3 months out the womb! UpNate 💙

SO Nate is officially a quarter of a year old! Can you believe it!!!!!! It makes me feel ill how quick its going and how much he’s growing daily! Its so bittersweet! I want him to stay this age forever but also can’t wait to see him grow!


So this post is about our last month! and its third month of life! So its from 27th December – 27th January! I’m going to start with New years eve. I just wanted to spend it with Nate.. I couldn’t think of anything worse than being in a club. So my mother and i decided just to go for dinner with Nate and then back home for the countdown. We went to Coconut in Reading which is one of my favourite restaurants for a 7pm reservation. It was really lovely and Nate is just such an easy baby!!! So chilled.  We were home by 9pm and not going to lie.. I put Nate to bed & then I got into bed. I fell asleep around 11pm but my mum woke me up 5 minutes before  the countdown and I made sure my new years eve was Nathaniel ❤ entered my 2018 with my favourite person in the world!!!! I can’t wait for 2018 and our adventure together! I wrote a blog post summarising my 2017 and my hopes and resolutions for 2018.



I had my first official night off!!! He was 9 weeks old so felt like a good time to take the plunge! Matthew & I went to Birmingham for the night. It was so strange sleeping through the night & not having him next to me. He was still on my mind though & it was so weird, i didn’t feel like a mum anymore! It was nice to have a small break but I just missed him so so much! We had a night out and we literally ha the best night, so  much fun! We went to Prizm & i vlogged the night.. the link is here: https://youtu.be/oXPePbMnXnA Ive had nights out but I would leave him 10pm when he goes to sleep & then id be home at like 1/2am tipsy ready for his 4am feed! So It wasn’t really a night off so this was my first proper one!


So early Jan we started going to Hartbeeps – Baby bells. I love it!!!!!!!!!! Its sooo cute, don’t get me wrong – its a tiny bit cringe to begin with but you have to look past it and get over it for your baby!!! Its so so good for their development and social! Its also nice to be around other mums & getting out the house! Its lots of singing & dancing, baby massage & then they turn the lights off & lots of bright colours and items shine around the room for babies sensory! Nate liked it to begin with.. however 2 weeks ago he fell asleep for most of it & last week he is teething so a little grizzly so cried for a bit, i gave him a bottle then he was up for it!!! I 100% recommend it though! Im definitely going to keep going and sign up for next term!


Sooooo AMAZING NEWS! at 10 weeks old Nate is officially sleeping through the night!!! Well i see it as sleeping through!!!! he stays in the lounge in his bouncer and then he normally falls asleep in his bouncer or I put him in his crib around 10pm. I put on this lullaby elephant which also shines colourful stars on the ceiling which he LOVES! as soon as the music goes on, he looks around for the lights! So he goes down around 10pm then wakes 7am! Which is amazing!!!! He’s cut out the 3/4am feed!  I also wrote a post about more details about how I got him to sleep through!


Nate had his first visit to the Zoo! Me, my friend Megan & her god daughter Olivia went to Marwell! He slept for alot of it! But was awake for the giraffes! It was lots of fun as Olivia is at the age where she’s walking and knows whats going on. I love days out & want to try and do more stuff at the weekends with him!


He also had his first swim!!!!! I did a blog post on it if you want to check out how it went in more detail! But overall it was a success!!! He was unsure at first and there was a few tears but generally he enjoyed it!! Im going to TRY and take him weekly. We are next going on Sunday with Megan and Olivia. I would 100% recommend the baby float, i posted a link on the one i used for him on the blog post. I did alot of research on which one to get and that is 100% the best! It has lots of support around the neck and is 100% for 3 months old babies whereas alot are more for 4+ months up!


We also hit the 12 weeks in & 12 weeks out milestone!!! The classic scan picture next to him outside the womb picture! Which he looks mega cute. I’ve also started using his Bugaboo pushchair as he’s so so alert when we are out and just wants to look around. He’s starting to just scream in his carrycot.  His neck is strong enough for it too.  This month we also got his first laugh!! Which was such an amazing moment and I actually got it on camera! The night before he did it, i literally said to my mum “he’s really trying to laugh, i reckon in the next few days he will” then it was the next morning i was sat talking to him and he started giggling! Melted me!!!! Im trying to think of more of his updates… He is on 6oz and taking a bottle every 3-4 hours now! Then sleeps through 10pm-7am! He is also starting to grow hair! He was born with dark brown hair & he lost alot of it on his front but he’s just started growing it back!  He is just so alert in the day and awake most of it! he has a nap around 1pm for an hour or so. We’ve started introducing playtime, he loves loves loves this little tv toy he watches. Also doing tummy time on his tummy time roller toys every day for about 5 minutes as you can tell he starts to get tired! I’m also going to wean him at 17 weeks so 3 and a half weeks time! Im looking forward to it as i think he 100% almost ready!ALSO. teething is HELL! He’s in so much pain & soooooo dribbly! I find calpol works & bonjela works a dream!!! I also got him some teething toys which go in the fridge but he can’t hold things yet so i have to hold it for him! He is starting to grab things though & 12 weeks attachments are in full swing! he loves muzzies! He holds it!



We had our 3 month photoshoot! Mum & baby at home photoshoot! So i had a maternity one, newborn & i want a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year photoshoot! I used the same photographer as my maternity shoot and she is so so amazing!!! Nate was very grizzly unfortunately! He cried when i put his bunny bonnet on him & it was hard to get pictures but she managed to get some good ones! He also fell asleep half way through!! But next time I’m hoping we get lots of smiles! Im so happy with the finished pictures though!!!


BTW im LOVINGGGG Nexts current collection! I may have got a few bits! But there was sooooo much more i wanted to buy! Im so impressed!!! Maybe a little biased as he modelled for them too lol! But its so lovely at the moment! And i love this vest you can get with their initial on!  You should go check it out!!!! My fave shop atm.


We’ve also started going to Church. I was hesitant but i enjoyed it so so much! everyone is so friendly and next week is a baptism & then I can discuss with the vicar about Nathaniel’s christening! its so important for me for Nate to have godparents. When he got blessed at last Sunday service i cried!! It was so lovely and just hit my emotions! I’m going to carry on going even after he’s christened as i find it so lovely!

Not relating to Nate but Me and my dad went to the Bombay Sapphire Distillery and its SOO good! It was really cool! its our favourite gin and we did the self tour. You get an interactive map & you go round at your own pace! You get to learn about the history and see how the bottle save changed etc. Also you go into the glass houses which are cool where you see all the botanics! Then you go into the dry room where you go round smelling spices and hole punch on this little leaflet which are your fave .. and then you take this to the gin bar and you get a cocktail based on what you liked! its so good! However i was driving so they gave me a small bottle of gin instead of a cocktail. Also you can see the stills and the gin being made and a woman tells you all about how its made and who founded it etc! It was actually really interesting! You can then smell & taste the 80% gin! Overall it was such a good day, i recommend going!!!!!


Its been a very busy month for us!! Lots of fun days out. I don’t think I’ve included everything, we’ve been shopping alot! But i didn’t want to ramble for too long! Ive decided I’m going to start vlogging our week & then edit it and post on a Sunday! Of our week and what we get up to! it may not always be the most interesting but hey ho! I started filming yesterday.. so Sundays video will be just from Wednesday – Sunday!

Anyway thats all from me!!!! Im going to also try and blog more. But I’m going to stick to the monthly updates & then sprinkle in blog posts about different topics! if you have anything you want me to write about or discuss then please please message me! i will always welcome new ideas and i love love love hearing feedback!!! Dont be afraid to drop me a message 🙂

Some more pics from our 3rd month together!


Lots of love,

Daisy & Nate x

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