Nathaniel George Sean Carberry 💙 1st week out the womb

He’s here… I can’t believe I can finally say this. My son is born!!!!! And I’ve never been so in love. I can’t believe my 37 week bumpdate was my last one… so I gave birth at 38weeks 4 days. Nathaniel George Sean Carberry – born by elective c section at 11.16am weighing 8lbs exactly! So I’m going to carry on blogging & vlogging my journey… however it’s not onto a new chapter … and has gone from my pregnancy journey to my journey as a new mum. Expect every high and low. So the weekly bumpdates have turned into ‘weeks out the womb’ where I will be blogging about my week etc very similar as before.

So this post is all about his 1st week out the womb!


So il start from the beginning……


I had an Elective c section which was booked a week earlier. It was decided by me and consultants that it would be best for my health to go along this route. I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on this amazing life experience I see it two ways – I could have had an amazing labour and birth but I could have also had a 3 day long traumatising horrific birth. I didn’t really care how I gave birth just aslong as he was out and healthy. However, it was quite nice only going to 38 weeks, by this point I was extremely uncomfortable and in pain.

(As I’m writing this, he’s asleep next to me and I’ve just started crying as I still can’t believe how amazing and tiny he is, fully completely utterly in love) also I’m awake before him! I wake up at 7am and he still isn’t awake!!

I’ve uploaded a VLOG documenting my whole C section journey so here’s the link -

I feel like I should put a disclaimer out! It is highly emotional! It’s 26 minutes long but if you’re going to watch it then please please set aside 30 mins to watch it as it’s one of those you need to see start to finish and not skip bits etc! It’s an emotional rollercoaster! So many people have messaged saying how much they cried!!


So unfortunately Nate didn’t have the smoothest of journeys into the world. Shortly after being born and whilst on me for skin to skin in the operating theatre, it came apparent his breathing was off and he was ‘grunting’ however we got wheeled off to recovery where honestly I was completely drained. You can’t move at all and then there’s a lady trying to get your baby to latch into your nipple when all you want to do is sleep for the foreseeable future. A paediatrician came and saw Nate and said the grunting is normal in c section babies. Where vagina born babies prepare for life outside the womb – in the birth canal the animotic fluid gets squeezed out of their lungs whereas in c section they don’t have this. Some babies clear the fluid however Nathaniel didn’t and it was affecting his breathing so where he was struggling he was making a grunting noise. He had to go up to Buscot ward the Neonatal baby care unit after 30 mins with me. I got taken up to a maternity ward .. I soon got moved to a private room however. So I didn’t have to be in a room with other women. I slept for a while & I woke to not a lot of news about Nate. I just wanted my baby. So i completely pushed myself and I don’t know how I did it .. super human mum strength. But I got up out of bed after 4 hours of having my c section. One of the midwifes helped me and it was a struggle , I was still numb from being made numb and I honestly felt like I was going to faint but I didn’t want to tell the midwife that as I was desperate to go up to the 6th floor to see my baby. I managed to get up out of bed and into a wheelchair. Some women don’t achieve this until days after their c section but mine was 4 hours! So I went to see Nate. And it was heartbreaking.

img_4170nothing can prepare you for seeing your baby all wired up like that, not even being able to hold him and cuddle him. Having no control over what happens to your baby. We still wernt told too much but told he is connected to a high flow machine to help with his breathing whilst the fluid clears, which takes 24-72 hours.

The next morning I was told he made progress and got moved out the incubator into a cot and into a different nursery. (Into hospital clothes too)


One of the nurses told me to try get him on my boob to breastfeed. However this made him worse. Where he was working hard to breathe and now feed at the same time, it was too much and he started grunting again. I went downstairs to my room to rest and I went up later to find he had been moved back into an incubator and back on assisted breathing. This set back killed me. To see progress then to have a set back like this is heartbreaking .. that night my pain was too much where I had a c section and I was so upset about Nate I woke up at 3am crying in a state. Cried to the midwife who gave me morphine & just got in such a state (which in the youtube video you can see)

However the next day he once again made progress. img_4523

I also was able to give him a skin to skin cuddle.


He came off the high flow and being fed fluids. He was now being fed formula milk through a tube and that was it. I was expressing my colostrum milk however there isn’t a lot of it and it’s like a thick yellow substance so you literally have to squeeze your nipples to get a drip and collect the drop into a syringe!


My milk hadnt come in yet and I could only produce 1ml of colostrum which they put in his feeding tube which contains all my anti bodies which was perfect for him. However as my milk hadn’t come in – they had to give him formula milk in his tube 13ml every hour and there’s no way I could produce that much. Where he was making more progress he got moved into a cot again and into the less intensive nursery. Well I actually sent my mum up at 11pm to check on him and they taken him out the incubator and into a cot and into hospital clothes ..


I looked at it and was so so so so so happy and excited he was making progress and in a cot but .. WHAT is my child wearing?!?!! What does he look like 😂 all the colour is giving me a headache! Anyway back to topic … so where he was needing so much milk, and for his progress he needed to start learning to suck … so I opted for bottle feeding him formula. It was to aid his recovery and I just didn’t want to stress him out trying to put him on my boob again .. I think it would have made me stress trying to let him to latch etc and I was too worried he’d have another set back. So breastfeeding didn’t work out for me , but I didn’t really mind. Like I said before, I was going with the flow and not having my heart set on anything. Formula feeding is literally so so easy though and I love that I know exactly how much he is having each time. I already had all the tommy tippee bottle stuff and the perfect prep machine ( which is a GOD SEND btw , can’t recommend it enough ) I know everyone says breastfeeding is best for babies… but it wasn’t best for my baby and thats all that matters to me. I gave him my colostrum for 3 days which has all my antibodies in and then to feed him my actual milk just wasn’t the best option for him.

In the morning at 9am a consultant doctor comes round and reviews all the babies and he came round and said as Nate is feeding from a bottle now there’s no reason for him to be kept away from me. He also showed me nates x days where I could see the fluid on his lungs and it actually turned out to be Pneumonia which he was already being treated on anti biotics for , for 5 days.

So that evening he came down to my room which was honestly amazing and all I ever wanted! He was on day 3 of anti biotics so we had to wait until day 5 until we could be discharged!

Finally start being his mum properly and bonding with him! Then on the Wednesday it was finally time for us to go home!!! We both had recovered really well and after 5 days I was so so ready to leave that room! The staff at Royal Berks hospital are honestly amazing and I can’t thank them enough! They gave me so much support.

Bringing him home was scary but terrifying but i got settled after about a day! And now I can’t imagine my life without him being here!

Look at that face 😍😍😍😭💙💙We are so settled and happy 💙 actually as I write this it’s now 7.30am and he’s STILL asleep! He only wakes up once in the night about 4am and that’s it! He’s honestly such a chilled out baby, he will happily just lay in bed awake just chilling without needing attention ..

img_5664 Him currently ….

img_6409 So Thursday I rested and had a few visitors round. Then Friday morning I went to register him! He’s now official! He is Nathaniel George Sean Carberry!! And he was 1 week old!!!!!

img_6098img_5994img_5988img_5989 Then in the afternoon, we went to his photoshoot!!!!!! He was a bit unsettled at first and cried but he soon was amazing!!!!!! I can’t wait to see the shots which is on Wednesday!!!!

img_6188img_6196-1img_6206-1img_6209-1img_6208-1 I’m also starting my fitness journey, getting back into shape! I’ve been documenting my body and how it is post partum! And it’s squidgy lol! My uterus is still contracting down etc but this is it currently! Mum tum!

img_6407 Last night Matthew came over, nates god father & we had chinese and I had my first glass of wine in 9 months! I only had 1 as I’m stil responsible for Nate. But it was so weird tasting it again! I’m going to try head out in about a month I think. I want to enjoy my time with Nate before I properly rejoin the World lol.

Also all his visitors and cards have been amazing!! Can’t thank everyone enough for the support! Nate is very loved 💙 also my work for sending me flowers! So lovely!

img_6287 It’s so strange that we are still not even on his due date yet which is the 6th November! Next week Is all about chilling and I still have some visitors to see nate! However I’m going into town as there’s some bits I need to get but I’m getting the bus …. with his Pram .. because I can’t drive for 6 weeks! So that will be interesting! Also I have my friend Jordi’s baby shower so I’m looking forward to that! I need to remember to take it easy as it is only a week since my operation! And it was a major operation! Where I’m home i forget that I need to still recover so I’ve been so active. Even at the photoshoot they were all so shocked at how active I am. They said women normally struggle to get up after their c section but there I was laying on the flor helping nate get in positions lol!

I think that’s all for this week! But make sure you check out my YouTube video of my c section journey!

And literally as I’m writing this he’s waking up finally!

Lots of love,

Daisy & Nate x

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