo flattering! This was £6! Il probably wear it after I give birth too! I absolutely love the detailing on the sleeves! 
This top is just so easy to wear. Again it’s £6! It’s a really comfy material however I don’t know how long it will last if I’m honest! It isn’t long like the white top I just spoke about! But it will last a few more weeks I think! We will see! 
Obviously when I like something I have to get in more than one colour! Also I’ve changed to my new look over the bump jeans! I do like this top but just not sure how much wear il get out of it! However it’s a top I would wear after the birth! So il get the wear out of it! Well depending how long it takes for me to lose the baby tum 😂

Pretty boring but it got to the point where I needed some Camis! This one was £3! And it’s ribbed so I find it really comfy! Going to have to just chuck them on with jeans towards the end of my pregnancy! Obviously got in grey too 😂 I actually love grey with ripped jeans so this look is bang on my taste!!! This paired with some dolly shoes or loafers ❤️❤️❤️ I find jersey makes pregnant people look bigger than what they are! And looking at those pics I’m like woah 😂 I like to wear not fitted but not baggy clothes – something in between! However most the time  just want to chuck on loose day dress! Paired with loafers and a mulberry and that’s me done! 

Anyway that’s my boohoo maternity purchases! I haven’t spent that much because as I’ve said previously I don’t want to be spending hundreds on clothes il wear for 3 months!!!!! So stuck to the basics and a few ‘jeans and nice top’ scenarios 😂😂 I’m 29 weeks tomorrow!!!!!!!! So a 29 week bumpdate will be coming very soon 👀 

Also back to work Tuesday after 2 weeks off! Boooooooo 😦 

Lots of love, 

Daisy Jane x 

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