Weekend in Manchester! Baby show & Blogon event 

So I’m officially on Maternity leave woooooohooo! I won’t write anything about that as ill include it in my 34 week bump date! Which is coming….. THURSDAY! I have my 34 midwife appointment then in which I do my birth plan with her.. EXCITING STUFF!! But anyway… So I finished work on Friday…. and headed to Manchester Saturday!

So Saturday morning we got up at 6AM!!!!! Well i actually was awake from 5.15am thanks to baby boy making his mama sooooo comfortable & lots of acid reflux! I was actually really awake though so we took my Juke & i drove for the first hour 20! Then i started to get tired and hungry .. so we stopped for a breakfast and Mama bear took over the driving. I then slept for literally the rest of the journey which was only 2 hours! We had really good journeys both ways which is surprising for Manchester! Anyway we got to our hotel about 11am! And just chilled for a bit…. We then headed to the Baby show at 1pm. It was at Eventcity literally next to the Trafford centre. Mum tried to blag to the parking assistant so we could park closer “yeah she has that pelvis thing” Thanks mum, use my SPD to your advantage! But yeah, parking was really good & there were loads of spaces near and it was free! As we were walking in, lots of people were walking  out which made me think we were mega late! But it was on until 5pm! So we went in.. and it was no where near as big as the last Baby show we went to in Birmingham.  There was a lot more handmade stuff this time round which i love! I love stuff that is personalised and you know not every single nursery is going to have it! So I got him this giant letter N with his name inside…. Which I’m not disclosing!!!!!! So I won’t be able to show it until after he’s here!!! I won’t even being able to put it up in his nursery yet!

 And then we walked round and I really struggled!! All the pram companies were there again & nursery furniture etc! There was just nothing for me to buy though! I literally have everything, theres not one thing that i still need to get! So it was good to just mooch about and that Letter thing was the only thing I got! I’m glad i went thought because i love the atmosphere and if you have nothing like me last time then its amazing because everything is under one roof! Last time i got his snuzpod crib & his sleepy head and then little bits like blankets etc!!!! So we walked round it in an hour! 

So then it was only 2pm so we decided to go next door to the Trafford Centre! I was starving so we went to the food court pretty early on and it was THE FOOD COURT OF DREAMS! Honestly ive never seen something so big!!!!!!!! Every single place you could think of! We decided to try something new and went to ‘Coast 2 Coast ‘ which was an american place and i had a cheese burger ❤ and Bruschetta which had AVOCADO on YUCK!!!!

  But anyway… Then after we went round the shops and i got him his ADORABLE set from Gap!!!!! I love it!!!!!!


& Then i think I really overdid it… my pelvis was so so so painful and i started to get grouchy where i was tired and in pain. So we went back to the hotel and stayed in and chilled as we knew I had a big day the next day.

Soooo.. Sunday … BLOGON XMAS! I got up at 8am & went down for breakfast in the hotel which was really nice. I couldn’t decide what to wear so just went with a a comfy white lace dress,  my great coat & black boots and my Valentino bag. 

I was pretty anxious as i didn’t know anyone! But everyone is in the same boat and everyone is there to network!!! So everyone was mega friendly!!!! So in total, there were 5 – 45 minute sessions to the day where you go along to presentations which are to help your blog!! From the top of my head I went to , confidence building, Instagram, How to help your audience find you and content styling and planning!!! I missed out one. They all massively helped me and now I really know the direction i want to take my blog. and i now have the confidence to post my Vlog ive uploaded!!!!!! I missed out on one of the sessions because there was a room where there were tonnes of brands set up, you go around each of them, chatting about their products & exchanging details etc. Looking for people to work with and getting freebies!!!! It was christmas themed so a lot of the brands were childrens toys as most the bloggers were mum bloggers! There was someone dressed up as grinch and it was honestly terrifying! Im petrified of like people dressed up as characters, it freaks me out so much… and he was running round even speaking like the grinch. Everytime he came near me, the baby would kick loads as my heart was obviously racing!!! But yeah! It was in the Hotel Football right next door to the Old trafford manchester united stadium. 2 of the sessions were on the top floor called ‘heaven’ which i loved! the views were amazing!!!!! 

It was such an amazing day, i met so many amazing bloggers and people ive connected with! Im definitely going to the next one where I can catch up with them! It was the entire day 10-5.30. With lunch breaks & cake breaks… Also there were toy awards where we all hard to vote and then they were raffled off! I didn’t win boo 😦 Then people bought suitcases with them as the goody bag at the end is so big! It was packed full of stuff, lots of it kids things again! There were 2 lovely candles in there though & there was a lingerie brand and i got a thong loL! It was a really good day. But i was KNACKERED by the end of it!!!!!!! Honestly i could have fallen asleep when they were doing the awards & raffle! 

I got an uber back to the hotel and was just in so much pain, I knew i over did it this weekend! So we chilled for a bit and then opposite the hotel was a few restaurants. We decided to go to Chiquitos and ive never been before! It was so nice, had fried gherkins mmmmm & then chicken & ribs. But I was so full where baby is taking up lots of room and i can’t eat much!!!!!

We went back to the hotel soon after dinner and got some much needed rested! And then Monday morning came home! I absolutely did not drive anything as I was so tired and in so  much pain! Then ive literally been in bed since ive got home! I wrote on my last blog id post a blog post about the weekend & a VLOG sooooooo heres my blog post & ive edited my VLOG!!!! Just need to upload! Exciting!!!!!!! Like i said before, dont judge me.. its my first one.. I didn’t know what i was doing and I’m so out of breath in all of it LOL. I was looking through my camera and found footage from where i was 14 weeks & 24 weeks and from where matthew saw his nursery! Im definitely going to do something with that footage and upload eventually!!!!!!

My next blog post is my 34 week bump date and is coming Thursday!!

Lots of love,

Daisy jane x

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