2 Months out the womb!!!! UpNate <3

Okay this is weeks 5,6,7 & 8 WOOPS!!!!! Like I said before! I honestly can’t find the time when he’s so little and needy!!! So this may be a lengthy blog post as I have so much to write about as its been such a busy month!!

Also this is probably going to be all mixed up as I can’t remember what was in each week etc so Its going to be a summary of what we’ve been up to in the last month!!


So obviously a big thing for December was CHRISTMAS!!!! Nathaniels first christmas! I was so detemnd to make it so special for him!!!! So I decided to get him a bookcase for all his books as he has quite a few now! I got it from Jojo Maman Bebe & it was £70, I then got the letter separate and velcro’d them on!!!! I love it so much its so cute! My mum then got him a toy box from My 1st Years which says his name on as he has lotssssss of toys now!! It so cute!!! .. She’s now also ordered another toy box for the lounge as they’re so useful! And his toys and gyms and bouncers are taking over the lounge slowly.. So I also took nate to meet santa!!! He slept through it but he woke up when we met the reindeers… and he cried!! he does not like reindeers! Ive posted a weekend Vlog on my youtube, which covers meeting Santa & the snow!!!! The link is here to  check out! its actually my favourite video after my c section one! https://youtu.be/vIr3kC1FAOk .. Ive just rewatched and it makes me so emotional! Im 100% going to do more as its so nice to watch back!!!! Having views doesnt bother me whatsoever.. its more for me & nate why i do them!!!




Jordi & i went to Winchester Christmas market and it was unreal!!! So Christmassy and cute! We had a few problems to do with transport!!! Our silver cross prams would not fit in my nissan juke! Which is meant to be a family car!! We were both going to put the car sets into the wheels, but the wheels wouldn’t fit! So we had to end up putting my wheels on the front seat and hers in the boot then she had to sit in the middle seat between the 2 bubbas!!! It was such a cute day!! I recommend Winchester christmas market, its so pretty!



We went Bicester christmas shopping!! And i loveddddddd the xmas decs! We went on a weekday and it was still quite busy! I ended up just getting my mum a mulberry purse for christmas & then Nate some Ralph lauren clothes for christmas! I love bicester so much! And lovedddddd the christmassy sleigh!


Soooo.. I had to have another operation! Im not going to go into too much detail but i had to be put under a general anaesthetic! So annoying as it was only around 6 weeks after my C section! It all started because i was really heavily bleeding so i called 111 when i was coming home from Bicester and they wanted to send an ambulance for me! So i ended up in A&E.. But its all okay now! On a different yet medical note.. Sorry if theres guys reading this.. But i got my first period 4 weeks after my c section! Such a scary thought that I could get pregnant so soon after giving birth! I forgot how annoying bleeding every month is uhhhhhhh! But Im all well now and all is well! no more hospital for a while! Fingers crossed.


So December was all about Christmas prep!!! I bought a new tree for his nursery! I decided to go for a white tree as i love neutral things! White and grey are my fave colours! And i absolutely hate real christmas trees.. Why would i want an actual tree inside!!!!! Then i was going to just silver decs but decided to add some pale blue in too as its his nursery & he’s a boy! And i lovedddddddd it!! But… honestly…. i HATE decorating a christmas tree! I find it fun for like 3 minutes then get bored and stressed that it isn’t even and looks rubbish! But i think the end result was good!!! Then the lounge was decorated mid December, so then the tree went up! Then the leftover decs from my nursery tree went on it, greys! Then obvs me and Nate had a few pics in our matching pjs infront of the tree!  It is his first christmas after all! he ended up having 5 My First christmas baubles and they’re so precious!!! I love them! He’s so  lucky!!!!!!  & then Christmas eve we went to my godmothers for dinner and some games! I ended up drinking a bit and ended up going to Wokingham to the raglan to meet some of my friends! I stuck to gin though and wasnt hungover at all for christmas day! Christmas day was lovely!!!! We went to my nans & there’s about 15 of us! Nate slept through the opening of the presents lol! But he got so much!!!! His main presents were his my 1st years toy box & his bookcase which i loveeeee! I then just got him clothes, lots of toys etc! He also got spoiled form all my family & got lovely presents! My brother got me this amazzzzzzzing handprints of Nate! A lady does it professionally and it turned out amazingly! He also got Nate 2 pairs of nike trainers & a formula 1 walker which i can’t wait to see him whizz round the house in! My kitchen is perfecttttttt for it, as its huge & tiled!  Then boxing day was so chilled! We had another christmas dinner here with my family! Then went to my aunties in the evening!



Christmas Day-


So I got Nates photoshoot pics back and they’re sooooo cute!!! I did a post on them! I used my favourite one for a christmas card from me & nate. Then Also for peoples presents i got them a framed picture of one of nates photoshoot pictures! They turned out so beautifully!!!


So I’ve also started arranging his Christening!! I was christened so it means alot to me that he is christened too and i really want him to have godparents. For each godparent I asked a different way. For my cousin Summer, I got a little hanging ornament thing which asks her to be her godmother from Nate! I chose Summer as i can always rely on her, and she has been SUCH an amazing support through my pregnancy and for Nate. I know she will always be here for Nate.  Then I chose Matthew! My best friend so obvsssss he got the godfather role! Sooo how i asked him… We planned to go on a nightout so he came round and we exchanged presents … And then i said i had a bottle in the fridge we can drink.. I got it out handed it to him & it had a wine label asking him to be his godfather! Perfect way to ask Matthew as we do love going out and having a few drinks! Before i had Nate we’d be out 2-3x a week!  Lastly, I asked my brother Josh to be his godfather too. Nate absolutely loves Josh, Other than me ive never seen Nate smile at someone so much! As soon as Josh walks into the room, nate follows him round with his eyes and smiles so much! So it had to be hiM! And he’s absolutely spoiled nate so much. On christmas day, i dressed nate in his christmas pyjamas and put a bodysuit underneath. The body suit said “uncle josh will you be my godfather, love Nate ” So then after presents i told josh to unzip Nates pyjamas and then he saw it!!!!  SO, ive chosen a church near me but they vicar said i have to go to service every week and there isn’t availability until March! So I’m going to have to! I think i want the christening around May time! I can’t wait to start properly arranging it! The church is so beautiful.


Sooo a few Nate updates: He is Smiling!! He started smiling at 6 weeks old! and he is so so much more alert! He is awake most of the day and is playing!!! He’s started social interacting, and responds when you talk to him! Well tries to respond… responds in baby cooing. Which is mega cute! Im writing this and he’s currently 11 weeks and this post is just for up to 8 weeks so its so hard to think what has he done but not in the last 3 weeks lol!! But he’s making amazinggggg progress and smashing his milestones! Im so so so proud. Ive fallen soooooo in love with him! he’s honestly amazing and the cutest little guy! He’s starting to get his personality and i love it.


Enter a caption

I tried to get some passport photos for Nate…. absolutely disaster!!!!! They’re so funny!


Nate & his bestie Layla Grace


That was so hard to write as I’m so behind! So he’s currently 11 weeks.. so a week an half away from being 3 months old haha!!! Im going to write my 3 month post on his actual 3 month mark! And now things are much more settled I’m going to try and do weekly posts on our week & his development & my life as mum life!!! Also some gym stuff too! As I’m starting my own fitness journey! Getting rid of mum tum!

Lots of love,
Daisy & Nate x

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