34 week bumpdate!!! & RL clothing haul! 

What a busy week!!!!!! So this may be a packed full blog post! First of all… I’m 34 weeks woooooo! Bumpboy is full term in 3 weeks & my due date is just 6 weeks away!!!!! Eeeeeeekkkkkkk getting so close! So this week, bump has also got SPOILT!!! My brother bought him so many goodies back from Vegas & i love them all!


Heres my bumpdate:


& this is me currently writing this lol:

So it’s been a hectic week!!! Last Friday I managed to drag my behind to work for my final day!!!! It was a struggle, i was just so tired & my SPD really played up. However it was so good to see everyone and to say bye!!! & my manager got me a beautiful present and card! Mama bees new mum gift set & John Lewis bibs! So its official! Im on maternity leave!!!!!! Technically I left at 34 weeks but I had 2 weeks holiday I decided to use up ontop of my maternity leave… So technically my maternity leave starts at 36 weeks! Which is perfectttttt, a good 6 weeks to put my feet up!


Sooo I finished on the Friday & then got home & packed for Manchester!!!!! I went to the Baby show & blogon xmas event…. I wrote a blog post about my weekend away so if you haven’t already then check it out!!!! It was the best weekend ever away with my mum! We had so much fun & I love Manchester! Going to the blogging event has opened so many doors for me! I learnt SO much- all about instagram, monetzing my blog, photo styling & getting my audience to find me!!!!!!


So I got back from Manchester on the Monday and was EXHAUSTED!!! The long journey… and I just overdid it at the weekend! Full days of working & then I hardly slept due to not having my maternity pillow & being in a hotel! So monday I just got into bed & did manage to write a blog post!!!!! Ive also uploaded my VLOG finallY!!!!!!!! So if you haven’t already you can check it out at  https://youtu.be/Kv8MtEIbu04Or typing in Daisy Carberry on the search bar on youtube!

Also this week.. I had my 34 week Midwife appointment!! She booked me in for a double appointment as she said we were doing my birthplan! So everything is normal! Did all the examinations!!! AND HES TURNED!!!!! he isn’t breach anymore !!!! My clever little boy!!!! He is engaged,head down ready for birth she said!! Also i was 34 & half when i had my appointment and she said he is measuring at 36 weeks!! However she said its nothing to worry about, just means he’s healthy and may be in the position he’s in! So she didn’t need to send me off for any growth scans or anything like that!! I reckon i just need to lay off the cheeseburgers LOL. I have my NCT Antenatal class next Saturday at the hospital, so she briefly went through my birth plans but said we will do it properly at my 36 week appointment as I will learn loads about pain relief and breast feeding etc at the antenatal class! So that’s all booked in for a weeks time! Also I told her about my SPD, so she understands how much pain I’m in & I’m so uncomfortable so she has already booked me in for a sweep at 40weeks3 days !!!! So fingers crossed my naughty baby stays in the birth position now!!! The midwife told us that pineapple brings on labour… So mum went and bought me a whole pineapple LOL! He needs to cook for another 2 weeks then he’s allowed out!!!!


So heres my stretch mark update my lovelies: I have a few more on the bottom of my bump where he’s dropping even more now that he’s in birth position!


Sooooo… the exciting part… this weeks purchases !!!!!!!! I bought him the cutest set from gap! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Gap! I think it is actually favourite shop now! And not just for baby!!!! You can tell I’m a mum to be… as i love the womens clothing!!!! I also got this little outfit which is age 6m for next summer! And its even got a pic of his mama on it!!!

Also how cute are these shoes !!!! I got them online and they’re 0-3 months! Most of his clothes are white and navy so they’ll go nicely !!

His changing mat arrived !! I got it online from precious little one which is the worst website ever for delivery ! I don’t recommend – it takes about 3 weeks!


I also got a new phone!!!! I called up to just get a sim only contract – I’m honestly fine with my 6s.. I dont care about phones if I’m being honest… They’re all the same to me. I don’t even know what the latest one is! So the only reason why I got a new one is because i wanted the biggest storage 128gb for the baby as I’m OBVS gonna take loads of pictures of him & i wanted a better camera when I’m out and about. I have my new sony camera but I won’t always be taking it out with me!!! So thats the only reason why I got a new one! I got the 7 Plus. I wanted white & silver but they didn’t have it 😦 so I got matte black & already bought 3 phone cases – all white LOL. I Do absolutely love it tho! I love how big it is!!! And i like using 2 hands!



Then other purchases that have arrived have been baby shower stuff……. I dont want to post too much as I want it all to be a surprise…… Today I filmed about the baby shower prep & the bits for it!!!! Im also going to VLOG on the day! So i’m very excited about that!!!! It will be a slightly different format to my other one, it will be good!!!!!! Heres a sneak peak……


SOOOO, my brother has been in Vegas & absolutely SPOILED the baby!!!! He sent me 1 picture of a Ralph Lauren top which i was mega pleased with !! He got home and came in my room with a PILE of Ralph Lauren clothes! The baby is so lucky, and he’s such a good uncle already. he’s also got a mixture of sizes which is amazing as the baby won’t grow out of it all at once!!!! Such a lucky baby!!!!
Here they are:


img_1190img_1189img_1188My absolute fave!!! I can’t wait for him to be 12m so he can’t wear this this a white shirt!

& even bear got treats!

Soooo.. I think thats it for this week!!!! Saturday il be prepping the house for the baby shower & then Sunday is BABY SHOWER!!!!! So my blog post about that should go up Monday & then the VLOG maybe a few days later…. as we all know I have problems editing and with my macbook LOL! My macbook has decided the disk space is full so its stressing me out but il work round it!

Here’s some more pics from this week:







Hope everyone has a lovely week! Then next week il be posting a 35 week bump date! 35 weeks thats sooo scary!!!!

Lots of Love,
Daisy Jane x

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