My baby shower!!!!!

So this post is purely about my baby shower! A 35 week bumpdate is coming later this week! But AHHHHHH the day finally came!!!!!! Weeks of planning & waiting and it finally happened! It all came together just how I imagined and so perfectly 💙 so I decided to do it at 35 weeks as this is around the usual time people do & I wanted to be ready to pop! The bigger the bump the better! & once you have the baby shower then it’s time to put feet up and wait a few weeks for his arrival! If I had it any earlier, the wait for him would feel like agony! Also I wanted to be on maternity leave when I had it so it was the last hurdle! Also I filmed some stuff of the prep beforehand & not going to lie I completely forgot most of the shower to film so there isn’t much footage on the day!! But I’m going to put it all together in a short vid but I’m not going to rush it! I want everything I upload to be perfect so I’m not going to rush it just to get content uploaded! I’m about quality! So I will only upload when I have a good video so probably weekly or fortnightly!!! But my blogs will be more 🙂


I am soooooo obsessed with how the main table turned out!! It was absolutely perfect 💙

So here some some unique bits I bought!!!!

This is popcorn which says ‘Ready to POP! Daisy’s baby shower’ I bought the plastic cones & ribbon and stickers from online & then the popcorn separately and made it up! It was a party favor for guests! So I really wanted a flower wall but they were like £300 to hire for 2 hours! I think not!! So I came up with this idea of a flower curtain! I ordered the faux rose heads from eBay & then we got invisible string and threaded them on! It actually turned out so well I’m so pleased with it! Perfect back drop! I’ve actually still kept it up! These were my absolute fave !! Lollies with his scan picture on! How amazing are they!!!!!!!!! They turned out amazingly! And then they say ‘ Daisy’s baby shower ‘ the quality of the image were so good! this is the table all together!!!!!!! The badges are in the hello world theme! Then the advice cards also, which when people wrote on they went in the giant wine glass! Also the card hearts are to make a wish for baby on! They also got put in the glass afterwards! I’m obsessed with this cake!!!!!! It’s exactly what I visioned! So I had been looking for inspiration everywhere and couldn’t decide what I wanted! So I went on Pinterest and fell in love with the drip cake! So then I found more inspo and wanted roses on top instead of sweets! I then put out a Facebook status looking for a cake maker & got recommended Ellie! She is amazing!!!!!! Communication was so friendly and she really worked with me on what I wanted and sent me pics of what she could do & we spoke colours etc! She is ‘ bespoke cakes by Ellie conniford’ I’ve also recommended her on my Facebook which takes you to her page! And she can pretty much make anything! The came was absolutely delicious too! I actually bought the cake topper separately though and added it myself! I then the scrapbook!!! So basically this is for people to write messages in & then I’m going to stick in all the advice cards & wishes for baby!!!! Then il get pictures from the day printed and also stick them in! So everything from the shower all in one place! It says ‘ Daisy’s baby shower 1st October 2017’

I decided just to do sweets & cakes and crisps as

I personally hate ‘party food’ like cocktail sausages etc! And sweets look pretty!! I also decided not to do games as that is really American and they personally cringe me out!!!!! Not really that type of family! (If people do choose to do games then that’s absolutely fine and this is just my opinion and how I wanted my shower) I wanted it to be similar to my birthday/gender reveal where it was drinks & mingling! I know it’s normally the mum who organises the baby shower but I’m too controlling and a perfectionist so I kind of took over the organising lol! I just like things how I like them 😂

So, I had my make up done by Aimee (aimeeshawyer_makeup) on instagram and I wanted kind of natural glam and she absolutely nailed it!!!!! I can’t get over how amazing it was! It was bang on what I wanted & wasn’t too much. She is now my favourite MUA! And everyone should go check her out! She’s just started out and I think she’s gonna do amazingly! She came to my house too which was so good as I didn’t have to rush about!

I actually planned my outfit around the sash I was going to wear lol!!!! So for my outfit I wanted to wear blue or green as he’s a boy! I Did the virgin white lace on my gender reveal! I had ordered some non maternity from new look and they looked awful so I sent them all back and got on asos… I found 2 dresses I absolutely loved on the maternity section! I ordered both and loved both so decided to wear them!! 2 changes throughout the day! However I stuck to the one dress as it looked so so nice with the sash and the other dress meant I had to take the sash off! The mint green went with all my decorations too! And people kept thinking my sash was part of the dress! The sash was part of the hello world collection and says ‘ mother to be , due date ‘ then I wrote 6th November on it! I also wore the mother to be badge!

Present time!!!!!!! I honestly still can’t believe how much he got! Such a lucky bubba! He has sooooo many clothes and outfit which I’ve made him so I did write to people saying if they wanted to get him something then toys or books would be an unreal idea as for Christmas I’m getting him a toy box & book case! And he got sooooooo many books and toys! So spoilt! & then he also got a few clothes which I absolutely loved! Everyone knows me and my taste !! They were mostly all grey, navy and navy and white stripe! And bear ears which I love!! People gave gift receipts but I’m honestly not returning anything! I love it all!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing I’m swapping is one thing for a bigger size! But that’s all! So I sat infront of my flower curtain and opened them infront of everyone! Classic baby shower!

Just can’t believe how spoilt he was & I can’t thank everyone enough!!!

Also to my cousins girlfriend Jo who actually took the time to knit him an elephant toy! I love it so much and so will he!!!! 💙

I also got a Snapchat filter made for the day!! Because I’m just extra obviously 💙

I honestly had the best day ever! All my favourite people in one place!!! Can’t thank everyone enough for coming supporting and for all the beautiful gifts for my son 💙 we are so grateful 💙

If anyone has any questions about where I got stuff made etc then just ask! And I hope people liked how I did my baby shower! And I hope to inspire other people’s!

Here are some pics from the day:

Anyway! Il be uploading the VLOG hopefully this week but like I said, I’m not going to rush it just so it’s out, I’m not putting shit content out! Also 35 week bumpdate will be later this week 🙂

Lots of love

Daisy Jane x

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