Silvercross vs Bugaboo Review


Ok so early on in my pregnancy I wrote a blog post about choosing a pram! It was honestly one of my favourite parts of pregnancy! Choosing the pram! It was so exciting going to see them etc I recommend going to a baby show as every pram you can think of is there! (Catch more of our journey on insta @daisyjanecarberry)


So I fell in love with Silvercross. For me, it just stood out! I love the traditional look and it wasn’t too big and just looked so pretty.  I just wasn’t a fan of iCandy or Bugaboos or any other brands. I found iCandy too modern for me and i didn’t like how boxy it is.. then Bugaboos are just way too big for me!  So I knew 100% I wanted a Silver cross. Now it was choosing the colour way! First of all, i absolutely fell for the Chelsea edition which is a light brown with tan leather handles. THEN! The Limited Edition Expedition collection was announced and IT WAS THE ONE!!! LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! HONESTLY WHEN YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW! I saw it at the baby show a few weeks later and knew for sure it was coming home with me!!! Well.. not literally as i ordered it online elsewhere a few days later lol! But Yes, So I chose the brown Expedition silver cross in the Wayfarer style.  It arrived and its AMAZING!!!

However, I decided i need a second pram! I need one for my mum when she has him and I wanted one to take on holiday! I just couldn’t face the thought of airline people bashing around my beautiful silver cross pram and chucking it about!!! So i chose Bugaboo! Partly because it can go on ALL terrain! Even sand! So I now have a Silvercross & Bugaboo Chameleon 3! And People always ask me which i prefer and which i would recommend..Well here we go! This is my opinion!!!!!


So first up is Silvercross! I love everything about it LOL Theres actually nothing I hate! Its sooooooo easy to put up and down! You literally clip the carrycot onto the wheels so easily! Then the wheels fold down almost instantly!!!! Its So so so so easy! then to put the car seat into the wheels, you put the adapters in the wheels and the car seat just slides right into them! Then to put up the wheels they literally fold up so easily too! Its so so practical and takes 2 minutes to get out the car & make up! Then getting back  in the car it takes 2 minutes ! I can’t fault it in anyway! Its just such good quality, and feels so well made!  It also goes in any direction really easily.. So when you have your L plates when you first have baby, you don’t have to manoeuvre straight or backwarrds you can go in any direction! I love how it all comes as a set too, I got the travel system so it came with the carrycot, pushchair, car seat & EVEN a matching changing bag which I loveeee! It clips onto the handle and I love how it looks! I love the matching set! Honestly, I can’t even think of 1 bad thing to say about it!  ACTUALLY! 1 slight thing.. The car seat is a little heavy… Well not heavy.. I still carry it around! But when i lifted my mums car seat, i noticed a difference! Thats the only thing I can think of! But it isnt really a problem, just not as light as others!

The push chair-


Nate in his Pram –


Next is Bugaboo! Well I absolutely love how the bugaboo pushchair looks! Its a really simple design & really stylish! I love how you can angle the pushchair too so he can fall asleep and still be comfortable! However… I HATEEEEEEE Hate. hate. the carry cot. It is thin material and looks so bulky and crap!!!!! So ive never used that part and never will.I love the size of the wheels too on the Chameleon 3, you can go on any terrain – woods, grass, mud, sand etc And the bugaboo is so so smooth! Its amazing that the Bugaboo hood also changes – you can get a sun shader hood which I also have! So its literally perfect for holidays! Im going to put the wheels with the sunshader in the airplane hold so it can bashed around and won’t wreck the actual nice cream hood! So the wheels go in sand and it has a sun shader! perfect! And my silver cross can stay safe at home! Its actually so annoying that Bugaboo don’t do car seats!!! I love having it all matching. So you’d have a pram carry cot & push chair then no car seat! You’d have to get a different brand like maxi cosi then get adapters so it can go in the bugaboo wheels. I personally just dont like that! I want it all the same!!!  Also, Its quite difficult to put the pushchair onto the wheels! Very fiddely.. Had to proper yank the material over the edge!  And taking the carrycot off the wheels! Lots of velcroing which is really annoying!! (I can’t post a pic of the carrycot as its so gross it went straight into my loft haha)



Ok So overall! Silver cross will always be my first choice! Im obsessed with it! Its perfect! However my ideal situation is what I’m currently doing.. I love the Silvercross Carry cot & car seat into the wheels.. but I also love the Bugaboo Pushchair..And he’s too small for the Silvercross Pushchair bit, i feel theres less support and its more upright! So Before I go out… if Nates awake and I know he won’t fall asleep when we are out then I will put him in his Bugaboo push chair. He loves looking around and you can angle it so if he does fall asleep he’s still comfortable. And if I’m going for dog walks, the wheels are perfect for all terrain so really good for muddy fields & woods.However, if he’s sleepy then Il take the  Silvercross carrycot with me and he can sleep in that! Then if its a really short trip – like nipping to the shops and being in the car then i will just put his car seat in the wheels!


Lots of Love,

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Daisy & Nate x

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