2 weeks out the womb

Nathaniel is 2 weeks old!!!! How time flies when you’re having fun!! Lots of sleep deprived being wee’d on fun…… the cuddles make it all worth it though πŸ’™


we’ve had SUCH busy week!!!!!!!!! This blog post is a little late .. as I’ve just been so busy and it’s impossible finding an hour to write this with a newborn!! This is my Nate update …. my Upnate lolololol that is what future blogs will be called LOL!!!!! upnate i love it!!!!!! talking everything post-nate-all lololol il stop…… Β I’m writing about his second week! Which is Friday to Friday!! We’ve been into Reading twice & walked down to woodley precinct! So last Sunday we walked to Woodley and he had his first Bosco Lounge experience! We went for lunch and typically he woke up for a feed as soon as my halloumi salad arrived! But he’s cute so all is forgiven! It was his first time in his Pram and he started off crying so much but then got used to it and fell asleep! This is his ootd and I’m obsessed with it!!!!!!! Grey, knitted & peter rabbit 😍 from my friend Jo and is from M&S! And unfortunately it’s sold out everywhere 😦 it’s amazing!!!!

img_6859img_6876img_6981img_6980tempimageforsave-20 Also how cute are our matching hats!!!!!! I got them in early pregnancy even before I knew he was a boy! Also got them in cream and black!!

tempimageforsave-21img_6965 So that was the Sunday and then on the Monday me and my auntie Justine ventured into reading. This was his due date!!!!!!! 6th November 2016. Because I can’t drive for 6 weeks because of my c section she wanted to teach me how to get the bus and to show that it’s easy so I can go into reading and out and not get isolated!!!!! So bit of a disaster … we couldn’t find the right bus stop and then ended up putting the Pram and us in a black cab home LOL! But we tried!!!!! I then had necessities I needed to get – more vests and more mam bottles!! Honestly mam bottles are 😍 I’ve spoken about them in my 8 absolute essentials for a newborn born post!!!! And then vests….. I just didn’t have enough white short sleeve ones! Honestly do NOT get long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve vests! I find them a NIGHTMARE to get on!!!!!! Short sleeve ones are so so easy and limits the pain of changing my screaming baby who hates being naked !!! He wore a little My K outfit from mothercare which is Myleene Klass collection.

img_9566img_9568img_9569img_9570img_9571img_9572img_9573 Then Tuesday I went into reading again!! With my mama bear! This time we drove πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

img_9576img_9581img_9582img_9583img_9584img_9585img_9586img_9587 I’m obsessed with his grey fluffy Pram suit from my 1st years so I bought similar! This one is Peter rabbit and was from mothercare and was Β£25 .. it’s so cute 😍 I also got him that adorbs I love my mummy sleepsuit from next!! I LOVE next sleepsuits because they button down one leg instead of at the crotch which is actually amazing!

img_9595 So then on Wednesday I had a viewing of his photoshoot pictures. They set up a PowerPoint then it took absolutely ages choosing pics from 100! They were absolutely amazing!!!!!! We settled for 8 pics for Β£320!

img_9597img_9598img_9599img_9596 So on Thursday his umbilical cord came off!!!!!! So it was bath time that night! Also the midwife came round to discharge me! Nathaniel currently weighs 8lbs2 … he’s only put on 0.2 since being born but it’s all very normal!!! Honestly the amount he drinks I thought he’d be a 10 pounder by now!!!!!! He’s a lil piggy! But obviously isn’t haha!

So bath time …… absolute disaster!!!! Everyone kept telling me how much he’ll love the bath! But I know my child and I know how much he hates being naked!!!! I knew he was going to hate it and I was right he screamed!!!! I bought one of those bath things and it’s crap! He hated it!!! He much preferred and stopped crying when he was actually held in the water!!!!! I’ve had some people write me saying to go in with him next time and cuddle him so I’m deffo gonna try that!!!! But he loved cuddle time after! He looks soooooo cute in his dumbo dressing gown from my friend Ashleigh! And his hooded towel!!

img_9603img_9613img_9614img_9615img_9612img_9616img_9617img_9618img_9619 & then he was 2 weeks old Friday! So crazy!!!!! So in the morning we had the health visitor round and she’s absolutely lovely!!!! She gave me lots of info! Then she’s next round at 8 weeks old! & then me & nate had a chilled day .. my mum took him to get his feet moulded into clay which will be mega cute!!!!!

img_9557img_9558Β Also on the Saturday I went to my friend Jordi’s baby shower which was so lovely!!!

img_9556 Honestly this 2 weeks has been a blur! Day and night is just mixed into 1! It’s the most surreal thing! That’s why I’ve been trying to get out the house as much as possible and not get into a bubble!! Trying to get things back to normal! I’m always not one of those mums who wants mollycoddle my son! As soon as someone comes in my house I pass him to them and want him to settle for other people and not just me! I don’t want him to be one of those babies who screams when their mum leaves the room! Obviously I want to be his number 1 and him attached to me but just not 1000% dependant on me!! I think it’s healthy for him to form attachments to others too! When he falls over I’m not going to mollycoddle him – if he isn’t hurt then he can get back up!! So this past week we’ve had lotsssss of visitors and they’ve all held him and I’ve sat back!!! Also people have Been giving him a bottle too!

So my body……. this is it currently!!! I feel like my bump has gone down but now I just feel so squidgy and fat 😦 my stretch marks are still there!!!! I just hate the mum tum! And if you’re a mum and reading this then you know what I’m on about! The pouch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can’t wait to get back in the gym in 4 weeks!

img_9593img_9580 My dogs also moved back in!!!! And they’re AMAZING with nate!!!! Honestly bear is obsessed with him! Literally protects him and checks on him all the time! It’s the cutest thing ever! I don’t know why I was so worried!

img_9537 Also I have amazing news!!!!!!! So I decided to look into modelling agencies for Nate and applied for a few …… he got 5 offers!!!! So so so amazing! And one of them was a top one which has its own show on channel 4! They said they get hundreds and even thousands when the fb show was aired of applications a day .. they don’t accept people they don’t really believe in and would be an asset to them & their books … so the fact they invited Nathaniel in to meet his agent and a photoshoot is amazing !!! So proud! However I chose to go with another agency – tiny angels. Purely because it seems more casual… and my cousins baby is on their books too. I find it hard trusting modelling agencies especially when it comes to my son so i feel like I can 100% trust this one! If Nathaniel is amazing in front of the camera and gets lots of work then il look into joining the other agency later on! But for now this is perfect for us!!! Also……. he has already landed his first shoot!! He got chosen and booked for a shoot for Next! It’s in London and in 2 weeks time! I’m so proud of him!!!! It’s Β£72 an hour so I’ve made Nathaniel a bank account so all his earnings will go in there for when he’s older!! So so so proud of my little baby πŸ’™img_9925img_9926 So that’s it for this week!!!! My next week is more chilled! I’m going to a baby class which will be good!!! also have a gp appointment! also I’m going to VLOG an UPNATE!!!! All about me & nate and adjusting to mum life….. and also going to VLOG his photoshoot!!!!


Look at him holding his bottle!!!! Soon cute



Lots of love,

Daisy &Nate x

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