30 week Bumpdate!!! 10 WEEKS COUNTDOWN!

10 WEEKS COUNTDOWN!!!!! just 10 weeks!!! And thats until due date ! He could be here even sooner! He’s full term at 37 weeks so it could even be 7 weeks! So mad! Im SOOOO excited. Im just sooo ready to meet him now! I can’t stop visualising what he might look like and be like. I can’t wait to have him in my arms and to bond.

This week he’s been SOOO active, most of the day I watch my stomach just completely move!!!! Its the most surreal thing. Its way more than just kicks now.. Where he’s getting so big and cramped in there, I can fully see him moving and wriggling around! Also this week I FINALLY have a proper hard round bump! I was so excited! Honestly, one day i woke up like WOAH! its here!!!!! And i loveeeeeee it!

Heres my bump date:

So this week week has been a busy week!! Ive been trying to plan and prep my photoshoot which is Sunday eek!!!!!! So this week i bought 2 sets of lingerie – in nude & black and then a black satin robe! I want 2 different looks! Ive been researching lots of inspo of what i want! Ive also booked in to get my make up done at Urban Decay, which ive also been researching looks i like! Im so excited! Im so glad we decided to postpone it to 31 weeks as I finally have a proper hard bump! ALSO some news!!!! After I get my make up done… I have some time before my shoot.. so I’m using this opportuntiy to FILM MY 30 WEEK BLOG!!  I was meant to do it on Thursday but i was just too tired and couldn’t face leaving my bed let alone putting make up on my face! So I’m very excited for that!


& this is my set! Which I have in black too! From H&M


Soooooo purchases this week:

Ive been looking at buying a baby shower dress!!! Ive ordered 4.. they aren’t maternity though so GOD knows how they’ll fit!!!!! But we will see.. I think they’re arrving later this week.. However i probably won’t blog them as I want it to be a surprise for my shower! (which is in 4 weeks by the way) Im so glad ive chosen to do it at 35 weeks and when I’m on maternity leave! its nice not having to think about it for a while!

And of course baby purchases! I had a bit of a haul this week!! Decided to treat him!

From mothercare:

& from Tesco:


Sockies!!! More socks!
img_6822img_6825img_6829img_6833 Obviously had to get 2!


& his nanny bought him this book –

So last weekend we went to Ikea!! Which not going to lie was a STRUGGLE!!! i can’t believe how tiring it was! when i went about a month ago i didn’t struggle this much! I literally had to have sit down rest breaks!! and by the end of it i had given up and had to sit down and wait! But i managed to get what i went for! Shelves!!!!! a shelving unit for his nappies etc! Then its me we are talking about.. of course i got more bits.

img_6807img_6804Cushions for my bed!


Im obsessed with this light! So pretty! Had to buy! However we have to crunch it ourself…

I also went to Coppa Club with my mum and her friends which was really nice. I absolutely love the Coppa club in Sonning, its right on the river and the setting is lovely. They have lots of deck chairs on the lawn and an outside bar! Which next summer il be taking full advantage of!

This week I also went to the dentist. Ive had the same dentist since i was a baby but he has retired!!!! Also when i walked in… it had totally be refurbed! I walked in like ooooooo how nice is this!!!!! As i have a medical exemption card as I’m pregnant – i got it free. I didn’t need any work done- Ive never has braces or even a filling! So I’m very lucky! Also the dentist said my babies due date is the same as his daughters birthday which was cute! All they did was a cleaning treatment, to ensure healthy gums which is vital in pregnancy!

Next week, I have a week off work wooooooooooo! Then when i go back i have 2 weeks then i start maternity leave!!!! Also Monday, I have my 31 week GP appointment. Honestly can’t believe how quick its gone, I remember writing about my 25 week GP appointment! and that was 6 WEEKS AGO!!!!!  How quick has 6 weeks gone! In 6 weeks time Il be 37 weeks and full term!!!! How Cr Cr Crazzyyyyyy!!! Im just soooo ready to meet him!

Today at work, I literally thought I was in labour.  I was getting the worst cramp/pain/contractions in my back! and just couldn’t get comfortable at all! my bump was hard and the only thing i could do was lean over a table to relieve it! I got this around 3 times so I think it was braxton hicks!! Which is always fun! But always expected in third trimester! I’ve felt so so tired recently& this is because of mumsomnia!!!!!!! Which again, is very very common and expected in third trimester!!! I wake up every hour, with cramp in my leg or for a wee or for no reason at all! and Stretch marks Galore!!!!! Theyve appeared all up my side, but I’m honestly not bothered. I wasn’t massive before pregnancy, so I knew my body was going to have to stretch a lot for the baby. So i can’t really be upset when i knew it was going to happen. Physically its unavoidable – my skin has to stretch to fit my ever growing baby boy! So I really dont mind. I’m sure they’ll fade afterwards!

So im 31 weeks on Monday!!! Can’t believe how quick it is all going! But I’m so ready to have him in my arms…. I’ve also been doing lots of research on breast or bottle.. And I’m going to write a blog post on it next week in my week off!!! Haha! Expect lots of posts next week as ill probably be bored on my week off!!! Ive booked onto my Antenatal class at the Royal berks and its for 7th October! A month before I’m due! Im a little anxious as I dont know what to expect & I’m going by myself.

ANDDDD.. Ive decided on my Push present!!!! Look how beauuuuuutiful this changing bag is! Jem + Bea. Im totally going to deserve it after pushing a human being out!!!! I love how it looks like a handbag!!!!!

More bump pictures:



Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x

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