So as many are aware moving out is bloody expensive!!!! It all adds up! But I’ve managed to do my first home shop for under £100 and got quite a fair bit for it!! I’m planning on moving out into our own place in a few months but il do another post on that another time!

So this morning I was just browsing online across BEAUTIFUL marble dinner set from Next. It was a 12 piece set for £38! So I ran some errands this morning & popped to Brunel park in Reading.

however….. next door is B&M so I thought I’d have a browse…..


Everything from that picture is from there! (Apart from the Vase) how AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally love the marble effect so it made my day seeing all these items in it!!!

Okay so let’s break it down and talk prices!

So the next 12 piece set is £38 however my 16 piece b&m set was ………. £19.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it 😱😱😱😱😱😱 almost half the price AND you get more!!!!

Then how unreal are these lamps!!!!!! £7.99 each! I saw very similar in next for again, double the price! Literally they’re amazing! I got 2 for the my bedroom.

They even have marble bathroom stuff 😱 and look how cheap!!!!! So I got the toilet brush £5.99, soap dispenser £2.99 , soap plates £1.99 each & a little pot for toothbrushes £1.99!!!!

And of course you need a bathroom bin! Obvioislyyyyy in marble too! £4.99!

And then I got these cute cushions for Nates nursery! £5.99 each! And I have a thing for stars and grey obviously! In his new nursery in the new house I want to do it pale grey, white AND really pale blue!!! So these cushions are perfect for it!

I also got him a pack of 2 hooded grey towels! £5.99!

Not really anything to do with home but I found these 2 cute doggy outfits too! Again, grey 🙈

And thennnnnn I popped back over to Next because I fell in love with this vase! It’s so beautiful and was only £12!

So in total… minus the doggy jumpers I spent £89 in both stores!!!!!! Bargain!!

So I was pondering all day about getting another plate set as I’m so clumsy imagine if I drop a plate il be left with 3 and dinner parties! So tonight I went back!!!!! And got another dinner set…. and another lamp….. and another blue star cushion for Nates nursery! The lamp will he for my lounge & then 2 in my bedroom!!!!!

I also got this little thing for teabags! So cute! And soooo cheap!!

Also…… I got this cute engraved keying for the new house keys! D&N 💙

You can get it from here:

I’m going to do a few more first home related posts!!! I loveeeee interior so I’m soooo excited about home shopping & purchases etc! And designing it just how I’ve visioned it!! Hope you all like this non baby post 🙈 let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to start posting about!!! 💙

Lots of love,

Daisy & Nate x

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