32 week bumpdate & Sublux of Symphysis pubis

Helloooooooo 32 weeks! 8 weeks to go!!!!!! Well…….. due date is 8 weeks! he could turn up at any time!!!! he’s full term in 5 weeks! how scary is that !!

Here is my 32 week bumpdate:


So this week has been PAINFUL!!!! Baby has dropped! I felt it happening and a pressure in my lower stomach and then i woke up and BOOM! Dropped & stretch marks on my stomach!!!! & then a few days later…. the pain has slowly got worse & worse… first of all i just thought it was where his head was really low and in my pubis area but it got so excruciating and i thought this can’t be right can it??? Literally was so painful to even get up from sitting down & get out my car and even get changed. Whenever I had to move my legs apart or move one leg. I just thought to myself I’m 32 weeks this can’t be right! I googled, and its normal for him to drop and feel extra pressure of him down low but it didn’t say anywhere about this pain. So on Tuesday, I woke up feeling so ill and i could hardly move so thats when I decided to book an on the day doctors appointment. It wasn’t my usual doctor so I was a little anxious but the new doctor was really nice. I explained the pain so then he examined me. First of all he thought the babies bum was in  my ribs but then came to the realisation that it was the head and he is still breach, he said he could also feel his face so he was back to face. This meant the baby hasn’t moved position in a few weeks so he may be stuck now, he said at my new midwife appointment she will determine if he was still breach and then the next steps would be taken. He said they may offer natural methods to try turn the baby but he said to say no as they’re trying to move the baby from the outside, they don’t know what they’re moving so it could be the placenta coming away from the wall and its dangerous. I really hope in the next 2 weeks he moves! However ive felt less movements and its making me sad! I LOVE seeing his massive movements and seeing him move across my stomach but where he’s so cramped in there now its just kicks and elbows now! Anyway… So he has also diagnosed me with Sublux of Symphysis Pubis .. which is basically SPD. Which basically means…. I have a pooped pelvis! It explains why ive been in so much pain.. and it was from where he dropped and put the extra pressure and weight on my pelvis! He explained it to me in medical terms but not gonna lie it went over my head so i googled it when i got home – here it is summed up:

He put me on bed rest, and said rest is the best thing at the moment – no walking, no bending over, no twisting and no being on my feet for too long! So he has signed me off work. So technically maternity leave started, however Im absolutely determind to go back for a few days next week as i don’t feel ready to leave and want a last day! My last day is next friday! Also next wednesday i have my first physio session for it so hopefully this helps!!! I just dont want to push myself, he said unfortunately it only gets worse as my pregnancy will go on and could result in crutches. However i feel very lucky its just happened now at the end of my pregnancy, some women get it from the start and i honestly can’t describe how awful that would be for them. Its one of the worst pains ive experienced, even small things – getting up from the sofa is excruciating and it kind of freezes from the pain. & turning over in bed at night is sooo painful, the pain will wake me up! Anyway I’m not looking for sympathy,  but its a condition that shouldn’t be downplayed, just because you can’t see the physical evidence of pain doesn’t mean it isn’t there!

Ive actually had a really tough week, really draining. So Monday night, the stress of everything got too much and I had to get away. I ended up booking a hotel on my own in Bournemouth so stayed there for the night. I had to get out of Reading and wanted to be by myself. This actually really helped. Even though Tuesday i woke up ill and in excruciating pain… I spent the day in bournemouth then came back for  my 4pm doctor appointment.  I sat on the beach & then went to a cocktail bar (soft cocktails) and had lunch right on the beach, the sun was even out! It was just the chilled sort of day I needed and when I came back i felt so  much better. I ran away being the ultimate drama queen but it was just what I needed. And having a name for the pain my pelvis is in was good and to know other women go through it as well!

This week also has been the return of heart burn!!! It kept me up last night and got so bad I cried!!!! I haven’t had it since week 28 when I was in france! Sitting up, breathing slowly and sipping water slowly helped though! And obviously mumsomnia is still taking over my life!!!!!! Im just so ready to meet him now! But got to keep going!!! I feel like ive moaned a lot, but i can’t lie.. this week has been extremely hard health wise! Im not going to sugar coat! Even as i write this, my back is propped up with pillows and its still in agony!

Stretch mark & cellulite update!!! Sooooo my stretch marks on my side have gone purple and up my side  and where he’s dropped I woke up with stretch marks under my stomach!! Obviously where my stomach stretched and dropped all of a sudden! My cellulite on my legs is still there too! Can’t wait to tone them again in the gym!


Sooooo health updates done!! Now onto purchases of the week yay!

My birth ball arrived!!!! Ive heard amazing things about it helping SPD So i can’t wait to get on it!!! Obviously chose silver, being the boring neutral nerd I am!!


Also how cute are these bits from Zara!!!! I just couldn’t resist them!! I want him to be comfy at all times! Love this little top & it was only £3.99! bargain!!!

This week I have really got ontop of my baby shower !! All the bits have been ordered and are arriving soon! i don’t want to go into it too much because I want it all to be a surprise! But it is going to be amazing!!!!!!!! Ive gone with the Hello World theme! I ordered 2 outfits from Asos maternity, and i love them BOTH! I haven’t decided which to wear – i think one may be 2 small in 2 weeks so we will see! Also ordered the cake and its beautiful! Im SOOOO excited !!! Its just 2 weeks away on Sunday!!!!!! I feel so relieved that its all organised and everything is ordered!!!!!!


So I went shopping…

And I’m not happy! I went into Debenhams and i really loved this outfit for baby!! HOWEVER I couldn’t find a blue one saying I love my mummy?!?! How bad is this ?!??!?!?! So little baby boys can’t love their mum? I think this is so awful for single mums and the same for single dads. There was no pink i love my daddy!!!!! They should really accommodate for all family types, so i tweeted them angrily lol!


MY BED IS FINALLY ARRIVING TOMORROW !!!! Sooooo much drama surrounding that bed. Obviously my dad was supposed to get me it through his work but they’ve messed around for months now!!! So i decided to just get my own. It was between 2 which were VERY similar, so i decided to cut costs and go with the cheaper one! I ordered, paid etc. Then i get an email saying they’re out of stock and won’t be in stock until December! Ermmmmmm….. Il have a baby by then LOL So they said they could look to see if there are any similar. They actually came back with the one i originally wanted and said they’d cover the rest of the costs and put it on next day delivery!!! RESULT! GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!! SO i was over the moon. However they called and said the delivery van broke down so it would come friday instead, so today I called up and they said another excuse BUT it is coming tomorrow ( saturday ) So we will see!!!! Soon much drama but it should be here!! Then I’m going to get it made asap and start sleeping in the downstairs room!!! So excited

So I went to bracknell yesterday as I need to get some bits. I made a list of the final bits i needed to get and what i needed to do and the deliveries I’m expecting! I decided to go to bracknell as the lexicon has just opened and I wanted to check it out! I decided for my hosipital pyjamas – I want cheap and cheerful. Id only be wearing them once so what the point in spending a lot!! Sooooo I headed to Primark. For labour and to deliver in – I just want a massive oversized top!!!! Honestly i can’t wear tight because it will make me feel claustrophobic and restricted!!! Id end up whipping it off!!! I want comfort at all times. So I opted for a black XXL nightie thing. Its honestly perfect for labour. Well Im going to try for a water birth so I already have my bikini or that but I need to prepare for anything to happen!!! A massive loose top is definitely best choice! & then I needed just pyjamas for hospital. I found this massive nightie shirt pink stripe thing!! I tried it on and its SOOOOO comfy! Its so soft and massive! I opted for that and then i tried on the pink stripe shirt and shorts pyjamas… But I just thought… The nightie is so comfy id rather just get two of them! So thats what I did!!!! You know me! I like something i always get it twice or in another colour!!  Its just so comfy and will be perfect for just lounging about the hospital and in the hospital bed with slippers! Anyway! thats more bits that have gone straight in my hospital bag!! Im actually going to film a VLOG – packing my hospital bag as its very almost nearly finished!!!!! I just want to wait until the nursery is a bit more done – mirror is up, pictures up bed made etc!!!!! Then I’m also going to do a VLOG nursery tour!! Which I’m VERY excited for!!!!!!  Also from Primark, i bought some bath towels- for the baby! They’re the perfect size & i opted for 2 white & one grey! (SHOCK) my colours!!!!! And then couldn’t resist a bear hooded towel for him too!  All organised!


How cute is this!!!! Whenever Bear sits next to bump, bump feels his warmth and him there and kicks him!!!! Bear loves him already. I can’t wait to see them two together, they’re going to be naughty I can tell!!!! Bear sometimes gets fed up of being kicked in the head though and moved a bit across LOL!

img_8811Sooooooooooooo, I noticed on Boots the Silver Cross isofix car seat base was on offer from £145 to £99! So i nabbed it and ordered !!!! Also on Amazon the Baby Bjorn bouncer I wanted was on offer form £135 to £115!!! So obviously had to order that too!!! I was going to wait until the baby show but i remembered at the baby show they’re £115 too! So may aswell have just ordered!! SOOOOOOOOO THAT IS IT!!!!! iM OFFICIALLY DONE!!! IVE ORDERED EVERYTHING HE NEEDS, LITERALLY HAVE NOT ONE 1 LEFT TO BUY! I can’t even describe how amazing this feels! I can relax!!!! I also bought the frame for my photoshoot pic to be hung on.


My list!

My updated list!!

Im waiting on a few deliveries – his cot bed mattress which i chased today, my bed, my photoshoot phonebook, changing mat.

Also There are bits I still need to do in his nursery. Put up his pictures, put the mirror up, make the bed, put the light up! Then nursery is DONE!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh can’t believe it! Nothing left to buy and just final bits to do in his nursery!!

Im SOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!! I feel so much less stressed, now can relax!

Next weekend, we are off to manchester for the Baby show on the Saturday & then BLOGON xmas event, which is basically an event for bloggers to meet brands and attend sessions on how to improve blog etc! Which I’m very excited for! Its amazing how it worked out so they’re both on the same weekend! And i love manchester! I just hope my pelvis doesn’t play up too much, Il have to dose up on paracetamol !!!

Today, I got out of bed and walked the dogs for 10 minutes and honestly struggled so much. I got back after 10 minutes, knackered and in so much pain!! Was definitely a mistake! And I’m definitely going back on Bed rest!!


Side Angle loL!

Also on Sunday, me and my mum went out for Thai food. Honestly even sat down in a restaurant I get so uncomfortable!!  But the food was sooooo yum! I recommend it! Its the Bolan In reading – Near caffeine & cocktails in that little mall upstairs!!!!  I had beef penang and it was DELISH!


I love these skittles!!!!

Please please please if anyone reading this had SDP or knows anyone who did then please contact me!! Id love to hear tips on how you coped and things to help!!!

Thats it for this week!!!!! Im recording Vlog next week so that will be up!!!! and I’m attempting to go to work so next weeks blog post will be on that! Also Il be doing separate posts about my weekend in manchester & the baby show and the Blog on event!!!!  Very exciting!

Few more bump pics from this week!


Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x


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