33 week Bumpdate

33 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! 7 weeks until due date!!!!!!! 4 weeks until he’s full term!!! In which I’m HOPING he comes! I’ve been in so much pain and ive started to do the whole “i just want him out now” I feel massive and SPD is really difficult.

But here is my bump date:


So yesterday, I had a physio appointment.. and honestly, all she did was moisturise and rub my legs! I appreciate the silky smoothness of my legs but it was pretty pointless! She just pressed down on the side of my legs where it was painful etc and then told me to do some exercises. I have to go back 6th October as well. Then afterwards I went to see my doctor who I pleaded with to sign me fit to work for my last day, he did but has said i have to be really really careful and I still have my sick note just incase I’m in too much pain. But I’m so excited to go back for my last day and see everyone and say bye.  So tomorrow….  My maternity leave officially starts woo!!!!!!! Then this weekend I’m off to Manchester for the baby show & Blog on christmas event which I’m VERY excited about. On sunday night, i thought my waters broke!!!!!! Very scary, but I think they just leaked a little lol .

This week Ive also done something……….. I filmed my first VLOG!!!!!! I was extremely nervous, I’m not that great on camera like talking to the camera. But I got more comfortable as it went on…… I had to hunt my charging cable down round my house though so in the video I’m so out of breath because I wanted to film before my camera ran out of charge! And literally in the past few weeks I get out of breath So easily and have shortness of breath which is really common in this stage of pregnancy as everything is squished in there !!!!! So yeah, in the video Im noticeably out of breath in most of it LOL but pls just look past that. I need to upload and edit it but I’m having problems with my storage on my macbook so it may take me a few days!!! But Monday it will be uploaded FOR SURE! Then i want to film my next one Monday as well!!!! I know its going to get like 10 views…… But everyone starts somewhere. Im not exactly gonna go in and have 100 views on my first video, its something you build up and I’m going to try not let it put me off filming more!!!!!!



Sooo stretch marks…. On my front where he dropped, i woke with stretch marks on one side but this week the other side has developed them as well! Which doesn’t bother me at all really.. and my

Belly button has popped! This is my stretch mark update:

Also this week, Ive started drinking Raspberry leaf tea!!!! They said to start drinking it from 32 weeks. And not sooner as it can induce labour!!! However some say to start drinking it at 36 weeks, but some 32 weeks so I’m going to just have 1 cup a day until I’m 36 weeks and then have more cups a day.  But here are the health benefits of drinking it:

  • Ease the symptoms of morning sickness.
  • Sooth and prevent bleeding gums which many pregnant women often experience.
  • Relax the smooth muscles of the uterus when it is contracting (Burn & Withell, 1941).
  • Assist with the birth of the baby and the placenta.
  • Calm cramping of the uterus.
  • Reduce the risk of intervention during the second stage of labour
  • Provide a rich source of iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium. The magnesium content is especially helpful in strengthening the uterine muscles. Raspberry leaf also contains vitamins B1, B3 and E which are valuable in pregnancy.


So this week, I’ve done lots of preparation and sorting. Just sorting babies room & getting it all ready!!! I also went to Giggling Squid in Wokingham for some Thai on Sunday. Which is my faveeeeeeeee food ever! It was so yum, i recommend!!!! Honestly, I’ve eaten so much Thai this pregnancy, the baby is going to come out craving penang!!!! I also recommend if you go, the lotus flower & jasmine green tea!!!

I also saw my fave preggo friend Jordi!!! We went to the range as i had to swap a frame for my photoshoot picture!!! We had a massive catch up and about how our pregnancies are going which is really nice!!



Sooooo… My fave part of my blog posts….. this weeks PURCHASES!!!!!!! Well lots of stuff have arrived this week and I’m so excitedddddd!!!!

First of all….. MY BED HAS FINALLY ARRIVED AND ITS BUILT AND ITS AMAZING!!!! I just need to move my mattress downstairs & then its ready to rock and roll!! Its sooo nice! I want to move in there asap but just waiting for curtains to be put up… which were also purchased this week!!! Literally just plain white.

Talking about beds…. baby boys cot bed mattress arrived!!!!!! Finally!! He doesnt even need it until he’s 6 months as he will be in his snuzpod crib next to me but Im so glad its arrived so it completes the nursery!


Also, when I went to Ikea a few weeks back, i bought the cupboard shelves unit thing…. And ive decided it looks too messy for my liking… so i bought some draw units to put his nappies in etc!! and it looks so much neater! they were also from Ikea.  Also his mirror arrived!!!! Sooooo big its amazing!

My auntie Justine came round and put his pictures up in the nursery too!! So another step closer which is amazing! and I love where they are, it brings the room together!

My photobook of my photoshoot pictures arrived! They turned out really good in the book & I love them!!!! However i have to be careful who i show it to… as there are some nudies in there!!!!  I got it made from the app freeprints photobook! I think it was about £15… And I’m definitely going to get some more made of his first year etc!



His beautiful Baby Bjorn bouncer also arrived!!! I literally love it so much! I got it on offer from £135 to £115! I was going to get navy but so glad I chose grey! Looks so much better in my house !!! And means if I have girls in the future they can use it too !! Also he now has his practical bouncer and his fun bouncer! The fun one plays music and vibrates! The practical one he will be in mostly and il give him a bottle on the worktop on! It’s a good step between my arms and high chair!


And finallyyyyyy.. His isofix silver cross car seat base arrived! I just need to fit it!!!!! I got it from boots as it was reduced to £99 from £145. There was just no way i could use a seat belt for his car seat every time! If he falls asleep in his car seat, I plan to just put that on his silver cross wheels instead of waking him and putting him in the carry cot! So its going to be much easier to just click in with the car seat base! I think I’m also going to Vlog about getting it fitted 🙂


So I think the baby is still breach – but I think he is trying to turn around and I’m PRAYING he has!!!!! I managed to catch this on film!


​So thats it for this week!!!! Very chilled week!!!! Like I said, I’m in manchester this weekend for the baby show and a blogging event! So i’ll be doing blog posts about that On monday when I’m back! AND uploading my VLOG AND filming a new one!!!! Well i have the whole week as I’m on maternity leave then!!!! But I hope the blogging event gives me good blogging tips! theres lots of sessions that i can’t wait for!! e.g. content planning, Instagram and taking it to the next stage!! Very excited for that!!! So hopefully lots of content next week!

Ohhhhh and next Sunday is my baby shower!!!!!! Lots of prep being done for that next week! Ive got an amazing make up artist for it too!! Im just hoping my dresses fit 😦 i might have to try them on Monday & if they don’t then order the next size up ready for the weekend!! Can’t believe how quick its come around!!!!

More bump pics:

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x



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