36 week bumpdate πŸ’™

36 WEEKS!!!!!! 1 week until I’m full term & 4 weeks until due date!!!!! Well I’m writing this 2 days before I’m full term but yeah! He is readyyyyyyyyyyy for his arrival! Which I just can’t wait for! So so so so so ready to meet him! Just want him in my arms! And my god it has been baby week! 6 people I know have had babies this week! WHERES MINE!!!!


Here’s my bumpdate:


So this week has been a busy week in terms of medical side of things! Last Saturday I went to a 6 hour antenatal class where I learnt ALL about labour, pain relief, how to care for a newborn etc! And it really has made me think about my birth plan and what I want!

My current plan is no plan! I don’t want to get my heart set on anything, I’m going to go with it and see what happens! I’m going to see how I cope with the pain & try and get in the midwife led unit which encourages a natural birth! With birthing pools etc! But if it’s too much then il have to go down to the delivery suite and have an epidural! Which I’m not opposed to! However I have decided under no circumstance do I want medical intervention by forceps delivery! I would literally rather have an emergency c section instead of them pulling my child out of me with metal tongs! I’ve heard so many horror stories! Just absolutely not!!!! Epidural can slow down labour so I need to be prepared! But I’ve weighed up all my options and decided I’m open to it! It just depends how it goes! I can’t recommend the NCT antenatal class enough!! I honestly learnt so much and I feel completely prepared when it comes to knowing when I’m in labour and the different stages etc! You also get to meet other mummies to be which is always good too!

ANYWAY, so Tuesday … as you probably all know I have SUCH an active little boy! He’s a little cheeky monkey! He’s always running around my womb! I feel the biggest movements and my stomach is never just settled! So on Tuesday I just felt nothing , so as he’s normally so so active this was such a worry! He may have just tired himself out but I just couldn’t risk it! So I went down to the maternity ward in hospital to the day assessment unit/delivery suites! Bit of advice – if you have to go prepare for hearing people in labour and seeing people having contractions it’s terrifying 😩 I had to sit there thinking omg this could be me next week 😩 but anyway! After waiting an HOURRRRR! It was so so busy in there! I went through to a bed with curtains etc and hooked up to a monitor ….. he was okay!!! As soon as I laid down really he started kicking around , so naughty πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ I’ve also been feeling his hiccups EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!! since about week 35! It’s so mad to think he’s that big in there I can even feel his hiccups … but basically my babies heart rate was spiking up and down and they couldn’t find a base line! I was also getting contractions at the same time but couldn’t feel them but they were coming up on the monitor! I’m SO lucky that I don’t feel Braxton hicks! I think that’s what they were ! So then I had to stay on the monitor until it passed which eventually it did! And then I told them about my tummy turning purple before I came in so I had to wait around to see the doctor and registar on the unit! Lots of prodding around and questions! Then they decided to send me for a growth scan the next day as they thought i may have had lots of fluid! So I came in next day for a growth scan …. and once again wriggles away whenever someone touches me! He is measuring bang on perfect/ in middle of average for everything!!! My fluid is absolutely fine & my blood flow is good so placenta is working! He’s also weighing in at 6lb3 which is a healthy weight! So all good news! I went back to the DAU and got to go home!!!


& then! On the Thursday I had my 36week midwife appointment!

img_2031img_2026 So I didn’t actually get to see my midwife! She was off so there was a replacement one! This made me feel a little uneasy but she was really nice! She did all the usual examinations and everything was fine! Then we discussed my birth plan! I also have to go see a consultant next week to check on me following his heart rate etc and to discuss some of my fears! But all is well! I’m booked in for my sweep in case he’s over! Which I’m hoping he isn’t 😩😩 just want him now!

Also it has just occurred to me …. if they induce me at 12 days over (which is the latest they do) .. that is 5 weeks today …. so he will 100% he in my arms in 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing thought 😍😍😍😍 obviously I hope this isn’t the case and I hope he comes on Monday at 37 weeks πŸ˜‚ but it’s a nice thought knowing the absolute maximum I have to wait to meet him is only 5 weeks today!


PURCHASES!!!!!!!!!! My fave part! So this week I did some online shopping!!! I treated myself too and everything for me I’m sending back πŸ˜‚ but bumpboy done well!!

img_2038 Also I just want to thank water wipes for sending me wipes for me to try with him! Following contact with them after the blogging conference! I’m sad I can’t take part in their Halloween campaign as baby might not be here 😦

img_2058 But I’ve heard amazing things about these wipes! They’re 99.9% water! I think I’m going to

Definitley use this instead of warm water and cotton wool! But il let you all know how I get on with them!

img_2111 How AMAZE are these baby bottles!!!!!!!!! They look like mini protein shakers 😩😍 they’re anti colic bottles from sweden! And obviously I had to get the matching dummy’s! He’s going to look so cute in them! The green is a lot more striking in person too! The grey and beige were completely sold out for a while but I finally nabbed them! Again, il let you know how I get on with them! They also sell sippy cups, so I will definitely have to try them too eventually!

img_1979img_1984img_2007 HOW ADORABLE!!!! These bits are from H&M. I wanted to get him some more trousers as I’m just going to put him in them with a bodysuit for when he’s around the house and if we pop out! I want him to be comfy! ALSO ANOTHER CHRISTMAS OUTFIT 😍😍😍😍😍😍 so he has a few now! But I fell in love with this one it’s so perfect!!!! He will be 7-8 weeks old and I bought size 2-4 months but it does look quite small tbf! I hope it’s okay!

img_1834img_1837 I also got him a few more basic bits! Sleep suits body suits etc! You can never have too many!

And how cute are these trousers/leggings!!!! They’re from Zara and they’re actually girls! But I don’t really care, he has a few girls bits! They’d navy with brown buttons so they’re perfectly suitable for him πŸ™‚ I love them! Again he will wear these with a bodysuit or maybe even a shirt as they’re size 3-6 and I want him in proper outfits by then!

img_2056img_2051 I LOVE these 2 outfits! They’re actually from Sainsbury’s! I’ve never looked at the Sainsbury’s clothes before but we popped in there for doughnuts the other day so obvs had to check out the bubba section! And it did not disappoint! How cute is the bow tie 😩 and the little hodgeheg knitted outfit 😩😩 the latter was only Β£10 and the bow tie outfit Β£7!!!!! So cheap! I got size 3-6 months.

img_1832 So I also picked up some cheap winter garms for myself!! All in huge sizes …. literally nothing fits me! And I’m not even over exaggerating! And I’m just so big and uncomfortable in my final month , all I wanna be in is leggings and a t shirt! I also

Picked up some knitwear as it’s now autumn and I’m getting cold!

So this week I’ve started to try to bring on labour !! Before people moan! At my growth scan she said he is perfectly healthy size and is head down engaged so is ready! Also let’s be honest .. it’s my first baby .. I’m full term in 2 days .. I will probably have a 2 day long labour!!!! Also on my app it says he is fully developed now! So time to meet mama!! I’ve been drinking 2 cups of raspberry leaf tea & eating pineapple! Also been trying to go for a walk most days!

tempimageforsave-13tempimageforsave-14img_2148-1img_2137img_2141 So here’s a few bump pics from this week: and yes I’m massive!! But remember there’s a newborn in there in his full size! Also I’ve used bio oil twice and already noticed my stretch marks have faded a tiny bit!

img_2179img_2174img_2024img_1956img_1951tempimageforsave-15img_1883img_1814img_1761 So on Monday I’m full term 37 weeks! So excited! Next week my nursery should officially be finished! Been a nightmare finding a handy man!

Last night I also felt contractions!!!!!!!!!! A pain in my lower abdomen every 30 minutes! So I’ve officially felt Braxton hicks! I’ve been soooo lucky I haven’t felt them at all my whole pregnancy but last night I did! I was googling false labour all night lol! But it must mean he’s close to coming! As they were quite intense and my uterus is contracting! The fact I’ve started to feel them!! Gets me excited!!!!

Anyway this week I’m also going to upload my baby shower vlog & maybe filming my nursery tour! Depends if the nursery is finished! I just want to move downstairs! But fingers crossed it’s finished this week!

One last thing .. so I’ve been thinking about where I want my blog to go as it’s primarily a pregnancy blog which started off as just me documenting my pregnancy journey! But I’ve loved writing it so much. Obviously I’m at the end of my pregnancy Journey and only have 3 more bumpdates to write 😦 so I’ve decided ….. BLOG IS STAYING!!!!!!! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 it will just turn into weekly updates on mum life! And 1 week out the womb etc! Also I think it’s going to turn more fitness related too! As I’m getting straight back on gym and my fitness so I’ll be documenting my fitness journey! So it will be fashion fitness & family !! Hope you all enjoy it as carry on reading! πŸ’™ next chapter is mum life πŸ’™Lots of love,Daisy Jane x


  1. Daisy, thank you for sharing your incredible journey as a new mother. New life is a beautiful thing, and it’s amazing now that we have the ability to document the entire process in ways never possible when I was an infant. My entire life, my childhood was a mystery. I had no memories and only had one black and white baby picture to have any idea of what I looked like as a baby. It wasn’t until just before my grandmother passed away in 2011 that she gave me photos no one had ever seen before that helped me put together the missing pieces of the puzzle and learn the truth of who I am and where I came from. My mother passed away in 2005, and I was left without the answers I had always sought for as long as I could remember. The wonderful thing about what you are doing here, is that your baby will grow up and be able to see the events detailed about their existence while they floated in protective fluid developing inside of you. Everything that happened to you, your feelings, your emotions, your memories- things that sometimes get lost in the monotony of life’s circumstances as we get older, they will always be available as a fresh perspective for your children- no matter what age they are, because it is almost like you are freezing time for them, right here and right now. Your future grandchildren can gain insight on who you were at this point in life, and see the world for what it is today, because by then, this world will be a completely different place, much as today is a completely different world than it was when my mother was a child. My mother endured segregation and the civil rights movement. My grandmother endured walking across town to get to the market because her side of the city was one race and the other side was another, and the buses didn’t serve her side of town. I live in a world where basketball players, performers, actors, actresses, youtube sensations, social media vixens and singers of my ethnic group earn more a year than presidents and most of the rest of the wealthy in this country. So I want to thank you, sincerely, for documenting your life the way that you are. It is appreciated, because I can, through your lens, imagine in a more colorful way what my mother’s life must have been like, carrying me within her body. We all can, because your images, your words, your expressions, help us paint that picture in our imaginations- those of us who have lost the means of discovering our pasts because we have lost the loved ones that hold the keys. You are greatly loved for this gift.

    XOXO, GL

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