Discovering Goodydoo – Helping is Beautiful <3

So I found such a beautiful brand of bracelet, one that not only sells beautiful bracelets but also has a beautiful story and charity behind it also.  Goodydoo. Website: Make sure the en is at the end as its a German company!

“We want to make people happy, who love the extraordinary and also would like to help animals, because helping is beautiful.”- Goodydoo.

If you have 2 minutes spare then read their story on how Goodydoo came about, its such a lovely, heart warming story  –

Every sold piece of the goodydoo collection helps animals in need all over Europe. An amount of every purchase is used to buy food for shelter animals. At an average, each sold piece of jewellery will provide daily rations of food for three animals.


That’s the special thing about goodydoo: Treat yourself and help animals in need all at the same time. In this way goodydoo makes you and others happy. Treat yourself with a little luxury and fill bowls of shelter animals. With your very own goodydoo bracelet you can demonstrate your social commitment. Show others that you helped animals in need with wearing your goodydoo bracelet.

How amazing is that!!!!!!! So not only do you get an absolutely beautiful piece of jewellery, but you get to wear that knowing you helped animals in need and fed 3 animals. That is just so amazing I could cry!!!! Im SUCHHHH a dog lover, i love animals. This charity/brand means so much to me.


It would be the most perfect christmas gift for someone. Knowing you helped animals in need, that is the greatest gift of all!!!! And you also get a beautiful hand crafted bracelet. When you look down, you can be reminded that you helped animals! I think that is so lovely! Its just a charity I really love and means so much to me! And the product is amazing – helping charity and the animals is an amazing bonus!!!!

Im so glad I got the chance to work with Goodydoo….. and my family – You know what you’ll be getting for christmas! Im purchasing all different type of colours asap!!!! We can all wear them together!!!

If you like mine – its the Desert Dreams Bracelet.


Im obsessed with the Colours of India bracelet too, I think thats deffo being purchased! You can also get little charms saying I love my dog as well! Sooooo cute ❤

Also if youre curious about which animals are being fed and helped –

“Yeaaaah! We did it! The first 10.000 bowls have been filled ♡ This shelter receives the food from goodydoo: Save Romanian Strays – ROLDA Germany e.V.
We will keep you up to date and inform you about the progress.

The next shelter that will get food from goodydoo is FOS Thassos e.V. With every purchase you now fill the bowls for animals on the Greek island Thassos.”

I hope you all love the bracelets and the charity as much as I do! Help an animal this christmas 🙂


Helping IS beautiful!

Also it’s a German company but shipping is just 2€ and free for over 30€!

Lots of Love,

Daisy Jane x

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