31 week bumpdate! & my pregnancy photoshoot pics!!! 

I’m 31 weeks!! Which means 9 weeks to go until due date!!!!!! Single digits WOOHOOO!!!! Getting to the point where he could actually come at any moment so due date is more a rough estimate!!

Heres my bump date:


This week I’ve really felt like I’m whaling. I suddenly just feel so so big.. I probably say this every week but i really am massive. Ive started to get the huge pressure when I walk and it actually hurts! I can’t walk far without being knackered or struggling!! The waddle is definitely gonna appear soon! Also this week he has been SOOO active, especially today. He is honestly awake most the day and ROLLS! He fully flips round and I can see every movement he makes & my stomach just goes crazy. I can’t wait for him to be a little bigger so he stays in one place!!! Which should be very soon as he prepares for birth! even as I’m writing this I can look down and my stomach is just moving so much, and I can feel him roll from one side of my stomach to the other. Its so crazy being able to actually see it instead of just kicks. Also today I’ve really struggled, he is SOOO active, and its making me physically throw up which I’m worried about. My stomach is getting unsettled and it feels like sea sickness!!!! Ive been walking round to try calm him down and make him sleep but he’s having none of it! The way I’m talking it sounds like he’s already here!!! I think he only sleeps for a few hours a day – about 2 id say! Luckily this week I’ve been off work. I go back for 2 weeks on Monday and I don’t know how I’m going to cope. I’m so uncomfortable – even when i go for lunch and sit for an hour or so, i get So uncomfortable and my back hurts. Il have to see how it goes. I can’t really walk much either so work will be fun! I just have to keep thinking – its only 2 weeks!!

Anyway thats enough negativity!!!!! But as i said before, i want to be completely honest about exactly what I’m going through on my pregnancy journey!!!!

So this week, I had my 31 week gp appointment! And i honestly can’t believe how quick it has gone! I walked in and said to my doctor doesnt my 25 weep appointment feel like 5 minutes ago!!!!!  6 whole weeks! So everything was okay! Basic examinations again, blood pressure fine, wee was fine etc! Bump measuring bang on 31cm- perfect again! & When he listened to his heartbeat and was prodding my stomach – my baby boy got all protective of his mama and kicked loads!!!!! which the doctor thought was hilarious!! However he couldn’t determine the babies position and said he may be breach, which would mean a possible c section is on the cards. However he said he still has a little bit of time to spin round – he said they usually need to know by 32 week but Im not seeing my midwife until 34 week appointment so hopefully its all okay! However a c section wouldn’t bother me, it isn’t ideal. Id love to give birth naturally but as long as he’s out and healthy i dont mind!

Also my stretch mark update- all up my side! Which I’m okay with! I’m sure they’ll go!

So I’ve heard amazing things about crotchet octopuses! I read an article where prematyre babies have them as the tentacles mimic the umbilical cord and it makes them feel safe! I read another article where they say its good for newborns to have one aswell, so OBVS i had to hunt one down. I struggled to find them, I tried looking at the hashtag on instaram and found a canadian company but the shipping was a BOMB! So i put up a Facebook status asking people and my cousin commented recommending Etsy! So i had a little look & voila!!!!!! Found so many!!!! I chose this one-


I decided to just go for white which is pretty boring but will look nice in his crib! Im a very neutral kinda gal!!!! Im so glad I finally got one though.  I will definitely be writing about if he likes it etc!

So this week ive started to think about my baby shower more! As it is actually only 3 weeks away!!!! I’ve kind of taken over the planning from my mum LOL Ive turned into such a perfectionist and organised orla this pregnancy!!!! Just want it all to be perfect for my baba!!!! So i’m getting creative & had the best idea which these flowers are for….


DIY daisy is back!!!! Well mum will probably help lol. butter fingers over here. But i won’t give too much away about my shower but its going to be amazing!!!!! Also I’ve followed my baby shower invites theme & gone with the hello world theme. I really love the mint green perfect for a boys shower. I don’t think I’m going to do like traditional american games, Il get a few things like guess the babies weight etc but not full on change this diaper etc.

I’ve also ordered some dresses & they’re not maternity so i got huge dresses & they fit over bump but too big everywhere else!!! And i don’t even think il fit in them in 3 weeks time! So I’m going to order a maternity dress a week before or so!

Also this week i ordered a birthing ball!!! Which i can’t wait to arrive! And his mirror for his nursery has arrived and its amazing!!!!! So big!… now just to put it up! MUMMMM?
So this week, Matthew the god daddy came over to help me with my pregnancy photo shoot hair & he got to see the nursery! I filmed some of it.. which i may upload as a VLOG!!! Its quite boring, just us chatting about things but i guess its an insight into my babies life and who will be in it!!! Also this week, Me & Jordi went to Bills in bracknell for lunch. Its just opened so it was a training day where you basically get EVERYTHING free!!!!!!!! Then you have to leave honest feedback.. It was unreal! So  much food!! You get a starter for the table, a main with 2 sides, a drink AND desert!!!!! It was unreal. I love bills so much, and the food was really good! We left good feedback apart from my brownie was really hard 😦 ALSO the parking in the lexicon was £10 for 2 hours?!?!?!?! Thats london prices! Mental! Jordi is one of my preggo friends, we are really close in our pregnancies as she is only 3 weeks behind me!! So technically we could give birth in the same week!! Its so nice having someone who knows exactly what youre going through! We’ve got so close in our pregnancies as we only knew each other from school but were never friends in school! She lives round the corner too, so its very convenient for when we have our bubbas on maternity leave to walk up to Costa! She’s having a beaut little girl so we’ve got a future couple on our hands!!

OKAY now onto the exciting subject!!!

I HAD MY PREGNANCY PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!!!!! It went amazingly!!!!! SO..

I went & had my make up done at Urban Decay and I loved it. I used to be really into makeup but honestly i can’t be bothered anymore. I dont like lots of make up look & I prefer natural! I like my freckles showing and my skin breathing!!! So on a daily basis – if i even wear any it’ll be tinted BB cream & mascara.. Thats it!!! Or if I’m going for dinner or something il wear highligter aswell and some eyeshadow! But anyway it was so nice to feel like a girl again! It was also nice to completely leave it to someone else! I loved my make up so much! It felt like it wasn’t too much & the eyeshadow was a beautiful colour!!!! So then I came back & matthew did my hair- i wanted loose waves! Which was easy to do as my hair is naturally wavy anyway!!! But i loved that too. I wasn’t actually that nervous about stripping off!! The photographer is SO nice & made me feel so comfortable which helped me relax!!! I did one look in black lingerie, then black satin robe & then nude lingerie & then nude!!!!! White material over me which was my favourite!!!! & then some completely nude with just a hand bra!!! Which i obviously can’t share anywhere!!! I think I’m going to get all the pictures made into a photobook and one framed in his nursery!!!! First of all the pictures shocked me a little! I can’t believe how big i look from some angles!!!! When you take selfies yourself you know what you look like but seeing pics from different angles and taken form someone else is so surprising!!!! But I love my bump and my baby!!! I told her not to edit out any stretch marks either! Want it completely as i am! I love the way my body has changed to grow my baby boy.

So here are some of my faves: ( and appropiate ones)



Im back to work next week so we’ll see how that goes!!! 32 weeks Ah!!!!! And it is very surprising I didn’t actually buy bumpboy anything this week!!!!!! Im going to the Baby show in manchester in a few weeks so last months wage is going all on that!! As i have a few big bits i need to purchase! And he just has everything already…… He has far too many clothes so ive been chilling out on that!!

More pics from this week:

21 wks & 32 wks!

Enter a caption

Lots of Love,
Daisy Jane x





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