29 Week Bumpdate! & 28 wk midwife appointment!

Ahhh 29 weeks!!!! Another week has gone by! Another week closer to THE date! So exciting.

Heres my 29 week bump date:

If I’m being completely honest, i didn’t know whether i was going to write this post this week. Ive been really effected by something and didn’t want to post when I wasn’t really myself or half heartedly! But I feel a lot better today.

Anyway, one thing that has really got me though this week is focusing on my little one! I don’t want anymore of this stress and upset. This isn’t how I want to remember my pregnancy! Therefore I’ve been doing positive things for the baby! We’ve rearranged his furniture in its final place!!!!! His cot mobile also arrived so thats all up! And his fun bouncer arrived so I made that today! Which looks amaaaaaazing in his nursery!! I also put his clothes in his wardrobe and drawers! All in size order! I can’t believe how organised i am – honestly was never like this before!!!



Also I ordered his cot bed mattress! I’ve been researching them and i decided i wanted spring. Then Bounty emailed me some third trimester offers! And this cot bed mattress came up from Precious little one. Where i ordered his cot mobile from. Not going to lie – i had some dispatch and shipping issues with them, but I’m hoping the mattress comes promptly! Anyway So it was £100 and with this bounty offer was reduced to £40! Couldn’t believe it! I read some reviews on it and they all come back positive so I went for it!! Another thing ticked off!

I Also, started preparing the hospital bag. Well i put together all his newborn baby grows & nappies, pads & creams etc. Its not fully prepared yet! I still need to get pyjamas and stuff for me! Ive decided I’m going to Vlog when I’m actually packing it! And talk about whats going in it etc!

ALSO I’m going to VLOG at 30 weeks!!!!!!!! Which is in 4 days! Going to talk about the 10 week countdown and how the first 30 weeks has gone! And tips etc!!!! I can’t wait, I’m a little nervous but ive started practicing on snapchat more & more. I just find it intimidating talking to a camera and I don’t want to come across badly because I’m nervous! I just can’t wait to look back at the VLOGS and for my son to one day!!!!! I already look back at pictures from when i was 14 weeks pregnant like awwww look at my little bump! Also a few things I’m going to VLOG are – nursery tour – going into detail about his furniture and paintings etc! Hospital bag packing, his clothes in his wardrobe – going into detail about where my favourite places to shop for him are! Also about antenatal classes & my birth plan ETC.

So this week I went back to work & it has been HARD. I can’t even believe how hard!!!!! Im soooooo ready for maternity leave already! But I have 2 weeks then 1 week holiday then a week and half at work then THATS IT! Im just so tired all the time, and its really hurting my back! I have to sit down most the time and make sure I’m hydrated. Im just getting to the point where i feel so so heavy. Even walking is hard! I feel a massive pressure in my lower abdomen, and it hurts to walk! My midwife said it will be just where his head will be!!! Also he LOVES hugging my bladder, i honestly wee every 10 minutes. And il be out and about and SUDDENLY you get the intense desperate need to wee!!!! But luckily there have been no accidents yet! Also i woke up today just feeling so sick, third trimester sickness 😦 Im hoping it isn’t everday! The pain in my ribs is still so bad and my physiotherapist hasn’t called me yet! It wakes me up in the night, and its the worst pain ive ever experienced. It kind of feels like bruising and youre in agony but then it hurts to move!!! But you have to move, so you have no choice but to endure this pain whilst moving positions!!!! Another symptom ive experienced is – MUMSOMNIA!!!!!! I can’t sleep. I wake up in the night uncomfortable, or in pain or needing a wee!! Also i wake up sooo early! Either just can’t sleep or from his kicks and movement!! Pregnancy is SO fun!

So today, at 29 weeks 3 days I had my 28 week midwife appointment. I had it late because I was in France. It was good seeing my midwife as my last one was at 16 weeks! She said I’m starting to get a proper bump now woo! Also bump is measuring perfect again ❤ Honeslty – i was so disappointed with this appointment, it was almost pointless. I know its not pointless and its important checks and they pick up some problems for some pregnant women etc i Know that! But it was basically a brief catch up, looking at my blood results – all normal, my wee – all normal, blood pressure – normal, his heart beat – normal. Obviously I’m ecstatic I’m all healthy and he’s all healthy!!!!!! But I kind of got in my head that we’d start discussing birth plans etc! But thats at the 34 week appointment! She also said how organised i am , when she asked if i had my whooping cough jab and sorted my Matb1 etc! She also said i need to book NCT classes asap! Which has just reminded me! I need to do asap after i finish writing this! But thats it really! I was in there for 10 minutes!

So last weekend was very chilled! We went for a dog walk around the lakes & then I also went for dinner for my friend Doms birthday. We went to Bar one in ascot and it was lovely catching up and a nice evening !  The rest of it was all drama filled and crying LOL.


HOW CUTE is this scan watercolour ! That is my son 😍 I’m obsessed! Can’t wait to hang it in his nursery! It’s from littlekeepsakes.co.uk

One last thing! On the bounty app, it was time to pick up my mum to be pack! Safe to safe I was disappointed lol!

Thats all for this week!!! Next week I’m 30 WEEEEEKS! 10 WEEK COUNTDOWN!!!! And vlog is coming too!!!! So excited!!!!!!

Then here’s some more bump pics from this week!

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x





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