37 week bumpdate! I’m full term!

Fingers crossed this is my last bumpdate before it comes ‘1 week out the womb’ blog posts!!!! Haha! So I’m currently 37+5 and I’m 38 weeks on Monday! and I am so so so so so so ready to meet my bub! So if he could hurry along that would be fabbbb! He’s currently wriggling around in my stomach with the hiccups which I still can’t get over! Blows my mind that he’s literally a baby in there and he’s that big that I can feel & see his hiccups!!!! Can’t get enough of it πŸ’™ going to miss him being in my belly so much! But obviously can’t wait to have him in my arms! But I’m fully bloomed!!!! 🌸🌺🌼🌻🌹🌷 he’s ready to come out! Fully cooked! So HURRY UP BABY BOY!! Also this week I’ve absolutely lived in maternity leggings! It’s all I wanna wear, the thought of even putting on maternity jeans makes me feel sick! Whenever I go out I chuck on maternity leggings , a t shirt and my mules! The last month you double in size which is SO TRUE! So I just want to be comfortable as much as I can!

img_2635 This is my bumpdate!

img_3037 So I’m not going to lie! I’ve definitely slowed down this week! I’ve ran errands but not as many as I’d like! This week has been about getting the last minute bits! I’ve also been in the hospital to talk to consultants! But it’s all good, baby is all well!

I’ve been working on a logo for my blog & vlog also! If you could let me know which you prefer I’d really appreciate! I love neutral but I’m also loving mint green at the moment!

f34c3cce-7351-4616-a3a5-171038a04a88 So purchases for this week!!!!!!

I just realised that his crib sheets are too small for his snuzpod! You have to buy the snuz sheets which is so annoying as they’re expensive but we had to! But they’re really cute designs so I can’t complain too much!

img_3011img_2984 This coat is just the cutest! And £12 from Asda 😍 can you believe it!!!!! Such a bargain! And perfect for the next few months!

img_2399img_2397img_2365 I know what you’re thinking …. that lamp 😍I should be an interior designer I know 😍 lol!!!! It’s from the Range and I love it! It goes perfectly for his nursery! And then how bloody adorable is the reindeer onesie! Can’t wait to see him in it!!! That’s from mothercare! And then my mum got him a car seat for her car when she has him! So she’s all set! Has her bugaboo ready & a car seat!! Look at the baby’s 1st Christmas stuff in the range 😍😍😍

img_2346tempimageforsave-16img_2342 This week, NESTING has taken place!!!! I’ve waned to get everything organised!!!!!

So I got my mattress down from my room upstairs and put it in his nursery! Was a bloody workout I swear!! Had to take about 63738x breaks! But now I’m almost moved into his nursery! Just need his curtains up which are being done on Sunday!! AND made bedside table which the lamp will go on!

img_3041img_2644img_2645img_2623img_2618 I’ve also almost finished his baby shower book! Which everyone signed & then I’ve stuck in advice cards & wish cards and pictures from the day and it looks amazing!

My bump is still getting BIGGER!! Where he’s putting on half a pound each week! I thought bump was meant to stop growing! Everyday I’m more round!!!!

img_2881img_2829img_2843 I also uploaded the baby shower VLOG! So if you haven’t already the link is https://youtu.be/UwETsPisBm4

Sooooo Halloween is fast approaching!!!!!!!! And I love Halloween! So I’ve gone & bought 4 pumpkins and getting all creative! However they’re a working progress! So il properly upload them in next weeks bumpdate of what I’ve done to them!! But it makes me so excited to have a child! I love artsy stuff!!!!

img_2990img_2988 And I also bought this …… because ya never know! He may be early ! Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!! If not it’ll have to be returned 😦

img_2763 So next week! 38 weeks! I have a 38 week gp appointment on Monday so to check on baby etc!!!! And then I want to record a nursery tour vlog so keep a look out for that!!!!! However I’m hoping this is my last bumpdate post lol!!!!!!

Actually this week, I’ve noticed my bump has massively dropped!!!!! He’s not at the top at all anymore where he’s engaged and in position!

img_2967 A few more bump pics from this week:


I’ve also had people started to say bye to bump as I never know when he’s gonna arrive! Same with taking bump pictures! I never know when it’s going to be my last!! Make sure you’re following my sons instagram account!!!!!! Its where ill be posting him regularly all his OOTD!!!!!! As i don’t want to spam my instagram and piss people off haha! @babieswhobrunch_

ONE LAST THING !!!! I bought this today after hearing amazing reviews!!!!!!! I haven’t tried it yet but I will and post my thoughts next week!!!!! If it’s good it will be amazing for labour! Imagine sweating and crying and brows still looking good! I don’t personally touch my brows I’m an au natural girl , apart from when I go out I just put brow mascara on! But this looks very easy so it’s right up my street! I can just imagine having contractions and being like HANG ON I NEED TO TINT!!!!!!!

img_3045 Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x


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