35 week bumpdate!

OK SO! This weeks bumpdate won’t be very long at all because of 2 reasons ….

1) I had pregnancy blues so didn’t really get up to anything .. all about it in my last blog post!

2) I had a 6 hour antenatal class however I have my 36 midwife appointment where il be doing my birth plan so want to talk about my decisions then either in a blog post or VLOG!

But here is my bumpdate:

img_1591. img_1592

Okay! So ….. Saturday I just went to do baby shower prep & then Sunday was my baby shower … which was the most lovely day!!!! I have done a whole blog post on it so make sure you check it out AND I’m doing a VLOG but having problems with my mac book but it should be up in the next few days!!!!



The VLOG will be up this week for sure!!!!! AND if you haven’t already I uploaded a VLOG of my sons wardrobe! https://youtu.be/u4LAyXFM3wE !!

Anyway! So literally this week I’ve been a recluse! I’ve moped about and just wallowed in self pity. After my baby shower I kind of lost purpose, I got the pregnancy blues big time. Got fed up of being pregnant, being in pain and waiting for my son! But I pulled myself out of it and I feel so much better!!!!!!!!

Little things got me excited again!!! – all the pictures from his baby shower came back so I’ve been making his baby shower book! And it looks amazing so far!!


This week I also went on a morning dog walk with my nan! It was so good to get out the house and have the exercise and fresh air!! This definitely helped!


I also went to see my pregnant pal Jordi as I didn’t want to isolate myself completely! We literally laid in bed watched Netflix and ate junk! Just being around people helps the blues so much!!


Also this is my stretch mark update!!!! They’ve got a lot worse this week where the baby is getting SO big! Apparently he weighs between 5-6 pounds! And everything is fully formed now and he is just putting on weight! Not so great on my bod! I’m not going to hide it though, it’s got worse and I’m not embarrassed at all- like I said I always knew my skin was going to have to stretch … I’m creating a baby!! I’ve started to bio oil then so I’m sure they’ll fade when my skin doesn’t have to stretch anymore!!



This week I washed his hospital outfits !!!! I got SO emotional! It literally just made it all so real! He’s officially part of the family and seeing his tiny clothes on the line just reminded me how he’s actually going to be here in the next few weeks!!!!! Just dying to meet him now!



Also this week I met my bestie Matthew and we went for a nandos yummmmmm! Bit of a drama as baby brain lost my debit card this week LOL my bad! I found it eventually though after hours !


So today was the NCT antenatal class at the Royal berks hospital! It was 6 HOURS LONG! I don’t want to go into too much detail yet but it was amazing! Honestly I learnt so so much and I can’t recommend it enough! I feel completely prepared for labour and what to expect! They go into lots of detail about the different stages of labour, about all the different methods of pain relief! I went with one thing set in my mind and then after that class I’ve completely changed my mind on what I want and where I want to give birth! And then they also went into detail about caring for the baby after! It’s honestly put my mind at ease so much!!! I have my 36 week midwife appointment Thursday where I am actually doing my birth plan with her so I’m going to do a VLOG about my decisions about my birth! It’s crazy to think next time il be in that hospital will be when I meet my son 💙 makes me emotional thinking about it!!! Also it’s crazy to think I’m full term in 1 WEEK! In the class she said to fully expect him to come anywhere between 37-42 and don’t be shocked if he makes an arrival in week 37!!

Obviously had to make a pit stop as my cravings took over ….

Sooo.. my fave part! Purchases of the week!!!!

I realised I don’t have any travel toys for him! Toys for on the move to entertain him! So I went on Jojo Manan Bebe and ordered these ! The sophie the giraffe one is for his car seat to dangle down for him! I’ve also bought him a sophie the giraffe teether so hopefully he recognises it from that!

Love this peter rabbit one 😍 that one is for his pram/push chair!!! It will be on the bar Infront of him so he can grab the peter rabbit and eventually play with it!

I also bought him this cute grey rabbit!!! Because it will look nice in his cot as we have a grey and white theme!!!

img_1500 Also!!! He is lucky enough to now have 2 play mats/gyms! He got an amazing colourful one from my god mother at his shower which is perfect beceause he needs to have the colours around him and for his sensory etc etc and it’s also got sides to it .. so I was thinking that’d be great for the lounge so the dogs can’t get to him as the sides are quite high! This one is definitely

His fun one!!!! He will love all the bright colours! …… So then I’ve decided to get one for his nursery too!! This one goes with his nursery colours and is more for him laying down in it for short periods of time when he starts reaching out grabbing things!

It’s from mamas & papas and goes exactly with his fun bouncer & his cot mobile!

img_1565 I love it because it’s a play mat and then also turns into a play gym!!!!! So I can quickly place him down on it but it will also be good when he starts seeing properly and reaching out to things!

img_1577img_1585 So as you can see I haven’t really had much to write about this week due to my pregnancy blues!!!!!!

Here are some bump pics from this week –


He’s been soooooo active this week! He’s so cramped in there now!

Anyway! So this week my curtains are going up & then I’m moving my mattress down and moving downstairs so excited!!!!!!! And then will be filming a nursery tour hopefully! And then uploading my shower vid AND birth plan blog post or vlog!!!!!! Busy week lots of content!!!! & then I had my 36 midwife appointment Thursday! Exciting week!

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x

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