20 facts about me! (Insta post)

Ok so this really an extension from my insta post! I got tagged to do it but I ran out of room so only did 13!!

1. I had an elective c section so basically I chose to have one, due to personal reasons! Labour just wasn’t for me!

2. Nathaniel/nate is named after nate Archibald in gossip girl!!! He was my favourite character and I just fell in love with the name. I love traditional names! Archibald/Archie was also on my list lol! Then for girls I LOVED Evelyn/Evie. I also liked Genevieve but everyone hated it! Also primrose! But I have my next boys name chosen already and it sounds so good with Nathaniel! Oh and I’m convinced im just going to have more boys!

3. I was once on a bbc3 tv show & was sent to the Northern Territory in Australia to film, I was a cowgirl!! Most funnest experience of my life, I then stayed in Australia for 2 months and met some of the most amazing person who I learnt so much from! I’d love to go back one day! When nate is a little older though.

4. History is my favourite subject ever, I got an A* in it at school.

5. I start a Law degree next week at OU. Which I’m sooooooooo excited about! I love getting smarter! Im a secret nerd!

6. I went to Fashion Retail academy and have a Level 4 fashion buying and range planning diploma. It was amazing to be in the city For that year! Honestly the funnest year But now I feel like I’m over the city! I want to live in a nice house and drive around and for nate to grow up near country side. Spending 450k on a 2 bed flat in zone 2 just isn’t for me!

7. I would like 4 kids in total… 2 more planned in about 4-5 years close together in age .. and then one ‘accidentally on purpose’ a few years after that πŸ™ƒ

8. Nate was unplanned but the best surprise ever…. I found out because I was at a doctors appointment and he ended up telling me… sooo crazy being told it instead of finding out yourself!!

9. My babyblog started off as just like a journal for myself – to document my journey and put my thoughts and feelings down and then for the baby when they were older, I was so surprised when people actually liked reading it and following my journey! Nicest feeling ever. I literally love writing! And love writing my blog! And tonnes of people have said I’m good at writing and love my style! I literally just write how I talk! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

10. I want to get into property law, not proper elle woodsing it and going from fashion to the courtroom πŸ˜‚.

11. My favourite drink is an espresso martini or G&T …. not actually too keen on prosecco .. it has to be a good quality champagne or I get so bloated and uncomfortable.

12. My favourite type of food is Thai, mmmmmm Panang…. I love the Bali lounge in Reading or I like giggling squid.

13. I have an intense fear of the dark. And now so does Nate! But I’ve tried to combat his now so he goes to sleep with a nightlight shining stars on the ceiling then it turns off after 10 minutes! I can only sleep in the dark if there is someone next to me.

14. Some personality traits- I have a really short temper, a wicked tongue, I’m such a jealous person and I’m an all or nothing kinda gal! however I can also be such a calming influence and super chilled! I’m also late. For everything. Not like so rude late but always a few minutes! Especially now with a baby!

15. I’m coming off maternity leave at the end of summer. And if I’m being completely honest I can’t wait! I’m just not a stay at home mum type! Obviously I love spending time with my son and raising him! But I want to work a few days a week! I love working towards a career! I’m going to be a busy bee! Raising nate, working, studying law degree and working on a small business! But that is so exciting to me! I love having lots on and being busy! I’ve been thinking about going back to work sooner and getting into a routine. I want to put nate with a child minder instead of a nursery and that’s just preference! But I’m going to see how my degree goes!

16. My family is everything to me. I’m really family orientated, I would rather hang out with family over going out anyday.

17. I go to the gym 3-4x a week. It used to be 6x a week, before pregnancy I became so obsessed with it. I had a mild form of body dysmorpia, I look back at pictures and I was tiny at one point but I literally remember immediately after taking that picture I cried so much thinking I was huge. Nowadays I go because I find it therapeutic and it’s a little break away from nate where I can not worry and just me time.

18. I had the baby blues quite bad and trouble bonding with Nate. Apparently this is due to the c section and him taken away to the special baby care unit! But it’s all good now and we’ve bonded so much! I’ve been through traumas in my life and only just now seeking therapy to talk through some issues! Now I have Nate I feel like I need to address the traumas and deal with them. I’m ready to move forward and be the best mum I can be for Nate!

19. I was in the process of starting a lingerie brand and had lots of samples from different suppliers but I got pregnant so my focus went on that. Me and my best friend are now starting a small baby apparel business, it will all be homemade and has a unique spin on it! It’s going to be amazing! And we are the best partners ever! We have different skills which bring a variety of skills and creativity to the business. However one day I’d love to revisit the lingerie route as I have a passion for designing lingerie but for now it’s way down my priority list.

20. Lastly! I have so many goals I want to achieve. So every few months I write them down and do another page of how can I achieve them. I almost always achieve all of them self consciously!!!!! Law of attraction really does work!

So that’s 20 facts about me! Hopefully you all know me a little more now!

Lots of love,

Daisy & Nate x

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