8 Absolute ESSENTIALS for a newborn!!

So I’m 11 days into being a new first time mummy and these are the products I absolutely can’t live without! A completely honest review! I’m going to post all the links at the end!

1.Sleepy head!!! Omg this is a god send!!!! Mums always ranted and raved about this to me but honestly I thought how could a cushion be that amazing but now I completely get it!!!!! The difference when he’s in and out of it is unreal! It makes them feel like they’re in womb and all safe! I literally put mine in his snuz pod next to me so he has his own little space! I also bring it into the lounge during the day and just put it on the sofa! It saves me carrying his crib in! He absolutely loves it! And he only wakes once or twice in the night and I’m putting it down to this! He will just happily lay in it awake with his dummy!!! He doesn’t scream at all when I put him in it!

Him napping with it in my lounge on the sofa-

Nate just quite content chilling in it awake!!!!

2.Ewan the sheep! I’ve only had this for a few days but it’s amazing! I’m going to do a separate blog post on it but ….. look how chilled my baby is when it’s on …. enough said. The pink light mimics the womb and the soothing music relaxes baby and they’re are also womb sound settings and a heartbeat setting!

3.Mam bottles! So I didn’t actually plan on using these .. I bought the tommee tippee feeding set which is the steriliser etc and lots of bottles came with it so I just planned on using them. It wasn’t until I went to 2 baby shows where they get handed out and omg! They’re amazing!!! They also actually came with a small dummy in the bottom too! I feel like 0-6 dummies are just too big for my baby so these little mam ones are smaller and perfect for him! He literally just sucks so much better on these and the tommee tippee ones he dribbles with and pushes the teat down! I’ve also heard lots of babies getting colic from the TT ones .. and these mam ones are anti colic bottles! They’re a bit of a pain to wash but they’re amazing! My baby much prefers them due to the shape teat and The flow! I had to buy some extra so I got these 2 from Mothercare for £9 and they’re a little bigger than my other ones !

& those are the ones I got given at the baby show! Which are perfect!! I have about 6! However the ones I bought go above 5oz so he will need them ones as he starts drinking more!

4.Perfect prep machine! THIS IS NUMBER 1! THIS IS AMAZING AND THE BEST THING EVER INVENTED! (This is only relevant for formula fed babies) OMG!!! So you literally put the bottle under the machine and it puts hot water in for 5 seconds & then you put powder in shake and put it under again and it puts cooler water in and fills it up.. so it makes it the perfect temperate for baby! And it literally takes 1 minute max to prepare a bottle! It is the easiest thing ever and perfect for when Nate suddenly wakes and screams for a bottle!!!! Honestly can’t recommend it enough! I couldn’t live without mine! They retail at £120 however they always go into offer and I got mine for £60! It’s good to keep watch on it as they’re always fluctuating in price! Every event they go in! Ahhhh as I’ve just linked it below I’ve noticed they’re currently reduced!!! Seeeeee!

5.Muslin squares … very basic but absolutely essential! I literally use mine all the time! They’re perfect for just cleaning up dribble or milk spit ups or sick! And especially for putting over your shoulder when winding baby! Honestly I have about 6 laying around my room and lounge ATM! I also put one down in his sleepy head just to catch spit up and make him more comfy! I only had 3 when he was first born and I quickly had to get my amazing auntie To bring some more into hospital for me!! Make sure you have about 10!! Or even more! So so so useful! I went for lunch a few days ago and forgot to bring one and it was so sad 😦 I felt so lost and confused and had to use his bib for his dribble and it just wasn’t the same!!

6.Fluffy My 1st years Pram suit …. in my eyes this is an absolute essential! So Nate has a Ralph Lauren coat snow suit and he will use it when it get a little colder but for now I just love his first years fluffy all in one! It’s so so warm and is perfect for just putting him in when we go for a walk or head into town! Plus I’m obsessed with the bear ears and anything personalised! Also when I’m out for lunch etc and have to feed him it’s good because I can just unzip it but still have him half in it so he’s still warm! It’s nice and comfy for him! And when I get home I don’t feel the need to rush to get him out of it as I know it’s really soft and comfy for him unlike a coat!

7.Avent temperature bath & room thermometer! So this was from his god father and I completely forgot to get one! And this one is just amazing!!!!! I just put it in his nursery next to his crib to check the temperature and it says on it what the perfect temperature for baby should be …. it also can float in the bath as it’s silicone which I think is amazing! It will give me piece of mind having it in the bath the whole time so I constantly can check to see the temp is ok instead of just using a thermometer to check at the beginning!

8. Snuz pod…. I’ve literally raved about this in my nursery tour vlog! And it has passed my expectations with flying colours! Honestly it’s unreal! I love Nate being right next to me but still in his own safe section! Also because the chihuahuas have moved back in … I zip up the side and then can put it in the lounge out of the stand and he can nap! It looks amazing in his nursery too! I chose white but there are so many colour options too! I would never get anything else now! I love being right next to him and it’s amazing at night when he cries because I can just sit up in bed and reach over to grab him for a cuddle!!!!! Can’t recommend this enough! I’m going to use it for all my children! However I’m dreading when I have to start the process of moving him into his big boy cotbed! I’m going to start by zipping up the snuzpod but still next to Me and then gradually move it to end of my bed!!! I just love waking up and looking at his little face! Also in the night when I hear him cough I wake up automatically and can see him straight away which I really like!


1. http://www.sleepyheadwebshop.com/en/products/sleepyhead/sleepyhead-deluxe-pod-0-8m-pristine-white.html

You can also get it from mothercare & John Lewis. I got mine from the baby show!

2. https://www.sweetdreamers.co.uk/product/ewan-the-dream-sheep/

3. The ones I got given .. they come with the dummy!!!!! I recommend! I think you can try it for free too I’ve noticed!


Also the pack of 2 blue ones I got in the Mothercare store and they were on offer for £9 and I can’t see them on the website but these are pretty much the same and in offer too!


4. Currently in offer at –


5. You can get muslins from lots of places but il link the ones I use!




8.http://www.snuz.co.uk/snuzpod-bedside-crib/ you can also get it from John Lewis

Hope you’ve enjoyed this! And this is all my own opinions .. I’m not saying if you get a different brand or something slightly different then that’s wrong! Just what I’ve absolutely loved and can’t live without for my newborn these past 11 days! 💙

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x

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